The Goutonch School for Ladies, also called Lorehaven's Training House for Ladies (BTHL), Ladies Home or Little Ladies Home is one of very few specialist-boarding homes for young female humans to be brought up as a "Lady". In this institution young girls of aristocratic origins learn how to read, write, do sums, sew, entertain, poise etc. Aside from that also charm and sophistication are important parts of the curriculum.

Description. The school itself is on a large property comparatively sized with those in the city. There are two parts to the building, however three structured in total:

The Goutonch Manor

View picture in full size Picture description. One of the recently acquired buildings for the Goutonch Ladies' School in Lorehaven with one of the Dames in front of it. Image drawn by Bard Judith.

One used for a boarding house, two stories. Built in the classic upper class style. Rich maroons and greens painted along the front with white window shutters covering the large windows. A green hedge surrounds each of the buildings and the parameter reaching up to a perfect ped in height. The male gardner being the only man allowed to step foot on the grounds without an escort.

A tall black metallic fence is on the outer side of the hedge reaching around the border of the land. This fence is three peds in height and for security reasons, barbed along the top in a fashionable way. Each of the girls have their own bed in the building mentioned above. Their dormitory style bedrooms require them to share sometimes up to seven to a room. As the girls get older there is generally only three to two per room.

The second building is three stories above ground, and one below. Administration is held on the first floor along with the kitchen and eating rooms. The second is used for study classrooms for the junior girls, and the third is used for the senior girls and represents also the quarters of the Dame’ and Matrons’. They are decorated in the same manner as the first building.

While the third building is a one story cottage for the Madame’ of the school. As she is responsible for the entire school, the descendant of Madame’ Goutonch, and the one in charge of paying the bills, she has her own little cottage towards the back of the property. This is also decorated in the same classic style.

Another building has been acquired just recently, which can be seen on the picture attached to this entry. Return to the top

Function. The main purpose of the building is to take in young ladies from the age of five and up, and train them to becoming a "Lady" in the upper society. Nowadays it are students who excelled in their studies that become employees of the school. However it was Learna Goutonch who started the school. Historians have been able to trace the house back to the 700th’s, Madame’ Goutonch’s children taking over the school when she passed away from old age. The school was then passed down the generations. Becoming one of the most well known places within Lorehaven. Descendants of Madame’ Goutonch receive the title of "Madame", while the teachers have the title "Dame" if they are under and around thirty, or "Matron" when they start to become a little older.

Some righteous people saying that the school is just a sophisticated house of tempt. However it is quite the opposite. Stringent rules say that the females who attend must be "pure" virgin in order to attend. While there is no way of checking, if the school finds out of any mysterious behavior, the student is removed from the school and placed on the streets to fend for themselves. This is quite a threat for a proper little lady who would have no street smarts at all.

The young women who are taught there are in high demand for the upper class families lacking brides for their sons. Some families paying years in advance for girls to be trained there, some even sending their daughters to the school to receive the legendary training.

Location. The Goutonch School for Ladies is located on the Southern Sarvonian Continent, within the Santharian Kingdom, in the center of the city of Lorehaven. Lorehaven can be found on the west coast of the province of Manthria. Return to the top

History. It is unknown who originally built the edifice, however Learna Goutonch was the soul heir to it when her father passed away. She was well in to her thirties before she married, and well in to her forties before she became pregnant. The birth was a difficult one, however, she gave birth to a daughter whom she adored. Wishing that she could have more, but realising that she had left her run to late for her child baring years, Learna went to an orphanage and then adopted further three children.

Her husband Herbert, standing by his wife’s side, he two wanted more children, a son specifically but was happy with his daughters. Tragedy struck when Herbert’s sister and her husband died in a horrible orcish attack. She was the mother of six children, five daughters and a son. Since they had plenty of room in their house, the children were brought to the house and moved in. They were treated like siblings of their cousins. Having now eight children in the house, seven of them girls the noise was horrendous.

Learna ended up schooling the children in one of the rooms, loving having the children around her. Inviting her friends over they were amazed at her control over the children and the gradual improvement of their behavior. Slowly one by one, her friends became more and more impressed at how the girls were turning in to little ladies, and asked Learna if she would take their daughters and teach them at the same time as her own children.

She agreed and her husband talked about a fee. Angered at first, and then relieved when more and more people started requesting her teachings. By the time her eldest daughter was ready for marriage, she was hired as the first Dame. Madame Doutonch and Dame Fernella were the tutors to the girls.

One day while out for a walk on the weekend, the two came across twin girls of the age of about seven. Scared and frightened neither Madame Goutonch or Dame Fernella was able to leave the two alone. Taking them home they placed the girls in to the school and trained them also. This continued until the school held a maximum of sixty girls, ranging from those of rich families to those from the street. Fourteen years later the first of the girls was married in to a proper family, a large fee being paid to Madame Goutonch for her services over the past years. The first of many girls to have gone through the doors of the Goutonch School for Ladies, Lorehaven.

The school has continued taking in girls in this manner over many generations, many families owing their continued good breeding to the school, such as the Ferquad family, often taking young ladies from the school as brides for their sons. Males excluding their trusted gardner who is specially hired, are never allowed to roam the property with out the escort of a Dame or Matron. The Madame would never be seen alone with a male either, as she always has either a student, or Training Dame at her side. Return to the top

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