The tallest of the Caeytharian Mountains, Mount Evermourn, or Sjenners Karamm (lit. "Unforgotten Suffering") as the ancient Avennorians called it, lies closest to Ciosa's Rest, an enormous stone covered area to the south of the Caeythrian Mountains. It was named after the deceased Glandorian captain Troi Ciosa, and the name couldn't be more fitting, as it is said that the mountain mourns his death, hence its name. Surrounded on its western side by forest, it hardly lacks in an abundance of life. While being surrounded by life, it is also a haven for many lives, those of the numerous people who make their home in the underground citadel of Ciosastran below the mountain. Shrouded in deep mystery and speculation by the world outside its rocky crevices, Mount Evermourn is a popular place where locals and outsiders come to gaze up its faces, though they dare not meet its eyes, for fear of seeing into its soul...

Description. As one approaches Mount Evermourn looking from Marcogg, they receive a spectacular view of Kilmaen Peak. Snow-capped, it is quite a sight to behold in the blistering south. From a distance, the blue colour of the mountain appears almost as a rich violet shade. One cannot clearly see the countours, ridges, and jagged outcroppings that may be found closer to the mountain.

Mount Evermourn
View picture in full size Image description. View on Mount Evermourn from a vantage point south of Yantelian. Aside from the impressive steep ice covered slopes one can also see a magnificent building marking the entrance to the famous crystal caverns, which lead deep down to the bowls of the mountain, to Ciosastran, the final resting place of the legendary first Avennorian leader. Picture drawn by Reegen.

At the base of this grand mountain lies the Twilight Grove, a beautiful wood with an abundance of life, lush grass, healthy trees, and all manner of wild flowers and other plants. Also near here is the Twynor Farmsteadings where the soil is perfect for growing crops and cattle graze on its lush grass. Many have become lost in the fresh scent of flowers, and the earthy scent of grass. South of this mountain, the rocky terrain of Ciosa's Rest can be found, a testament to an old myth of Mount Evermourn.

Located sporadically further up the base of the mountain, the rocky terrain contains many crevices from years of rain wearing away at the mountain. Many trees have made a home on its side as well. Lush patches of grass adorn Mount Evermourn in many places, usually at the base of trees. The rocks there are loose, and it is not advisable for one to attempt to climb this mountain. Many men have died attempting to impress a belle by showing their climbing prowess. A good number of cliffs can be found as you travel up the mountain. The steep slopes of this mountain contribute to the difficulty of this climb, as do the slippery rocks.

If one were to fall at any point, they may find themselves impaled on a jagged point sticking up from the side of the mountain. Higher up, around the mid-section of the mountain, there is a large crevice on the north side, named Weeping Fissure. Its name sprung from an old legend that suggested that when the mountain mourns for Ciosa, its tears flowed freely from this large opening. The crevice is about ten peds wide, and leads to a surely fatal drop. The indigo hue of the rocks that make up this mountain give it an air of mystique, though they are of virtually no value, and are mostly left untouched.

Around the tree line, the grass loses its healthy, green colour, and transforms into coarse, brown weeds. Past the tree line, there is no greenery to be found. Snow begins to come into view, and the temperature drops drastically from this point on. The layer of snow grows thicker the higher up the mountain you are. Return to the top

Key Locations. The fascination and magic of Mount Evermourn however doesn't lie only in what one can observe from the outside, but to a great deal in what it harbours within. The most important features this remarkable mountain has to offer can be summarized as follows:

Location. Mount Evermourn, the southernmost part of the Caeytharin Mountains, is located in the Santharian province of Manthria in Southern Sarvonia. It lies east of the Southern Mithrun Trail halfway between Marcogg and Klinsor, the side road to Ciosa passes its northern base. From its top, Peak Likmaen, one has a good view on the Adanian Sea to the east. Return to the top

People. Inside the Underground Citadel of Ciosastran, there live numerous inhabitants. As the glorious citadel was first constructed by the ancient Avennorians, many of their (incredibly wealthy) descendants still inhabit the city. It is considered a vast honour to be able to reside in this city of legend. However, the Avennorians are not the only ones who have settled here. The Mitharim Dwarves are known to have greatly aided the construction of the citadel, so as is their right, select families were given the opportunity to live in Ciosastran. Many opened shops of their own, selling rare and precious jewels and metals, along with weapons of an exceedingly fine craft that one would be lucky to encounter elsewhere. Thus Mitharim Dwarves and their craftsmanship that made this place possible to begin with as well as their legendary artifacts they offer here are essential part of the citadel's attraction.

Along with the Mitharim and Avennorians, influential and especially well-to-do families from several other tribes have taken up residence in the city. These families consist majorly of those of Erpheronian descent as they lived in the area in ancient times, as well as a small number of families of Centoraurian descent, as some would not be left out of the wealth and prestige brought to them by taking up residence in the citadel. One famous family are the Erpheronian Geletaunts, arguably one of the most influential noble families in the area. Although revered for their nobility, most people would prefer avoid them. They are known to be a family of offbeat scholars who love to perform perverse and queer experiments. Many fear becoming their next test subject. Return to the top

Coat of Arms/Sign. Although there is no singular Coat of Arms for the inhabitants of Mount Evermourn, many families choose to create and proudly display their own banners of recognition. This is especially common among shop owners, as it is a perfect way to advertise their products. Many choose to create their own sign or emblem to place on their products, as a mark of their industry. This can also be very helpful when others may try to steal their products, or accuse them of the same. They can simply refer to the well-known emblem to prove the authenticity of their products. Return to the top

Climate. At the base of the mountain the temperature is quite warm and humid, as it quite frequently rains over this mountain. There is little wind this far down, and it is an ideal place to live.

As one goes up, the temperature slightly decreases. The humidity subtley lessens, and it becomes more comfortable.

About fifty peds below the tree line, the temperature begins to rapidly drop, and medium winds make themselves known. There is virtually no humidity, and the air is crisp.

Past the tree line, rain turns to snow and hail, and high winds plague the area. The temperature continues to drop.

Inside of the mountain, the temperature more or less stays comfortably at about two perics. There are a few exceptions, where the temperature is either unbearably hot, or frighteningly chilled. Return to the top

Flora. Mount Evermourn enjoys a lovely warm and humid climate at the base of its mountain and in its forest. This allows for a wide array of healthy vegetation that thrives in moist climates. Among these are several healing herbs that healers often journey to collect. There are also several edible plants, such as berries, nuts, and other fruits. Return to the top

Fauna. The forest adjoining Mount Evermourn on the west side is teeming with life. Numerous chirping insects sing throughout the trees, while all manner of furry creatures scurry along the forest floor. Inside the mountain, a blind species of cavefish can be found, as long as an oddity or two. One of these is a cave wraith that drifts throughout the stalagtites. Another is the elusive dragonfly lizard. Return to the top

Resources. Since the building of Ciosastran, resources have drastically depleted. A few spots remain, such as the Crystal Caverns, where there is an abundance of precious and semi-precious gems. Granite of various different colours can be found throughout the mountain. The forest at the base of the mountain in itself is a major resource. Wood is in abundance, along with various berries and healing herbs. Return to the top

Myth/Lore. Much about the origins of Mount Evermourn is shrouded in mystery. Not much is known about it before the time of the ancient Avennorians. It is said that the deceased Darian men once made their home here, where they were very much in tune with the spirit of the mountain, and the forest surrounding it. Many say they enjoyed great peace and prosperity for a time, working with the spirit of the mountain, and coexisting with it in harmony and trust. That is, until they betrayed the trust of the mountain spirit. They began to realize the value of wooden items, and so sought to make them. However, there was only one way they could do this: By cutting down the trees in the forest. The spirit of the mountain and the forest were deeply angered by this, and sought vengeance. It is said that the spirits dragged every last Darian into the Netherworlds, where they were never seen, or heard from again...

Many tell of how the deceased captain, Troi Ciosa, was supposedly the only human in many years to make contact with this spirit, and to gain its trust. Legend says that they became dear friends, Ciosa often visiting the mountain and telling the spirit of his great travels. It is said that when Ciosa died, the mountain spirit grieved its loss of the one human that it could call friend. For thirty days water poured from a crack in the mountain, later called the Weeping Fissure. Thus, the Avennorians named this mountain Evermourn, to remind others of the eternal suffering of the mountain spirit, whom would forever mourn the loss of its only friend.

Learned scholars view this as a glorified tale in which Ciosa is made a hero, and the Darians are made to be at fault. They speculate that this tale came as a result of the ancient Avennorians' (Glandorians') belief in spirits. This belief is now almost nonexistent within their tribe, though a small few still cling to these old ways. Scholars speculate that what most likely happened in actuality, is that the Avennorians conquered the Darians, most likely with brute force involved. The general theory is that this story was created to suit their believes, and to glorify and cover up the more practical truth. Return to the top

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