The Ulvur Race

Image description.

The Ulvur are an ancient and mysterious race. Their existence is doubted by many and mostly mentioned in legends and fairytales at the most northern tribes of the ice continent of Cyhalloi, such as the Cyhallrhim elves or the Kasumarii. Most information concerning this mythical race therefore is gathered through ancient tomes recounting legends of the far north and of narrations of travellers who claim to have met these men-beasts themselves.

The Ulvur are part men and part wolf, and originated from and along with wolves, which they hold in highest kinship. They are shapeshifters and have three different forms, from man-like to wolf-like with a special battle form between these two extremes, the man-wolf. Ulvur are said to live in large packs based in great citites deep within the frozen woods of Cyhalloi, and in each pack there is a leader who rules with the counciling of the other pack members. Image by Isilhir.