The Celeste Lowlands are the central part of the southern area of Northern Sarvonia. It is this land with its grassy plains and gentle hills that provides the only connection to Santharia. However, it is not easy to cross as there are many an inhabitant as well as animals that would hinder your journey.

The Celeste Lowlands

View picture in full size Image description. View on the Kuglim territory at the western half of the Celeste Lowlands with its nine grassy hills leading up to the Celeste Mountains. Picture by Eratin.

Description. The land from the Tandala and Southern Foothills between the Celeste Mountains and the Mountains of Oro to the Prominent Mountains is all called the Celeste Lowlands. This is due to the fact that it is all the lower lying area between all of these mountain ranges. The Celeste Lowlands represent quite a large and diverse area including the Hovel Frond and Shaded Forest, along with several rivers and some long stretches of coastline. While it is true that all of this land is called the Celeste Lowlands, when most of the local inhabitants refer to the Celeste Lowlands, they are refering to a much smaller area. This area while smaller and less diverse in no less interesting, a wide variety of flora and fauna have taken root here.

Mostly though this area can be split into two regions. The western half is comprised of nine grassy hills which are the foothills leading up to the Celeste Mountains. Each one of the hills is crowned with a strong timber and stone fortress belonging to one of the varying Kuglimz who inhabit the area. These add an imposing height to the hills and the hillsides have been somewhat sculpted to make it have a steeper grade. One section of hills named Beinaz'mur ("The Three Sisters") all connect to each other creating a more sloping effect. Even with their close proximity, the hilltop has not been wasted and a fortress of the Helvet'ine Kuglim ("Brave Helvet Tribe") perch upon each one.

The Eastern area varies from its western counterpart in the fact that it is a completely flat grassy plain, there is barely even a tree to break up its continuity. As far as the eye can see it is empty land, though don't let your eyes fool you for there is abundant life to be found here. The sluggish Luquador river flows through the lowlands allowing the necessary water for the Kuglimz who live in the westerly area. Several smaller rivers snake off of the Luquador, they head off towards the Mountains, but never reach those firey walls as their volcanic magma keeps the water away. At the southern end of the plains lie the Crystal Lake, a large body of water that also aids in the nourishment in all about it. It receives its name from the crystal clarity of its water. Return to the top

Location. As stated earlier the Celeste Lowlands run from the Tandala and Southern Foothills in the South to the Prominent Mountains in the North. The Western side is bounded by the Celeste Mountains, the Dark Sea, and the Sea of Tears. The Easterly area is bounded by the Mountains of Oro and Aelyvian Sea. This compromises nearly all of the southern area of Northern Sarvonia. The more commonly referred to section though as stated is much smaller. That area runs from the Dark Sea and Crystal Lake in the South to the Quest River in the North. The Celeste Mountains are its border on the West and the Mountains of Oro border it upon the East. Return to the top

View complete map of the Pensinula of Kr'uul Map of NW Sarvonia The Celeste Region
Picture description. The location of the Celeste Lowlands in Northwestern Sarvonia, inhabited by the Kuglimz. Map by Artimidor.

People. There is one type of people that inhabit the area, though from time to time there have been incursions that have lasted some time from nearby areas. The main inhabitants are the Kuglimz. That is a group of ten human tribes who share that area. The ones in the Westerly, hill strewn area are the Kuglimz'torik ("Home Tribes"), and the ones in the east are the Kuglimz'ura ("Plains Tribes").

These people are misconstrued as being uncivillized or even refered to as barbaric. They may often fight amongst themselves, but they will never attack outsiders who do not first attack them. They are cunning and imaginative in their iron and gold working, and they have a rich oral history which is passed down by stories. Return to the top

Climate. The area while colder than most of the lands of Santharia is not always snow covered as many Santharians tend to believe. In fact there are a few months in summer where the temperature rises to cool rather then cold. For the most parts snow only graces the ground during four of the months out of the year. The air is often crisp and fur is usually needed to ward off the chill. Rain in this area is somewhat plentiful due to the moist air getting trapped against between the Mountains of Oro and the Celeste Mountains. This is what creates the abundance of alth'ho grass and allows the area to retain some of its warmth. Return to the top

Flora. This area presents very little in the variance of its foliage. Trees are seldom, large plants in general are not to be found. There is however a wide variety of flowering plants and grasses among the plains. Alth'ho ("Animal Plant") is the most common grass that is found throughout the whole of the area. It is this sturdy plant that allows the roaming Kuglimz'ura to feed their horses and livestock. Some of the more rare plants include the rik'tyan ("All-Flower") which only blooms for three days, and alth'tiert which grows in the foothills of the Celeste Mountains. The althz'onn is the main vegetable staple in the area as there is little cultivation. Tubers are also found along the banks of the Luquador River and the Crystal Lake. Return to the top

Fauna. Much of the fauna in this area is not thought to have originated here. The Kev'lor horses of the Kuglimz are known to have come to this area with them from further North. Other livestock such as sheep and goats are believed to have been brought to the area as well. There are several animals however that are native to the region. The Ho'shi is a small, quick deer-like creature that roams the vast plains in the East, using its speed to often elude its hunters. The nul'tum is a furry amphibious creature that makes its home along the Dark Sea which is along the Southwestern region of the Celeste Lowlands. Also too do the mighty ulgaroth still roam the plains, however they are but now rarely seen and are thought to soon become extinct. Many different types of fish reside in the Dark Sea and the rivers and lake of the region. They provide an important food source to many of the Kuglimz'ura. Finally one can not forget the fierce wargs that live in the shadows of the Mountains of Oro. They are the primary predator in the area, and they hold their spot well. Return to the top

Resources. Natural resources are very few in the Lowlands themselves. It is the nearby mountains that produce much of the raw ores that are used by the inhabitants of the land. Only two things could be considered natural resources that actually come from the Celeste Lowlands. The first is the fine dyed clothing that comes from the Helvet'ine Kuglim. This is made with use of the alth'tiert which grows nearby. The other would be the fine furs which the Fal'cone Kuglim ("Last People") provide, courtesy of the nul'tum of course. Return to the top

Myth/Lore. This is a land that is held by a hard people and has been washed in blood many a time. In fact if one is to ask one of the Kuglimz'ura they will say it is the blood of their fathers that causes the alth'ho to grow so well. As a people of oral tradition rather than a written one it is hard to seperate their facts from their myths and so any one of a hundred stories may be a myth pertaining to the land. The greatest have to be the stories of the Vir'togz who first led the remnants of the Myninan Kingdom to these lands and heralded their change to the Kuglimz. These stories vary though, according to wich Kuglim you talk to and which Vir'tog they speak of. There is naught like a tankard of mead to get a priest of Sur'tyan to sit down and tell you one of the many glorious stories of the area. Return to the top

History. This was an area that had been more or less unsettled since the great War of the Chosen. This only came to be changed during the Year of Darkness in 1649 b.S. The Losh'Oc ("True Orcs") and Ashz'Oc ("Noble Orcs") were displaced by the Shadow Elves. Forced to move South they encountered and conquered the Mynian Kingdom. The first Mynians fled to the area in 1649 B.S., however the influx did not really begin until 1650 b.S. It was also some years before they had gravitated towards their current day positions. There have been incursions and at times occupations by the Ash'mari, the Diorye'oleal, the Losh'Oc and the Ashz'Oc. These have all been forced back at one time or another so that it is the Kuglimz who still hold the Celeste Lowlands. Return to the top

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