The Elemene Tabulata Book ("Table of Elements")

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The Elemene Tabulata is a constantly updated tome, started in ancient times by an unknown Daran gnome, and dedicated to the recording of all things related to the practice of alchemy. It was begun by gnomes long ago and is still being rapidly expanded on by today’s gnomish alchemists. Contained in its pages is a detailed list of all the known basic elements, sorted in to the Trej Blaks, or the three Main Elements - the castes of categorization - along with a fourth for Gnuuth (Fire), which is not considered an actual element, but as a catalyst or bonding agent between the different elements (as is the common view in the similar elven and human concepts). Generally, solid elements belong to Behta (Earth), liquids belong to Bassha (Water) and gaseous-like elements belong to Giagula (Air). Image drawn by Seeker.