The Caaehl Mountain range of the Northern Sarvonian peninsula of Caaehl'heroth has been likened to a jagged spine a massive, blighted beast. The mountains are bleak and grey where the Injèrá's warm rays rarely touch. Creatures of nightmare are said to crawl, slither and fly amongst the peaks and crevasses. The ruins of an ancient civilization are rumored to be hidden among the steep cliff faces. These crags compose the longest mountain range in Caaehl'heroth, though not the tallest. It is said that the mountain range in the Icelands of Aeh'Os'th'er'oc to the north of the Caaehl are far taller. Nevertheless, the Caaehl Mountains are an intimidating presence within a region not short of terrifying features: in the north, they border the twisted Mists of Osthemangar, while at their western feet lurks the dreaded Cartashian Forest. Because of the regions' generally inhospitable inhabitants such as trolls, giant spiders and the predatory bat-like creature known as the "oogorim", there has not been any reliable research done of the region. The orcs of the Osther-Oc are familiar with the southern end of the range but the central peaks are largely unexplored. The northern range, of course, touches the Mists where all sorts of unpredictable phenomena can occur.

A Caaehl Mountains
View picture in full size Image description. View on Hen'ta Faan (also known as "Hero's Pool") with its legendary stone statues, supposedly once created by orcen hands. Picture drawn by Arbaon.

Description. The Caaehl Mountains are composed of several tall, steep peaks that rise up from the ground like grey claws grasping at the sky. The mountains are immense. Their upper cliffs are rarely seen, for on most days thick clouds enshroud them like dreary blankets. In fact, viewing distance within the mountains is limited due to the fog and some scholars have theorized that the tainted Mists of Osthemangar have spread over the entire mountain range. The orcs of the mountain clans dispute this as they claim the "ish'ko jahgg'rumm" (orcen lit. "mind sickness fog") is still safely some distance away to the north. Still, the parallels are startling as if the entire region was birthed in mist forever hidden from the sky.

Location. The Caaehl Mountain range extends for several strals along a north/south path in central Caaehl'heroth in Northern Sarvonian. The mountains are surrounded by the Shadow Coast to the east and the Fields of Oun'tran'phu to the south. The mountains also serve as the western border of the Cartashian valley with a great forest spread over the western surface of the mountains' feet. The blighted Plain of Ehelvin is to the north of the Caaehl mostly covered in tainted mist from Osthemangar. Return to the top

People. Two races of people are known to live in the Caaehl Mountains: the Osther-oc orcs and trolls known as the "Kloighut" (trollish lit. "Mountain Tribe"). Both races have been at war for many generations for control of the mountain resources. The orcs remain ever vigilant year round as troll raids are known to occur at anytime. Typically, the Kloighut launch attacks during the coldest winter seasons in order to steal food.

Climate. Cold, dry winds are a constant companion to those that live in and around the Caaehl Mountains. The region where the orcen settlements are receive thick blankets of snow in winter, usually five months out of the year. The soil has been tilled and worked over many generations and the orcs have learned to grow edible vegetation in their fields. The northern ends of the range become colder with the peaks having a near constant covering of snow. Injèrá's rays shine rarely upon the bleak cliffs and when they do, it is usually near the southern and central areas. On any typical day, the air is chill and dry. The sole exception are the north peaks that touch the Osthemangar Mists. Those brave explorers who have managed to visit the Mists and live to tell about it have all said that the tainted region has a climate all its own that is unpredictable at best. Most reports, at least the two that have been made available to this researcher, say that the Mist touched region of the Caaehl is balmy and considerably warm. Return to the top

Flora. Flora found in the Caaehl Mountains region includes the following:

Fauna. The orcs say that many dangerous and twisted creatures inhabit the deep caverns and high cliffs of the Caaehl Mountains. They rarely stray far north from the Fields of Oun'tran'phan due to the trolls and other dangers. The most common type of creature in the Caaehl are spiders. Many varieties of spider are known to crawl in the dark fathoms of the world, but the Caaehl region is said to hold the most dangerous kinds.

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