Delvynnar is one of the oldest and most noble cities of the High Kingdom of Aca-Santerra in Nybelmar. In ancient times it was the capital of the first Highkings of Aca-Santerra, the dynasty of Delv that ended with Asthalon the Black in the year of Darkness 1649 b.S. Located in the shadows of the "Rainbow Cliffs" the city itself is already a spectacular sight and it is not hard to believe that some of the greatest rulers of Aca-Santerra came from this place.

Description. The topology of Vunmeer, one of the larger islands of the Santerran homeland is unique in that the rocky land abruptly falls 100 peds deep at its southern end forming a 150 strals long natural barrier to the interior of the island: the Rainbow Cliffs. The dark granite rocks of these cliffs and coast are made of receive their name from the humid climate that dominates anything in the shadows of this natural wall and also from the many small rivers which fall over the cliff top into the sea and are a constant source for spectacular and beautiful rainbows all along the coast. - Not in vain the Santerrans believe that this region is blessed by Iwynn, the Dewborn, an Aerynian, the Goddess of Health and the daughter of Barkhas.

The city of Delvynnar is located on three rocky hills made of shattered rocks from the cliffs that surround one of the largest falls along the cliffs, Iwynn's Blessing. As the whole shore is only 300 peds from the cliffs to the sea the whole city is squeezed in this narrow gap between rock and water and stretches over several strals from east to west. The falls, which are embedded in the main sanctuary of Iwynn, the White Temple, are the very core of the city with the Lord's Palace seated on a high hill west of it and the governmental buildings on a hill east of the falls.

As the Santerran lords always fought - and sometimes still do so - against some outside aggressor or turn against each other any larger settlement is also planned as a huge military installation. Usually this means that the whole city is built on several rings around the Lord's Palace and the temple district. The favoured place of founding settlements in ancient times had always been at hills or cliffs. The various rings around these settlements form terraces so any attacker winning one wall will face another obstacle behind it.

The city of Delvynnar was build on the old style which means that the terraces build in rectangular shapes meant to minimize the length of any wall and avoid any kind of bends and curves. Over the centuries three different settlements had merged into one. Once one settlement surrounded the Lord's Palace, another housed the farmers and fishers for the White Temple of Iwynn and the third was a village where now the administrational buildings are placed. When these three settlements merged into one large city the Lord issued another ring of heavily fortified walls to seal off the east and west end of the town.

The city of Delvynnar now prospers on up to four such terraces with the White Temple of Iwynn and the falls crowning the city.

Each hill is divided into three terraces, every one of them walled and only to be entered via two gates close to the cliffs. With the high cliffs in the back and heavy walls in the east and west there was only the sea for attackers to invade the city from when Delvynnar still controlled the interior of the island. Thus the fourth terrace of the city surrounds all three hills and isolates the otherwise vulnerable docks from the rest of the city. To divert any attack on the docks the area is cornered in the east and west by two great circular bastions that defend the seaside.

Places of notice are as follows:

Location. Delvynnar lies at the southern coast of Vunmeer, one of the main islands of Aca-Santerra. Over 150 strals the Rainbow Cliffs form a natural border to the interior of the island and thus most fishing villages and towns here were built more to defend against the sea than toward the land. Delvynnar is about midway from the east and the west end of the Cliffs where the sacred Iwynn Falls drop into the ocean. To the north lies the high plateau of Iri, fertile soil for some pasture and farming alike only accessible from the sea through several gaps in the cliffs. Return to the top

People. Delvynnar is Santerran through and through and only few strangers can be seen on the soil of Vunmeer anyway. The city of about 60 000 people was and is a gem among the many cities on the islands. With a proud history and old traditions the Santerrans of Delvynnar are everything the people like and hate about Aca-Santerra: Loyal to death, honest, unrelenting, arrogant and self-confident as well as hard and unforgiving against the world and anyone that threatens them. The people of Delv - how they are called – have earned great respect among Aca-Santerra as great sailors, soldiers and merchants. The class of Enayctar is most respected in the cities along the cliffs but the Enayctar of Delvynnar often were the personal bodyguards of the Highking for their glory in battle and their unquestioned loyality to the order of things.

The plateau of Iri was for long times ruled by its own native population who is still not considered as Santerran but they’re still well-respected as allies and welcomed in Delvynnar. The world of the Santerrans are the seas and thus those people of Iri work the farms and form most formidable foot soldiers. Return to the top

Coat of Arms/Sign. The coat of Arms of the House of Delv that rules the city bears a silver snake on blue ground. The snake bites into its own tail forming a circle. The snake is the ulieth and the blue ground of the ocean stands for the blessing of Barkhas to ward the house of Delv to rule all oceans in the name of the Aca-Tar. Return to the top

Climate. The climate of Delvynnar is moderate, however the cliffs add additonal dynamics to the weather. Most of the year sunny and rainy days appear in equal numbers, however in autumn and winter the storms arrive at the cliffs and make this a most inhospitable place. With Delvynnar needing to import woods and burning material this can be an uncomfortable place indeed. This is also possibly one of the reasons the people of Delvynnar are so stubborn and the Highking decided to move to Altyr, first as a winter palace later to form a new capital. Return to the top

Resources. There are few resources along the Rainbow Cliffs themselves, however good fishing grounds can be found along the coast near Delvynnar and nearby bays offer good places to find pearls and even to breed oysters. Also lightwater is harvested on the coasts of Vunmeer. Otherwise the high plateau of Iri is a considerably fertile plateau and is capable of supplying the city with grain and meat, mostly sheep. Also metals are transported over the cliff from the interior of the islands. Otherwise Delvynnar depends much on trade and its superiority on the seas to maintain itself. But with the many luxury goods like jewelry, lightwater and pearls the prosperity of the city is insured. Return to the top

Myth/Lore. It was few decades after the Santerrans landed on the islands and they fought bloody battles against the native population to gain space for their own people when the Santerrans marched against the people of the Highplateau of Iri. At these times the strength of the Santerrans what they would become, they were still a whisper in the wind, and after a few days the people of Iri defeated the Santerrans and drove them down the cliff. A whole Santerran army died that day falling onto the sharp rocks and the waves of the sea were turning red. But by what seemed like a miracle one soldier survived nearly unharmed and in despair he lay beside his comrades with broken bones waiting for his own demise. But it should not come as Iwynn the Dewborn was shaken by the spilt blood at one of her many gardens and swam to the place where she has heard that the last of these lost souls drowned being taken by the unforgiving waters of her father Barkhas.

As she was coming close to the shore she heard one sole voice crying and she left the waters to see who was crying alone in a field of death.

As the soldier was aware of something coming he already feared that one of his enemies was going to loot the dead but as the figure was appearing between the rocks he got aware of the most beautiful thing he ever saw as Iwynn is of an innocent beauty not seen among mortals.

Without saying a word Iwynn looked at the shattered limbs of the soldier who - frightened by this unearthern being - had raised his sword. The oceanblue eyes looked down upon the soldier and the mortal knew he was an open book to this creature beyond the world. And he broke out in tears but this time he did not cry because of the terrible fate that left him starving to death in an isolated place but he cried for all those that had died by his hands in these bloody times. In disgust he threw away his sword.

And it was then that Iwynn's face showed a consoling smile and she stepped forward and her algaegreen eyes look into his and with a silent move she opened the clamp that held her hair and then wringed some waterdrops out of her wet hair. As the drops fell into the soldier's face he felt that life came back to him and the bones in his shattered body realigned. He laughed aloud and for the first time since many years he laughed with the innocence of a child.

As the soldier regained his strength Iwynn the Dewborn pointed to the cliff top and after a few moments a brush of water rushed over the cliff and washed away the blood on the rocks and the corpses were brought in the safe lap of Barkhas himself where none shall ever find them. The soldier looked in awe at the beautiful falls that had replaced the battlefield but as he rose to his feet he recognized that Iwynn the Dewborn was gone but the falls shone in all their glory.

Touched by innocence and peace the soldier abandoned his warlike past and began to preach to the people about peace and redemption and how the Dewborn cured the heart as well as the mind. He erected a shrine behind the falls and worshiped the Aerynian every week and after the years had passed more and more people followed his call and the war between the Santerrans and the people of Iri finally came to an end. And those that had sworn to serve the Aerynian Iwynn came to the falls to build a small village, then a town and then a city around the sacred falls.

And years later the white temple of Iwynn was founded at the feet of the falls and the seed of Delvynnar was sown. This is the legend around the founding of the city of Nacre as it is written in the Chronicles of Iwynn. Return to the top

History. No information yet. Return to the top

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