The Arryi Flower ("Purple Lantern")

Image description.

The Arryi, or Purple Lantern, as it is mainly called in Aeruillin, is a flower which is encountered often by the Shendar when they travel through the Aj’nuvic Grounds. The plant has a very distinctive look, its long stems are richly hung with many purple little flowers ("lanterns"). The Arryi is known to last even the hardest of winters, and it is considered a good omen to see the Arryi in winter, the purple flowers appear like stars in the white nothingness. However, this will not happen often, as in winter Shendar don’t frequent the Grounds. When an Arryi dies in winter the flowers will turn blue, causing much awe amongst the Shendar, blue being of course their tribal colour. The Arryi is related to the more common Injèr’cál’merín, found in most deserts. Image drawn by Talia Sturmwind.