The gigantic Eight Winds Bay, stretching almost five hundred strals east to west between the eastern shore of the Peninsula of Kr'uul and the western reaches of the marshes, and almost two hundred and fifty strals north to south, is located on the western coastline of Northern Sarvonia, just north of the lands of the Kuglimz and the Prominent Mountains. According to myth and legend, Eight Winds Bay was created in the aftermath of the Battle of the Winds when water rushed into the area and drowned four of the Chosen, believed to be powerful avatars of the Gods, and their armies, leaving naught but three rocky islands and a massive maelstrom of water and air, believed to be set into motion by the magical powers unleashed by these powerful combatants.

The bay is home to the Arthyrón Elves (lit. "Blessed Sea Elves"), who live in atypical elven settlements on the rocky eastern coastline of the Peninsula of Kr'uul and on each of the three islands, who rely on trade with nearby tribes for their continued existence. The other main inhabitants of the bay are the Blue Druids who study the perpetually active maelstrom which is at the heart of the bay, from their settlement of Tyrling located on the western coastline of the largest of the three rocky islands located within the bay. This whirlpool, known to the Arthyrón as "Tuu'marásh", impacts on all life within this area of Eight Winds Bay. The three rocky islands, perpetually active maelstrom, coastline and the bay itself, provide travellers, merchants, adventurers and residents alike with beautiful and unique scenery. Being captured by the beauty of Eight Winds Bay can make visitors to the area unaware that they are so close to the blighted and deadly land known as the Peninsula of Kr'uul, a land not so pleasing or enjoyable to behold and experience.

Eight Winds Bay

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Description. Moving north over Eight Winds Bay from the Prominent Mountain or the Wilshirer Heath, one would almost immediately behold the waters of the bay. Eight Winds Bay is somewhat akin to an inland sea, such as the Ancythrian Sea in Santharia, however Eight Winds Bay is connected to the Sea of Tears by the Waters of Division, known to the Arthyrón as "Syéth'maría", and so this waterway is correctly referred to as a bay rather than an inland sea. In any case, the Waters of Division separates the Peninsula of Kr'uul from the Lands of the Kuglim, and provides a secondary outlet from Eight Winds Bay to the Sea of Tears. Indeed, in some of the halls of academia located in Lorehaven, Ximax and other places of learning throughout Santharia debates rage back and forth whether the Peninsula of Kr'uul should be called an island or a peninsula, and while such debates are interesting, they are beyond the scope of this work.[1]

All aspects of the bay, whether it is the elves and druids residing on its western shore and three islands, the plants and animals who call the bay a seasonal home, those brave individuals who dare to cross the gaping maw of the perpetually active maelstrom or the currents and winds of the area are impacted by this whirlpool. The Blessed Sea Elves reportedly know the secrets of crossing this massive and destructive water feature, known to them as "Tuu'marásh" (lit. "Water Turn") and a number of the Arthyrón youths, seeking to prove their maturity and readiness to be adults, take on the journey through the maelstrom as a rite of passage once a year. Tuu'marásh differentiates Eight Winds Bay from the other bodies of water on the surface of Caelereth.

Location. The massive body of water called Eight Winds Bay is located in Northern Sarvonia and lies geographically north of the lands of the Kuglimz. The Prominent Mountains and Wilshirer Heath are two well known landmarks south of the bay. The bay stretches nearly 500 strals from the eastern shoreline of the Peninsula of Kr'uul to the western reaches of the Shadowlands.

The Waters of Division is a river connecting the bay to the Sea of Tears, a body of water on the western side of Northern Sarvonia. This river flows south of the land mass commonly known as the Peninsula of Kr'uul, a land blighted by past tragedies and evils. However, as this land is now completely surrounded by water, there is debate amongst some members of the scholarly communities of Ximax, Lorehaven and the Compendium as to whether it should rightly be called a peninsula or an island. Brave or foolhardy adventurers or travellers who seek to explore the City of Parthanon, the Folkmore Trees, or past the Forbidden Zone to the Ruins of Dak'dinal, Ebony Lake and Mountains of Despair are well advised to be well provisioned and protected against dangers posed by the orcs and Dinali, a tribe of savage humans, that still live in the region according to myth and rumour. The lore of the region suggest that the Dinali were the warriors that made up the bulk of the troops of Eckra the Cruel, one of the Chosen who fought the Battle of the Winds. More details about the Dinali, Eckra the Cruel and the Battle of the Winds are located in the Myth/Lore Section later in this entry. The famed compendium artist, Seeker, recently travelled to the blighted Ruins of Dak'dinal with a group of Knights of the Fallen from the Santharian Province of Nermeran. Seeker was the only one to survive the trip and return to talk of it. Additionally, the Mélad'rhím do not talk of encountering the Dinali, although there are parts of the Peninsula of Kr'uul that to which they refuse to travel.

The area to the southeast of this supposedly magically created body of water is rumoured to be home to the legendary ruins of Fá'áv'cál'âr. These ancient ruins are said to be the residence of all the races prior to the Great Sundering, an event from the distant past of Caelereth when the orcs, dwarves and humans are believed to have separated from their elf lords and masters and migrated across both Northern and Southern Sarvonia and elsewhere on the disc. Other points of interest east of the bay are the Shadow Marshes, the Shadowlands and the Imlith Mountains. Return to the top

People. A multitude of people of various races live in the region of the Eight Winds Bay:

Coat of Arms/Sign. The Arthyrón Elves are the largest group living in and around Eight Winds Bay. As a result, theirs is the coat of arms that is most frequently seen on the islands, shore and boats found in the bay. Their coat of arms is a combination of two older coat of arms from the two separate groups that make up the Arthyrón Elves[3], however the Blessed Sea Elves coat of arms is the only one of the three seen around the bay. The coat of arms of the Arthyrón Elves is a silver ship, with flags unfurled, riding upon a blue ocean, consisting of three stylised waves. The sail of the ship is unfurled, and the background around the ship is black.

The sign of the Water Druids can be seen as one travels towards the city of Tyrling on Únn'chrónn. This sign is rather simple, and consists of three curves depicting waves. Return to the top

Climate. Climate in the Eight Winds Bay region varies greatly between the summer and and winter months of the year. Members of the Blue Druids and the Blessed Sea Elves postulate that the weather patterns over the bay are a naturally occurring phenomena, however others, including the Daughters of the Devourer, a sect from within the Arthyrón which work towards the return of Gouran, and some other believe that the weather patterns are the result of the powers unleashed by the four Chosen who reportedly battled and died there. More details on the beliefs regarding the origins of the bay, including the climatic patterns, are available in the myth and lore section, below. Regardless of their beliefs, all agree that the weather patterns around Eight Winds Bay are extreme. Whatever its origin, days and nights during winter are frosty and chilly, however the frozen landscapes endured by the Antislar and Ice Tribes further to the north are not experienced by the druidic and elven inhabitants of Eight Winds Bay. The summers are rather pleasant and mild in comparison to the summers further north. Those who travel north from Santharia or west from the Kanapan lands would notice the temperature during the summer months to be much cooler than they are used to, however it is not subject to the perma-frost to which those tribes further north are subjected. Any residents of the continent of Nybelmar who travel to Eight Winds Bay would notice a great difference between the climatic conditions of their homeland and those of Eight Winds Bay.

The winds and tides of Eight Winds Bay are dictated by Tuu'marásh at the heart of the bay, and the druids and elves alike have made numerous observations over the years to describe the effects they have seen and experienced. Some of these appear below to explain the effects on the plants, animals, people and constructed aspects of the bay.

An Arthyrón resident of Adlin had the following to say about the wind's effect on her garden, "my rosemint bushes were uprooted and sent across the backyard and slammed into the side of my house."

One of the fisherfolk of the settlement of Ryalt Lvardin on “Únn'chrónn” had this to say following the disaster that befell a merchant ship that dared to enter Eight Winds Bay: "the Troblydyte became driftwood, the crew of the ship were washed up, bedraggled and close to death, on the shores of Big Island. We did what we could for them, as did the Blue Druids, however most of the surviving crew died, some were eaten by a monster trolog attracted by the ship wreck, while many of the others succumbed to their injuries."

An elf from Medgarth discussed the effects that the winds whipped up by Tuu'marásh had on their settlement: "all the buildings had their roofs picked up and blown away, thanks to the powerful winds whipped up by Tuu'marásh. I even heard one young female elf state that she had a feeling that 'we weren't in Medgarth any more.'"

One of the traders from the Kanapans had the following to say about the fate of one of the birds of the area, caught up by the winds whipped up by the perpetually active maelstrom: "the poor flying fisherman was caught out in the winds. Around and around and around it was blown. It eventually managed to escape the pull of the winds, but when it did so, we had to cover our children's eyes as we didn't want them to see a naked bird."

Finally, in the wake of the search for five recently missing fishers, the Blessed Sea Elves governing council made the following statement: "the five fishers have been lost out on the waters of the bay for at least two days now. Little hope is held for their survival. It is believed that their boat was pulled into the tides of the maelstrom and grave fears are held for their survival. Increased activity by the Monster Trolog in the area surrounding where we believe the fishers were lost suggests that they may have come to a painful and grizzly end." Return to the top

Flora. The bay is home to a plethora of plants, some, such as the cerubell flower and azure flower are on the shorelines and islands, while others such as the krakenweed, lifereed and waterstar are found in the waters of the bay. As previously stated, the three islands are devoid of any plant life larger than the redberry bush as well as the juk'lan shrub. The usual answer to questions about this is "it is magic, go and ask a magician for an explanation". In any case, all three islands in the bay are notable for their lack of trees.

Fauna. A variety of creatures both great and small have made their home in and around Eight Winds Bay. Whether feathered, furred, or scaled, these animals play an important part in the environment encountered by both the residents and visitors to the bay.

Resources. Eight Winds Bay has an abundance of animal, plant and other natural resources that are used by the elven and druidic residents in order to meet their own needs and to trade with each other as well as the nearby tribes of humans, dwarves, elves and even orcs on rare occasions. It is this trade that enables the Arthyrón to continue to thrive in such an inhospitable environment. The fish and other seafood keep the Arthyrón and Blue Druids fed, and they trade this, together with the berries grown in the region and the salt harvested from the salt reeds at the mouth of the Liben River. One of the key things that they trade with the Kurakim is access to, and use of, the connifer trees that grow on the Prominent Mountains within the area of this dwarven clan. Return to the top

Myth/Lore. There are numerous myths and lore about Eight Winds Bay and the whirlpool at its heart. The Arthyrón have been the main source of the myths and lore presented here as the Bay and maelstrom are key to their survival as a tribe. In fact, some claim that the Arthyrón have the whirlpool and bay to thank for their continued existence as a tribe, and that without the protection that both provide, they would be easy prey to the tribes of orcs and dark elves of Northern Sarvonia or the pirates that traverse the waterways of the cold climes of this area of Caelereth. Other entries document the creation of the bay, however a brief summary appears below.



[1] Readers interested in some of the works on such a topic should refer to 'The proper way to reference bays, seas, lakes, rivers, streams, islands, peninsulas, hills, mountains and other similar landforms by Raxintilious Voldingir, Professional Researcher and Director of the Institute of Landform Names. This work has also been found to be useful to aid in falling asleep on sleepless nights, as a paperweight, to crack open nuts or crustaceans or as a door jam. Another book on this topic, "Who Cares What Its Called! Lets Just Go There & Search For Treasure!" by Galindos Astares, a self-funded explorer and adventurer, believed to have been originally from the citystates of Zhunite, based on accent and appearance. This second book, is not as long or detailed as the first book, and is written in a far more conversational style. [Back]

[2] The Compendium Researcher, Deklitch Hardin, is rumoured to have a house on the outskirts of Silvern, built in the Arthyrón style. The precise location of this house, if the rumours are true, are kept a closely guarded secret by Deklitch, so as to avoid being visited by the notoriously awful poet "Sordoc the Great". Part of the rumours around the house is that Deklitch has a male Arthyrón gardener and fisher and a female Susilgerim cook and housekeeper who maintain the house for him in his absence. All compendiumists are of course welcome to come to the house to stay for a while should their research needs dictate such an excursion. Visit one of the offices of "Lawabel and Sons" in New-Santhala, Marcogg, Naios or Caelum for directions. [Back]

[3] The Arthyrón Elves are believed to be comprised of the Folkmore Elves that fled the destruction wrought by Gouran as well as remnants of the Lost Ones sect of druids. Both of these groups seperated from the Injerín Elves in times past. It is known that the current Arthyrón coat of arms is made up of the coat of arms of two former groups. As the Lost Ones are reported to have never had a coat of arms, the second coat of arms that was used in the current sign of the Blessed Sea Elves was either that of a group to honour the Lost Ones, or was that of a third, unknown group that subsequently became woven into the rich social fabric that is the Arthyrón Elves. [Back]

[4] The Chosen were ancient magi of great power who reportedly believed themselves to be avatars of the Twelvern Gods revered throughout Santharia in Southern Sarvonia. [Back]

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