The Boyzinna Fellowship Hall is located in Ximax, the capital City of Xaramon Province in the United Kingdom of Santharia in Southern Sarvonia. A two storey, rundown dilapidated building; it houses the orphaned, abandoned or otherwise forgotten boys of the magic city. Initially built and run by the White Nehtorians (Dalorins) in the aftermath of the infamous explosion of 1480 a.S., since 1550 a.S. the Boyzinna Fellowship Hall has been run by the Tannersí Guild of Ximax City, headquartered in a bend in the nearby Wavewand River.

Function. Boyzinna Fellowship Hall is used to house, educate, feed and care for the boys of Ximax and the surrounding regions that are orphaned, abandoned or otherwise forgotten and unwanted. Without this building, these boys would undoubtedly add to the dangers of Underside, or fall victim to one of the gangs that reportedly roam those streets. Although the building is open to all boys who are alone for whatever reason, some of the boys who could stay at the Boyzinna Fellowship Hall choose instead to go for a life on the streets of Underside. Those boys who do reside here work for the Tannersí Guild of Ximax, collecting the waste products of the citizens of the magic city and delivering them to storage areas between the hall and Tannersí Bend. The waste products are divided into solids and liquids and are used at different points in the tanning process by the Tannersí Guild.

Initially, the building was built by the Dalorins in the aftermath of the Magical Academy explosion of 1480 a.S. In time, the White Nehtorians desired to move on, and the newly established Tannersí Guild in nearby Tannerís Bend of the Wavewand River took over the running of the building and care for the boys as of 1550 a.S. The Master Tanners hire a chef to cook food for the residents of the hall, both the members of the Boyzinna Fellowship and the Master Tanners who manage the place and ensure that the boys are cared for and well fed. Should the boys collapse on the job and fall face first into the waste buckets that they carry, coating themselves in the materials they are carrying, they would not be any use to the Master Tanners, and could indeed become sick. As a result of the glorious food that is served up to the boys and other residents of the hall, it is very unlikely that any of the boys will ever state that they want some more. "How could we want for more," asked Jaelik Tolian, a half Helcrani/half Centoraurian adolescent who has spent almost all of his 15 years as a member of the Boyzinna Fellowship and resident of the hall, "every day they change our bill of fare, we couldn't even imagine better food than that which is served up to us... roast taenish, all year pie, soups, stews, broths and so on: no sign of gruel here."

The Master Tanners who manage the hall are responsible for the education of the boys, teaching them to speak with a civil tongue, be able to identify common signs of Ximax, how to read and write, undertake parts of the tanning process, perform basic mathematical equations, develop a head for business, and perform other elementary tasks. This is in the hope that the boys will grow up and choose to become Master Tanners themselves in their adult lives, and give back to the Boyzinna Fellowship and wider Ximax community once adults. The boys are under no compulsion to become Master Tanners, however, and some may choose to join other guilds or become merchants or enter into politics. "Provided the boys are productive and happy in their adult lives, we're happy," stated Reosisan, a Kyranian Master Tanner, who lived in the hall throughout his boyhood and adolescence. Reosisan never knew who his father was, and so decided not to take on a surname as is customary amongst those of Kyranian descent.

Boys who become sick or injured are taken to the infirmary in the nearby Homestead borough to be cared for by one of the healers in attendance there. The boys work and study hard, working and studying from Firstflame to Lastflame most days, with a half day off on Restdays and on important festival days for Ximax City, the province of Xaramon and the Kingdom of Santharia. The boys have even taken to playing some of the sports and games against teams from other guilds in Ximax. This is a highlight of the week for many of the boys, not least because it means they can take a dip in the nearby Wandwave River to wash off the grime and some of the stench of their place of residence and their duties.

Like the Dames of Goutonch School for Ladies, the Master Tanners of Boyzinna Fellowship Hall takes the education of their residents very seriously. Unlike that institution, which is designed to develop young ladies of class and distinction, Boyzinna Fellowship Hall is designed to give the boys and adolescents who are in residence there enough skills to survive into adulthood and work at a trade, either tanning or otherwise. In this way, the boys who spent their formative years at the Boyzinna Fellowship Hall are giving back to the community which has supported them. Return to the top

Description. Even before one sees the hall; one can smell the building due to the storage of sewerage on the lands of the building and the nearby Tannersí Bend. As the waste products are used through the tanning process, the odours can be, and are often, quite overpowering. If Grothar blows the wind in the right direction, citizens all over the city of Ximax and even the magi of the Magical Academy can get a good whiff of the raw sewerage. "The smell is quite dreadful, rather atrocious," said a middle-aged Erpheronian woman from her house in nearby Middleton Burough, "you'd think that they would do something about the smell... or at the very least move the building and its residents away from the city." When the building comes into view for the first time, one is probably most taken in by the rundown and dilapidated state of the three storey building, which sits close to Dalorin Road. Built in the Erpheronian style, the building is still sound despite its run down state and inside the building is everything needed for the boys and master tanners who are residents. "That building is an eyesore on the city of Ximax," stated the dwarven architect, Khromgolin, "It could definitely do with an upgrade... make sure you pass on my name to the Master Tanners and tell them of my willingness to perform architectual and building services for them."

External stairs can take one up to the top two stories of the building, and as is the case with Erpheronian buildings elsewhere, the windows are little more than slits in the walls, that can be covered by shutters at night or during the colder months. The middle and top floors have balconies, allowing all to enjoy the sun when time permits. The building is seven peds wide by twelve peds long by eight peds tall and has a flat roof. The building is made of bricks and in the front of the building, closest to the road, there is a chimney sticking out of the roof, providing for cooking and heating facilities for all the hall residents.

The ground floor contains the kitchen and dining room for the Boyzinna Fellowship Hall as well as sleeping quarters for the chef, in a far corner of the kitchen area. The noted halfling chef Jaemeyo Livyre is the current chef for the hall, and he makes sure all the boys have hearty meals. "They are all growing boys," Jaemeyo stated while adding the finishing touches to a taenish pie he was making for dinner one night, "they deserve good quality food, and as a chef, it is my honour to provide it to them. I will not have the boys of the hall go to bed hungry. To do so would be an insult to my calling and profession of Chef." There is also a small tanning workshop at the far end of this floor to the kitchen area so that demonstrations of parts of the tanning process can be made to the boys. "Tanning is a long and smelly process," said Aeric, a grinning, short, freckle faced Erpheronian youth, "but it is good to get my hands dirty and it is fun. Smelly and dirty is fun."

The middle floor houses the teaching rooms for the boys, four rooms in all, as well as sleeping areas for the younger boys. The sleeping materials provided consists of mattresses set up in bunks of three around the sleeping areas. "The mattresses are nice and comfortable," Aeric said of the sleeping arranagements that all the boys had, "much better than having to sleep out under the stars, and it is even better, because I'm on the top bunk! We can draw the shutters on the windows and try to keep the cold out during the winter months. And the fireplace warms up Boyzinna Fellowship Hall nicely. During summer though, we can keep the shutters open and watch the stars... I wish I could work out the Dancer constellation, but I'm too young to know that sort of thing yet." Two rooms in the corners of the childrenís sleeping area are for four of the Master Tanners. "We sleep there to make sure the boys actually get to sleep. We are concerned that they are being looked after properly, which is why we have a chef, and are teaching the boys a trade. Even if they choose to go in a different way, they will at least be able to do something to help out Ximax. It also teaches them responsibility. I grew up in Boyzinna Fellowship Hall, and I became a Master tanner... I turned out all right," said the previously quoted Kyranian Master Tanner, Reosisian.

The top floor is given over to a recreational area for the boys as well as a sleeping area and sleeping materials for the older boys. As with the boys on the floor below, the sleeping materials used are once again mattresses set up on triple decked bunks. The recreational area provides places and opportunities for the boys to play various games... ones that they mostly made up, or to talk or to test each other out in various contests of strength or agility. "The older boys don't always like us to come up to the rec. room and play," lamented Aeric, a frown touching his features, "and then other times they let us, and then there are times when we have a play fight... all of us against all of them. That's fun... it sometimes hurts, but its fun." Up on the top floor are another three separated sleeping rooms; as with the lower floor, these house two Master Tanners each. Return to the top

Location. The building known as the Boyzinna Fellowship Hall is in the outskirts of the Ximaxian borough of Homestead, quite close to where this borough runs into the rundown and dangerous neighbouring borough of Underside. Ximax, the magic city, is famous for being the Capital of Xaramon Province of the United Kingdom of Santharia in South Sarvonia. The city is famed for its Magical Academy and for the caverns beneath its streets which are home to the Volkek Oshra tribe of orcs. Ximax City is located on the Ximaxian Plateau, a wide stretch of flat land between the Zirkumire and Magic Sickle mountain ranges. Return to the top

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(YEARS 1.440 A.S. - 1.540 A.S.)
1.480 Explosion at Ximax Magic Academy
Most recent infamous explosion at the Ximax Magic Academy. This results in the destruction of much of the old city of Ximax. The citizens of Ximax decide to rebuild away from Ximax Magic Academy, and the Magi are only too happy to offer their services in the rebuilding efforts. Even though there is limited loss of life, most of the buildings are destroyed, including residential houses.

The citizens decide that it is most expedient to house the children together, but the sexes seperate to one another, so that the adolescent boys and girls don't do what comes naturally away from the supervision of their parents. The boys are mostly housed in what will become Boyzinna Fellowship Hall. Many orphaned girls are being looked after by a group of midwifes in an area that will in time be built in the Temple of Jeyriall within the Hollyale borough. In families where there are boys and girls as siblings, they are housed in areas together around the future city in what will become the Guild Halls of Ximax.

1.481 Basic structure of the Boyzinna Fellowship Hall is started
A basic structure is built on the current land by the Dalorins, and the Dalorins bring their young charges into the building.

to 1.500
Boyzinna Fellowship Hall is being built
The Boyzinna Fellowship Hall is gradually built over this time, and enables the Dalorins to provide more assistance to the boys. Legend has it that it was towards the end of this time that the Hall and the Fellowship was named "Boyzinna Fellowship". Members of the Dalorins are reported to have overheard boys talking about it and one of the boyís said, "We are boys in a fellowship and this is our Hall... the place we can call home". Boys help in the construction of the Hall.

It is stated that the person who recorded the the words of Martynel Utha, the White Nehetorian, who encouraged his fellow Dalorins to take care of the boys, was at best semi-literate and as a result wrote the name of the fellowship and hall in the way it is spelt to this day.

1.530 Tanners start using Tanners' Bend
The nearby bend in Wavewand River becomes the residence and place of business for Tanners from the city. The bend earns the name "Tanners' Bend" in Ximax city records in honor of its residents.

(YEARS 1.540 A.S. - TODAY)
1.550 Establishment of Tanners' Guild
The increase of the Ximaxian tanning trade sparks the establishment of an official Tannersí Guild in Ximax. An offshoot of similar Tanners' Guilds in in Horth, Caelum and Naios in Xaramon Province, the small upstart guild initially struggles for influence with other guilds in the city. However, in time the Ximaxian Tanners' Guild becomes a fully fledge independent guild. As the guild grows in power and prominence, its members begin discussions with the Dalorins about Boyzinna Fellowship Hall and the untapped workforce contained therein.

1.554 Dalorins give Management of Boyzina Fellowship Hall to Tanners' Guild
The management of the Boyzinna Fellowship Hall officially change from the Dalorins to the Tanners' Guild and the Tanners' begin to train the boys in collecting human waste for use in the tanning process.

1.560 Recreational Facilities are established
Part of the top floor of the Boyzinna Fellowship Hall is converted into a recreational area for the boys in the hall.

1.574 Floods cause Tanner's Bend to be abandoned temporarily
Higher than usual rainfall and subsequent floods forces Tanners' Bend to be abandoned temporarily and all of the Master Tanners join the boys in the Boyzinna Fellowship Hall for two weeks.

1.607 Vote held amongst boys about whether or not to allow girls into their fellowship
A vote is held amongst the boys about whether girls should also be allowed into Boyzinna Fellowship Hall. Almost all of the younger boys decide NO! The older boys almost entirely say YES! As the Boyzinna Fellowship contains a greater number of younger boys than older boys, the NO vote wins the day, and girls do not join the Boyzinna Fellowship.

1.620 Fire threatens Boyzinna Hall with destruction, believed to be deliberately lit
Fire threatens the Boyzinna Hall, and it is only through the assistance of water magi that the hall is saved and no loss of life occurs. The fire was believed to be deliberately lit, but no one knows by whom.

1.647 Current Chef joins Boyzinna Fellowship Hall
Jaemeyo Livyre, a halfling chef of great renown joins Boyzinna Fellowship Hall as their chef.


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