The first Witch Queen Eluda'shi Lashmara

Image description.

The painting disclosed is generally concluded to be the most accurate representation of Eluda, if not physically than at least due to the artistic connotations. The identity of the Grey-robed figure who would appear to be 'stealing' Eluda is subject to debate. Some say it represents a mysterious Orihirim figure who helped guide Eluda'shi to the ruins of the Inami (as well as offering help in the deciphering of the ancient runes). This may be quite accurate since the Orihirim were occasionally represented with 'Dark Wings' to show their contrast in nature (but similarities in origin) to the Lillivear of the Ancient Krean. Others have suggested the figure embodies Kijuur Destius, the pose either representing the level to which he influenced her or their 'fabled romance'. Some deeper critics of the picture say that the figure is not in fact a physical person at all, but is rather an artistic visualisation of Temptation- specifically the allure of the Forbidden arts to Eluda in her younger years. Her golden eyes are an additional artistic reference to her naturally greed in terms of both wealth and power, both physically and politically. Presuming the portrait is of Ancient Krean in origin- the black bird could be symbolic of treachery. Ironically, if it is a Marmarran piece of art, similar motifs would actually suggest talent- changing the meaning quite significantly. Image drawn by Sheil.