The Hydragon

Image description.

The Hydragon (pronounced HIGH-drah-gon) is a rare but dangerous water monster, which frequents fresh-water lakes and rivers in Northern Sarvonia and Nybelmar though the occasional specimen has been located as well in the Rayne and the Teiphra rivers just south of the Tandala Mountains. It is also known as “Ergvaz’mur” (Kugliz'seitre, lit. “Three Heads”) and to the elves as the "Coór-Raház" (Styrásh, "Snake of Coór"). There is believed to be also a variety in Nybelmar known as the Bala'Ur, which is reportedly monstrous in size, but no proofs of the latter are available. Many people think the Hydragon to be completely mythical, but the Northerners know better and most peoples, from the Celeste Lowlands to Barsalon, can show the curious a shed skin, or the “beak fang”, or a preserved specimen of some sort. Picture from the game Mystical Empire™, used with friendly permission. Illustration drawn by Quellion.