Famous Santharian city of artists, musicians, poets and other creative minds. It is located in the western parts of the province of Brendolan, near Occen's Lake, and it is the capital of this province.

A stuy of a student of the School of Tunes

Picture description. A study of a student of the School of Tunes at the academy in Bardavos. Image drawn by Faugar.

Originally called Thaehavos in the ancient days the city has served for thousands of years as a refuge for all open-minded people, whatever their political orientation or their membership to any of of the races. Due to this rarely encountered understanding for the needs and believes of the different races the town was spared from attacks by the elves during times of war. This resulted in the fact that very often artists fled their homelands in times of war and headed for Bardavos. Alas, to prevent the masses from seeking protection in the sacred town of artists it happened more than once that the town was sealed during the greatest times of hardship. Many existential tragedies of fleeing artists also happened at such incidents.

Famous artists of the days of the Tharian Kingdom directly stem from Bardavos, others sought the teachings of these famous people to improve their own art and so several independent schools were erected around Occen's Lake. The most reknown schools are the "School of Tunes" (musicians), the "Circle of Dreams" (musicians concentrating on trading myths), the "School of the Quill" (writers and poets) and the "School of Colors".

With the ascension of Santhros the Wise to the Santharian throne Thaehavos was officially declared as the free town of bards and thus renamed to Bardavos.

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