The Kuglimz Mother-of-All Lier'tyan

Image description.

Lier’tyan translates from the barbarian tongue into "All-Mother". Together with Her consort Sur'tyan She is the supreme Goddess of the Kuglimz (tribes) of Northern Sarvonia. Back in the time of the Mynian Empire (2040 b.S.-1649 b.S.) the Kuglimz were actually of this kingdom. During the Burning Night (1649 b.S.) orcs destroyed their empire and the people fled their separate ways. They later became known as the Kuglimz. Lyrenora was their queen during this time of upset, and she is known to have fought and died to protect her people. Over time, this queen became immortalized as the Kuglimz Goddess Lier’tyan. It is said that the Goddesses tears fell upon the land and that the Rik’tyan, the All-Flower, sprang up during this rain. Picture drawn by Quellion.