The Injerín Elves ("Guiding Tribe", "Golden Elves")

Image description.

An Injerín Elf fishing for mithralfish at the Luquador River. The Injerín are fair skinned and seem to have a permanent blush about their cheeks. The most striking thing about them is their facial features. The Injeríns' eyes are the most intriguing for they have a colour not found amongst any human, a gold reaching from the lucid variety said to resemble the Injèrá herself to a deep amber with light sparkles within them. A vivid emeral green is also seen a decent amount, though this colouration is more common for females. Most of the Injerín have blonde hair the colour of spun gold. Their hair along with the golden eyes has led some to calling them the “Gold Elves”. Picture drawn by Quellion.