A Lillivear Priestess

Image description.

A Lillivear priestess immersed in the splendour of the Krean rainforests, lost in their inexhaustible glory. Note the wings on her back an artistic indication of her vocation. In classical Krean paintings those gifted in the arcane arts are always portrayed as having elven features (especially the idiosyncratic ears of the race) or wings (usually graceful bird, lively hummingbird or translucent faery wings), an allusion to their erudition, soaring above the affairs of the world from a place of grace and elevation. The wing type and feather colours denote the subject's occupation and rank within the High Temple of Ankriss. Accordingly, the priestess here is probably an Overseer, given the majestic posture and bold hues of her wings. Image drawn by Sheil.