The famous Magical Academy of Ximax (also called the "Institute of Magic" or simply the "School of Magic") harbours twelve towers, six of them form the Inner Circle, six the Outer Circle, with a house between each tower of the Outer Circle. In the center of the Academy is the Orb of Ximax, an immensely powerful sphere of magical energy. Originally constructed in 2015 b.S. and restored in 621 b.S., the Ximax Academy is, today, an impressive site, home of some of the most powerful magi and archmagi in all of Caelereth. It stands as an enduring symbol of unity, perseverance, and pure magical might.

The Ximax Water Tower lobby

View picture in full size Picture description. The lobby of the Academy's Water Tower with its smooth, blue-veined black marble walls, featuring an immense ornamental fountain in its center. Picture drawn by Seeker.

Description. The Academy of Ximax consists of three parts. For one there's the Inner Circle, comprising the Elemental as well as the Xeuá and Ecuá Towers plus the School/Shield Dome and the Inner Cortyard. Secondly, the Outer Circle consists of the Guard Tower, the Infirmary and several additional towers and houses dedicated to specific aspects of education and magical and non-magical practices. The last part of the Academy can be described as the Outside and Under the Circles area, featuring gardens, recreation space, pastures and even the catacombs. In the following we describe each part of the Academy in detail. Return to the top

The Inner Circle. The Inner Circle of towers include the Xeuá Tower, the Ecuá Tower, the Wind Tower, the Water Tower, the Fire Tower, the Earth Tower, and, at the very heart of these, the Shield Dome, constructed to protect the outside from the immense power of the Ximax Orb. The Inner Circle represents the first structures built when the Academy was originally constructed around 2015 b.S., and the first to be repaired when a dedicated team of magi and architects restored the Academy in 621 b.S. While the school has undergone many changes, the original structure of the towers has remained more or less the same.

The towers are all unifyingly similar, and yet also distinctively unique. Each one is roughly cylindrical, roughly 200 peds high and 60 peds at the base; however, the towers taper, so that the base is larger than the top. This structure corresponds accurately to the internal levels of the towers, with level one magi (being the most numerous) on the lower floors and the archmage (of which there is only one per tower) residing at the top. The first floor is generally a lobby area, where magi of the tower often choose to meet up. The second floor serves as both a private library, with literature strictly for the study of that tower's element, as well as a fair number of areas for group and individual study. The next several floors contain classrooms, research labs, and study halls. Following these levels are the dorms and private rooms for all occupants of the tower, with the level one magi occupying the lower floors, followed by the second level magi, then the third, all the way to the archmage who resides at the pinnacle of the tower.

The means of transportation up and down the towers is also the same among them all. When the original towers were built, travel vertically up and down the towers worked through an intricate pulley-system, but the system was upgraded soon after through the use of a complicate Xeuá enchant. Through a magical, spoken formula, students may move up and down by activating this complex enchantment. Unfortunately, the enchantment wears off relatively quickly, and must be reapplied at least once (occasionally twice) per year, making the system a difficult one to apply outside the Academy. Naturally, the tower also has a set of stairs, which are still frequently used by students to different levels assuming the climb isn't too strenuous.

While the towers have many similarities, they are also uniquely different, having distinctive features and colour schemes. Thus, while the similarities give the impression of unity among all the towers, the idiosyncrasies in their appearance reflect the individual identity of each.

The Outer Circle. The Outer Circle of Ximax Academy contains six towers and six houses, occurring in an alternating pattern to encircle the Inner Towers. Each tower in the Outer Circle, like those in the Inner Circle, has a cylindrical yet tapering structure. However, each tower reaches only 120 peds, making them significantly shorter than the Inner Towers, and shrinking their base to about 36 peds. The houses, while not as tall (thus having fewer floors), are longer, measuring 60 peds long and 36 peds wide, though only 36 peds high. All the buildings in the Outer Circle are constructed of gray-white granite, mined from the nearby hills.

The six towers and six houses occur in an alternating pattern such that the Guard Tower is flanked by two houses, the Guest House and the Stables. Moving clockwise from the Guest House is the Tower of Botany and Alchemy, the Grand Dining Hall, the Tower of Experimentation and Summoning, the Infirmary, the Tower of Numeracy and Astronomy, the House of Gymnastics, the Tower of Tomes, the House of Art and Music, the Tower of Foreign Magics and Cultures, and then of course the Stables and the Guard Tower.

Outside and Under the Circles. The Magic Academy is fortunate among the many institutions throughout Santharia; unlike many others, which are surrounded closely by other buildings, the Magic Academy has a great deal of wide open space. The school’s fortunate circumstance has been credited in part to an explosion at the Academy during the Age of Havoc, shortly after the annexing of Ximax in 1480 a.S. While the academy suffered only slight damage, the older parts of Ximax City were destroyed. Since then, the citizens of Ximax, fearing another explosion, have refused to build around the Academy.

Surrounding the outer towers of the Academy are fields, gardens and pastures. Between the city of Ximax and the Academy’s Guard Tower are ornamental gardens, consisting of numerous flowering plants, shrubs, bushes and trees. The ornamental gardens extend from the stables to the Guesthouse. Flanking the ornamental gardens are the Academy’s pastures, where the horses can graze and roam. These wide pastures border the stables, The Tower of Foreign Magics and Cultures, The House of Arts and Music, and the Library Tower.

Next to the pastures are the recreational area consisting of fields and used for a variety of physical pursuits. These fields border the Library Tower, House of Gymnastics, Tower of Foreign Magic, Infirmary and Tower of Experimentation. Completing the circuit around the outer circle is the Botany Garden, providing both fresh food for the Academy, as well as further opportunities for study. The Botany Gardens border the Tower of Experimentation, Dining Hall, Tower of Botany and the Guest House.

Surrounding these fields is a ditch, filled with water. This ditch is approximately ten peds away from the outer towers and houses and provides a clear boundary between the Academy and the rest of Ximax. Sea roses and other plants give it a pretty look, but its purpose is to provide the three gardens with water for wherever it is needed.

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(YEARS 3.400 B.S. - 1.655 B.S.)
2015 b.S.
to 2009 b.S.
Construction of the Twelve Towers of Ximax
The Circle of Magic, the Orcish Society of Enlightenment, a small clan of dwarven Kavoninn Yabarrah ("Travelling Bachelors"), and a number of hired hands work on constructing the twelve towers, six inner towers and six outer towers, that would eventually become the Magical Academy. As the school forms, so do the rudiments of a settlement. As workmen move, they transport their family, the members of whom practice their trade and open shops while her husband, son, brother, etc. work to construct the Academy.

As the school grows, leaders and patrons come to visit to see what their money has built. To accommodate these travelers, some local entrepreneurs start up inns and eateries. As more students come to the school, reagent and wand shops spring up to cater to their needs. While the Academy's twelve towers only require four years to construct, the Inner City around it forms over a much longer span of time.

(YEARS 822 B.S. - 50 B.S.)
621 b.S. Reopening of the Magical Academy
The human mage Xarl Bluestride, his student Khaelvan I, the Volkek-Oshra elder Narmatuk, and the descendants of the dwarven clan Unghur officially reopen the Magical Academy after a century of ruin. Also born at this time is the future stance of Ximax towards wars; total neutrality. Too much knowledge and life was lost in the Fall of 733 to risk such a thing happening again.


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