Dasai (the "City of Soldiers") is a large city on the coast of the Herring Bay in the Santharian province of Brendolan, west of the Shardon Forests and its capital Seraia and just north of the Narfost Plain. Dasai initially started as a mercenary base and it has become a very prominent and prosperous town in the course of time. It is famous for the smithee families which have been around since the founding, but not as famous as for its harbour. The city is as well known for its ingenious famers who dig deep into the desert sand to find water for their crops and for the mighty fortress where once the Rahaz-Dath Mercenaries lived. Nowadays the fortress is a museum about this famous group of warriors.

Location. Dasai is located at the coast of the Herrings Bay in the southern Santharian province of Brendolan, west of the Shardon Forests and its capital Seraia and just north of the Narfost Plain. In ancient times Dasai belonged to the Kingdom of Avennoria. Return to the top

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Picture description. The location of Dasai, the "City of Soldiers" in the north-eastern part of the province of Brendolan.

Description. The first thing the eye is drawn to is the massive fortress which is atop a hill that ends in a sea-facing cliff. It spreads down into a city which is teaming with life, starting with the old district closest, and newer buildings expanding on from there. Like the rings inside a tree you can almost see time progress by looking at the town, going from old to new. The city starts to thin out as the grass and greenery which covers the hill from its peek starts to thin into the desert sands. It also spreads back, down a hill to the coast, where a sizable harbour and a ship-manufacturing district are located.

Gulls are almost constantly circling the city, and can sometimes be seen flying with purpose as they are used by some as messengers. Children play in the streets with wooden swords, and soldiers, sailors, and farmers move in and out of taverns and shops. The farms are scattered around the city, and use a unique system of irrigation to grow their crops. There are houses next to great pits and valleys which have been dug in the land, down to the point where water is, even in the Rahaz-Dath desert. Ladders and stairs help the farmers and farmhands in their work. Small black clouds rise from the famous forges of Dasai, but are usually blown swiftly away by the sea breeze. Sometimes children and their families go out on sailboats for a fun day at sea. The picture of a perfect life, which is why few families ever find need to leave. Although there are caravans which can be seen entering and leaving the city, importing and exporting goods, every now and then. But you can be assured that the caravan drivers will most likely retire here, providing even more fuel for the economy.
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Population. Dasai currently has approx. 6.000 inhabitants. The mercenaries' training school, which still is existent, is somewhat expensive, but well worth it and the number of current inhabitants still rivals the thousands who came to work for the mercenaries when they were at their peak.

Until the disbanding of the Rahaz-Dath Mercenaries in 450 b.S. Dasai was the main base of operations for that force, and housed mostly them, their families, and any of those who had started businesses because of them being there. The fortress of the RDMs still stands, but the protective walls have been taken down as a peace sign and also because they blocked the beautiful costal view.
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Economy. Dasai still has a lucrative harbour, and produces many ships. The training facilities still are active and train excellent soldiers.

Despite its harbour, boat makers, warrior and sailor rainers, Dasai is still known mainly for its weaponry. Any weapon marked with a large V and a family name of one of the twelve old smithee families is said to be an excellent Dasai weapon. Smithees of Dasai also make custom weapons for a nice sum of money, and are also known for some of the unique designs they create. Many traders from the northern Santharian provinces visit Dasai to get some of these special works and sell them elsewhere at expensive costs.
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(YEARS 822 B.S. - 50 B.S.)
ca. 650 b.S. Founding of the Ráhaz-Dáth Mercenaries
Around 200 men come together, led by Matthew Gendair, to make camp near Herrings Bay. They are some of the greatest warriors and soldiers and come to hold council about Gendair's idea of an army of mercenaries. Later in the year they return, now counting 800 men. Gendair announces that they shall call themselves the "Ráhaz-Dáth Mercenaries", after the Ráhaz-Dáth Desert.

ca. 620 b.S. More Travelling through the Narfost Plain
After the Founding of Dasai, the "City of Soldiers", the Narfost Plain is visited more often, some hunters try their luck, but not many return. The traderoute along the Sharadon Forest is then opened, in the beginning used mainly by the Ráhaz-Dáth Mercenaries to reach Thaehavos.

610 b.S. Building of Fort Dasai
Kindo Gendair, second commander of the Ráhaz-Dáth Mercenaries, commissions carpenters and other builders to make a fort at the annual camping ground of the RDMs and names it "Fort Dasai". It is named after Dasai Gendair, great grandfather of himself and the late Matthew Gendair, first of their line and, among their family, a legendary warrior.

Thus 610 b.S. is marked as the official beginning of the Ráhaz-Dáth Mercenaries. Their main base, which is a large fortress, represents the cause for a whole city to spring up. The Mercenaries have a slow start, but many vendors, smithees, etc. and begin to flock there to get business. It grows as more and more civilians came to live and work there.
610 b.S.
to 563 b.S.
Fort Dasai turns into a Town
Schools are introduced for children in Dasai, training facilities are established also. The fortress of the Mercenaries expands its walls to encompass the town and integrates with it. Since the beginning Dasai is known as the "City of Soldiers", even though a town hasn't been officially founded yet. The expanded fort also houses a nice harbour and ship-manufacturing plants.

Blacksmiths, magic shops, markets, and practically everything you can think of starts springing up, as well as the houses for the soldiers' families who wish to be closer to their relatives, husbands, and fathers.

563 b.S. The Founding of the City of Dasai
The City of Dasai is officially founded, as it has grown swiftly around the fort of the Ráhaz-Dáth Mercenaries. Those who first were setting up businesses only also build houses now, though usually closer to their work places than the fort.

470 b.S. Business Declines for the Ráhaz-Dáth Mercenaries
Business slowly starts to decline for the Ráhaz-Dáth Mercenaries, though Dasai still flourishes.

450 b.S. Disbanding of the Ráhaz-Dáth Mercenaries
Dasai is used as a military installation until the disbanding of the Ráhaz-Dáth Mercenaries in 450 b.S. It is in fact nothing more than an average city with above average smithees since then. It is a site, however, for several battles which are famous in the history of the RDMs.
Disbanding of the Ráhaz-Dáth Mercenaries
Delin Gendair, on the 200th anniversary celebration of the RDMs on the Day of Gendair, announces that they shall officially be disbanded on the next day. The army has shrunk down to only 2500 men, and all consider this a good decision. Even to this day, though, the Gendair family controls Dasai, and have yet to fail their duties through all of the years.

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