Home of the illustrious Kaierian Warrior Elves, the Tethinrhim Academy of Archery and Advanced Military Tactics serves as one of the most prominent schools of specialty within the Santharian Kingdom. Since its establishment long before the memorable reign of Santhros, "The King of Charity", the exclusively-elven institute was nigh legendary for the striking army it housed and trained within the mystifying confines of the Auturian Woods. Despite the opening of the training facility to the public by the elven ruler, the Rónn, decades after allying his people to Santharia, the curriculum taught by the Kaierian elves has remained the establishment’s highest piece of undisclosed information. It is, however, strongly suggested that primordial methods, such as the Iteh, a Kaierian training practice, remain as the foundation of the syllabus.

The awarding of a master's bow
View picture in full size Image description. An elven student of archery is awarded a master's bow. Picture from the game Mystical Empire™, used with friendly permission. Illustration drawn by Quellion.

Description. A colossal stone threshold defended by a massive Earthen Statue, denotes mutually the entrance of the Kaierian sanctuary and the crux of the ample city of Sillena. Following the cliché, Sillena arranged itself in an austere mold of straight roads traversing at flawless right angles.

Despite its rigid structure, Sillena offers a warm, homely atmosphere, emphasized by its primarily female, lower class population. Sincere grins remain stationary upon youthful facades. An odd mixture of cottages and homes sculpted of trees line the stiff infrastructure, each decorated with plump house-wife or littered with young children.

The interior of the school is equally more humble in its appearance, shaped like a standard military camp, rather than an elaborate palace. Rustic barracks line the perimeter of the area, forming a ring around the central administrative building, staff lodgings, and training grounds. Each is outfitted with a small porch, connecting the doors to each individual four-man room, and is sheltered by a rickety roof made of the bark of the ordinary urban tree.

Between each residence are small archery ranges, each with two targets made of dried grasses and old cloth. Unfortunately, due to their inconvenient size, these miniature ranges are utilized for individual practice instead of division use. Larger ranges, which are commonly indistinguishable to their smaller foils, can be found within the center of the camp, acting as a barrier between staff and student dwellings.

At the heart of the Academy, protected by the out-lying barracks, vast expanses of ranges and hundreds of warriors, is the school’s central building. This structure, which towers over the rest of the camp - barely shy of breaking the thick canopy overhead - not only acts as an administrative building, but accommodates the numerous sessions in tactics and strategy. The Grand Hall, an open expanse to the tip of the ceiling, is by far the most magnificent piece inside the entire edifice. Lined with precious marble, the beautiful opening was designed with the purpose of fortification. Overlooking the stretch of hallway are a series of balconies, inaccessible except by a stairwell at the end of the expanse, designed to provide archers a distinct advantage over incoming ground troops. Though this defense mechanism has never before been used, as the camp has never been breached, it is said the hundreds of defenders are able to deluge attackers with arrows, making it nearly impossible to move without being struck. With the eradication of enemies upon joining the Santharian Kingdom, the structure has donned a new function of a hub of student social life. Return to the top

Function. The Kaierian Academy has been, since its founding by the elven Rónn, a disjointed extension of the capital used for the training and housing of the municipality’s significant population of guerrilla warriors. It is suggested by legend that, before the public opening of the Academy, the barracks were connected to the main body of the Riá. In order to protect his people from their wretched Avennorian neighbours, the Rónn ordered the pathway sealed by the Druids and its entrance hidden

Thus, the fort was quickly transformed into a school, open to the public regardless of race. Unfortunately the limited space of the confined Academy compelled the warriors to regulate their broad spectrum of applicants through a meticulous selection procedure. This contemporary arrangement necessitates all candidates to endure a minimum of five (human) years of martial education from an accepted Institute and to have graduated “é chó artáj” ("with great honor") within their relevant divisions. Return to the top

Location. The Academy’s entrance, a massive stone portal at the threshold of foreboding catacombs of tunnels, can be found within the heart of the Tethinrhim city of Sillena. The village, seated upon the outskirts of the Auturian Woods, is nestled between Manthria’s Morak Ridge and the elven capitol, the Riá.

An avid belief in isolation and the foreboding heart of the
Auturian Woods have kept the exact location of the feature unknown, even from those who attend the Academy. However, scholars have been able to approximate, based on eye-witness accounts of the school’s interior and the Grand Portal that the institute lies within the unwelcoming heart of the forest’s core, veiled from sight by the massive trees and heavy underbrush. Return to the top

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(YEARS 822 B.S. - 50 B.S.)
ca. 800 b.S. Secret Military Outpost East of the Tethinrhim Riá
After successfully repelling the inept Avennorian invaders, marshaled by Anir, in the 804 b.S attack on the Riá during the Age of Blood, the sovereign of the Tethinrhim issues a decree ordering a secret military outpost to be established between the capitol and the enemy Avennorians. This camp, connected to both the outskirts of the forest and the city by a warren of passage ways, is subsequently fortified to extreme extents, ready to fend off another wave of humans. Fortunately, this attack never comes, however, the bustling camp is not abandoned, but rather, kept armed in preparation.

(YEARS 50 B.S. - 172 A.S.)
ca. 0 The Establishment of Sillena
The Tethinrhim elves join the new Alliance under Santhros, whole-heartedly believing that the establishment will fail. Despite their hospitality to their neighbouring human tribes, the Rónn orders the outpost isolated from the Riá in an attempt to better fortify his city. Back in the capitol, desperate wives and families begin to straggle out of the city, heading to the only other entrance to the Kaierian camp, the portal at Sillena and institute permanent residences outside the arch. As the number of these refugees grows, emboldened by the success of their predecessors, the small cluster of houses grows into a prosperous town.

98 The Tethinrhim Academy of Archery
The Tethinrhim Academy
With the continued success of the Santharian Kingdom, the fortified outpost begins to lose its sense of purpose and has become a burden to the Tethinrhim government. As an act of good faith towards his sovereign, the Rónn decrees that the outpost be re-fitted as an Academy to be opened to all members of the Alliance regardless of race.


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