Location. Located in the mid to lower regions of the Southern Sarvonian Continent the Auturian Woods are home to the Tethinrhim elves. The Woods lie west of the human city of Marcogg, east of the Gulf of Maraya. Return to the top

Description. A thick and very green forest almost mystical in its appearance. Urban trees are located throughout the woods in patches indicating that there is (or was) a small pack of Tethinrhim elves there.

Almost in the centre of the Auturian Woods is its capital called the Ria, which is also the name of their Sovereigns living quarters. Strategically located about the outskirts of the woods are small settlements, which are bases to keep an eye on who and what enters and who or what leaves the Woods. The Ria is the most populated and guarded place within the entire woods. Housing the Sovereign and his or her family, along with the Tethinrhim's place of Government.

The middle level of the forest is a mixture of growing trees and tree trunks, and vines reaching towards the ground level. The vines are also wrapped about some of the tree trunks and are almost covering some of the trunks totally. The top level is like the bottom level "teaming" with life, protecting the elves that live in the canopy level. The trees are producing a lot of leafy coverage in order to effectively hide the communities in the trees.

The Auturian Woods
View picture in full size Picture description. View on the enchanting beauty of the Auturian Woods, often praised for its magica beauty and green charm, consisting of rolling hills, lush vegetation and a very diverse fauna, as represented in this picture by a magnificent white deer. Image by Seeker.

One could easily become lost within the Auturian Woods with its magical beauty and green charm. The Woods are full of a natural beauty that only Avá Herself could have created as the Tethinrhim say.

There are no visible walking tracks imprinted on the ground as the Tethinrhim make their way about in the treetops or take varying routes to their destinations. The ground varies from grassy patched to soil exposed areas. The foliage along the lower levels of the Woods is in clumps about the base of the various trees, generally having at least three different types of eatable food in each plant.
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People. People are allowed to pass freely through the outer areas of the Woods, however the closer that they get to the Ria the more they are watched by either normal Tethinrhim members or Kaierian Warriors depending on the size of the group travelling. Return to the top

Flora. The Auturian Woods is one of the easiest woods in which to find something to eat, even if you dont know what youre looking for. The woods have very fertile soil, there is a lot of vegetation growing within the soil. Wild life within the forest is plentiful as the Tethinrhim generally keep to a diet of various plant life to sustain their diets. Such plants include the Douch Nut and the Kies. Arv can also be found within the Auturian Woods, however this is kept under strict growing control as it tends to florish like all plants do with its rich soils.
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Picture description. The location of the Auturian Woods, home of the Tethinrhim elves.

Myth/Lore. The Woods are practically teaming with life with the plant and animal life within the woods it almost gives the onlooker a feel that the Auturian Woods has its own life spirit. Small rays of sunlight peak through the tall thick trees, creating a misty effect along the ground level. As parts of the Woods are close to the Gulf of Maraya it is rather often that there is a fog going through the western areas. Some say that the spirits of those who lost their lives in the great fire remain to this day not haunting but protecting their beloved Woods. Return to the top

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(YEARS 11.900 B.S. - 10.000 B.S.)
ca. 11000 b.S. The Tethinrhim Trek arrives at the Auturian Woods
When the Tethinrhim tribe (though they were not called so at the time), arrive in the Auturian Woods after their long trek south after the Great Sundering, almost the entire tribe, tired and hungry, feels that these woods look like a jungle, and are very uninviting. Ná'Pherán, Spiritual Guide of the Tethinrhim and the tribe's Ránn, however, has a vision that urges her to stay. She gave a speech to the elves that convince them to stay, and today is considered the sole reason this tribe of elves still exists in the Auturian Woods.
The Creation of the Tethinrhim Riá
When Ná’Pherán, the Spiritual Leader of the Tethinrhim elves, sees the Auturian Woods, she asks the God to decide whether the tribe should stay at these woods or move on. After many long days of meditating, Ná’Pherán has a vision and eventually convinces the other tribe members to choose this place for a permanent settlement by altering the woods with powerful magic.

Calling upon the Gods and her own strong earth magic she has gained from her creators, Ná’Pherán transforms all the trees in the woods into a new type of plant - into trees we know today as "urban trees". This feat is perhaps the most famous in all Tethinrhim history, and it has been suggested that divine intervention, possibly from Queprur Herself, was needed to achieve it. In the spirit of Her gift, the elves name this powerful Guide their Ránn.

Ná’Pherán first action is to have the Kaerian warriors build the Riá, an enormous tree city in the center of the Auturian Woods. While only the Kaierian work on the housing of the Ránn, all the elves work together to build the surrounding houses. Around this time, several elven magi transform the Auturian Woods, in such a way that the urban tree in the center, the one made into the Riá, is the largest and the ones around it gradually decrease in height and width.

ca. 10540 b.S. Eldron's Founding of Sophronia
At a place close to the Zeiphyrian Forest and the Auturian Woods the Sophronian leader Eldron settles and founds the village Sophronia, named after the first leader of the tribe, who lived many years ago. Talos moves a little farther south and finds a wonderful valley he calls Hawke's Perch. Together both brothers cooperate and live peacefully with each other. One is interested in building an empire, the other is only interested in the land and cultivating it.

Not long after, the Sophronians meet the Darian men. They also become friendly with the hobbits. They protect, and merge to an extent.

(YEARS 8.500 B.S. - 3.400 B.S.)
3983 b.S. Westward Departure of the Keekoo Brownies
The Brownie Keekoo the Deliverer reunites Brownies of Southern Sarvonia, organizes them and sends out three groups of colonists. In this year he sends out the very first group from the Auturian Woods, which eventually will become the Aohu'o tribe, the Akdorian Brownies.

(YEARS 822 B.S. - 50 B.S.)
Battle of Annihilation at the Zeiphyrian Forests
Five years after the murdering of Gorm a ruthless assault on the elven fortresses at Elving, south of the Zeiphyrian Forests, is initiated by Viginold Dereswungen. Although not all human tribes approve to the declared war on the elves, the strength of the human forces is gigantic. Some human tribes, mainly those which felt oppressed by the Erpheronian tribe, even join the elves and on the other side also dark elves support the elven cause, fighting especially the dwarves, who are promised to receive valueable mines for their help at the Rimmerins-Ring by the human leaders.

The battle lasts for many months and thousands of soldiers of all races die at the brutal slaughtering, but no army can decide the enormous battle, which causes terrific destruction among both sides. Elving is destroyed completely and most parts of the Zeiphyrian Forests as well as the adjacent Auturian Woods are burnt. The first major Sarvonian battle at the Zeiphyrian Forests indeed is a cruel slaughtering which is unique in Sarvonian history so far, but it is only be a glimpse of even fiercer battles to come: It is the beginning of the so-called War of the Blood which will last nearly 80 years and which will result in lots of bloodshed but will bring no victory to any of the fighting races.

701 b.S. Famine in the Auturian Woods
Shortly after the Third Great Flood a famine breaks out, destroying the fish supplies and deseasing the livestock with killing viruses. The Tethinrhim suffer heavy losses at this time of history.


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