A Centoraurian Cavalry Man

Image description.

A calvalryman of the Centourians with his warhorse.He is wearing the traditional light leather armour of his tribe. The centoraurians wear lighter armour even during peacetime, since life in the plains was once very hazardous. This mail is characterized by the six rings attached at its front (three left and three right forming two vertical columns) to attach items tied with leather straps. A thick leather belt is also worn. It serves to attach on the lower part of the armour a leather kilt for leg protection against missiles, which is often worn but nevertheless can be worn alone. Although under Helcrani influence the Centoraurians have adopted the sword as a status revealing weapon (favouring the Centoraurian shortsword), the bow remains the traditional Centoraurian favourite (since they are elite horse archers) and almost always a bow is carried by their horse. Picture drawn by Quellion.