Queprur in rat-form

Image description.

In contradiction to pictures drawn by elves where Queprur in general is a figure which is not depicted in corporal form, human artists very often emphasize the dark side of Queprur when depicting the Goddess. Not only do they give her a face, but they also show the destructive and fearful part, the horror of her very being and the horror she brings upon the world. One such famous image is the picture of the Goddess in rat-form in the Queprur sancturay west of Nyermersys at the Gravehouse of the Plague. The Gravehouse represents a mass grave of all those who died during the Year of the Great Plague in Nyermersys in the fateful year 602 b.S. It is said that it were the rats that brought the Black Death through the sewers to Nyermersys and thus the image of Queprur in rat-form developed in the heads of the artists of this town. Today the rat-picture in the Gravehouse drawn more than thousand years ago still exists, and everytime the pale colors are re-newed at the painting it seems as if the Goddess wants to give a new warning to remember what could happen if she'd decide to exert her enormous powers again... Picture drawn by Fiorellina.