Kytta’erng (lit. "Nest of Men") is a small Santharian farming village in the western part of the former province of Sanguia, in the former kingdom of Eyelia. The settlement, in the more Santharian form, is also often referred to as "Kytterning". Built as a refuge for those Eyelians who preferred the old way of life, it also functions as the Eyelians first point of contact with the Ylfferhim elves. Kytta'erng enjoys a growing economy, though progress is hampered by hefty taxes and the occasional ogre attack.

Myrna'at Nonewiser Tomo’olokouf

View picture in full size Image description. Myrna'at Nonewiser Tomo’olokouf, the somewhat-reluctant chief of Kytta'eng. Picture drawn by Bard Judith.

Kytta'erng lies about a two day's ride north of the Quallian, and about a five day’s ride north west of the traditional Eyelian capital, Vezash. It is roughly the same distance away from the Vale of Brownies, but it can be quite hard to translate Brownie riding distances to human measures. After all, a week on ferretback could be a month on horseback, or a day, depending on the terrain. Kytta’erng is inhabited almost exclusively by Eyelians of the Yourth clan (also known as the Eagle clan), though as of late, a few Brownies have been spotted in the general area. Approximately 200 Eyelians live here, and the Brownie population is estimated at around twenty or so.

Description.  Kytta’erng is a beautiful village, located in a hilly, forested area. Merchants and traders from the Rimmerins Ring know it as a crossroads of trade, though most of the town economy comes from farming, and the trade merely passes through, on its way to grander destinations. Return to the top

Key Locations. Kytta'erng can be described by dividing the village in the following key locations:

Location. Kytta’erng is located about two days ride, or one day, as the gryph flies, from the Quallian Forest, on the North edge. It is distant from other towns, but acts as a natural nexus for trade involving Vezash, the forest, the dwarven settlement of Kor Donion, and the Vale of Brownies. It is roughly equidistant from Vezash and Kor Donion, about 400 strals away from both.

To find Kytta’erng on a map, one must first procure a very detailed map. Look to Southern Sarvonia, then Santharia. Inside Santharia, it is located in the Sanguian province, in the far west. Return to the top

People. Kytta’erng is almost exclusively settled by Eyelians of the Yourth tribe. The original villagers who settled Kytta’erng were mainly farmers, and a few were experts of their trade. Since then, Kytta’erng is known among Eyelians for its population of expert landkeepers, an Eyetharian term for "farmer".

The current Chief of Kytta’erng is Myrna'at Nonewiser Tomo’olokouf. A wizened elder of the Yourth tribe, he is nearly ready to give up power. However, no other villager has yet been found who appears to have been “touched” by the Golden Eagle, and thus fit to rule. In the meantime, the people of Kytta’erng live happily under their chieftain’s benevolent rule.

Kytta’erng is also home to one Nsikigan Rocksilk Yourth, a young Eyelian who currently works for the Compendium in nearby New-Santhala. Return to the top

Coat of Arms/Sign. A rampant gryph, sable, on a vert background. The gryph is a symbol of the Eyelian people in general, and especially to the Yourth tribe. The green background symbolizes fertility of the land. Return to the top

Climate. Kytta’erng has a balmy climate. It tends to be warm, and fairly dry. However, its close proximity to the coast brings in much-needed rain for the crops during the spring months. One factor of the climate that has made Kytta’erng so successful is its lack of cold winters. The winter temperature usually hovers around a perik, though it will snow during mid-winter. However, here, as in much of semi-coastal Sanguia, the snow is only a light cover, and is generally not a major threat to crops. Return to the top

Flora. The most important plants growing around Kytta’erng are obviously the crops. Around the town, one will find farms growing rows upon rows of wheat (a basic staple), ae'lons (of all sorts), carrots (many for the bo’ens!), kail (eat up, little jsals), and of course, doch nuts! [1]

Other plants are prevalent in the area as well. Fruit seeds are often planted inside the city, as well as on the farmland. One may also find taller trees growing on the outskirts, where various forested areas spot the plains. Return to the top

Fauna. The fauna is plentiful in this Eyelian town, partially because of the sheer amount of Bo’en found here. Tamed animals range from the mundane (dogs and cattle) to the wondrous (gryphs and shingar). However, there are very few animals here not native to the area, as the Kytta’erng Eyelians have little use for travel, though traders occasionally bring exotic animals through, some of which escape. For instance, there is a small population of makaka apes living near the Quallian, and there has been at least one recorded instance of one being tamed as a Bo’en.

Bo’ens are not the only domesticated animals you will find in Kytta’erng. The many farms around the town hold much livestock, including the capricus goat. Normally, an animal of this temperament would not be found on a farm, but the Tamers' reputation is well deserved. However, more mundane cattle and pigs are still the livestock of choice here - despite some claiming the conversation gets boring!

Around the town one may find wild populations of Injčrá eagles, wolves, foxes, and deer. None pose a threat to crops or livestock, however, as the Eyelians seem to have a primitive agreement with the animals. According to Eyelian custom, wheat was planted outside the bounds of any farm (for the deer’s snacking pleasure), and small amounts of livestock are often turned loose as a boon to the wolves. The agreement with the eagles goes deeper - the Injčrá eagle is regarded as semi-sacred by the Eyelians, and is welcomed into any part of the village without question. Return to the top

Resources. The primary resource in Kytta'erng is food. The Eyelians in Kytta'erng are known throughout the King’s Hollow as prime landkeepers, and the crops they grow are used within the town, and traded to nearby cities, including New-Santhala. Due to the nearby forest, there are large supplies of timber to be had here, as well as various fruits and clay-fired bricks. Indeed, the soil around the Quallian is known to be excellent for making said bricks, and Kytta’erng is one of the few Yourth towns that features brick buildings at all. The Kytta’erng Eyelians are also skilled in amantry, or the crafting of feathers into decoration or cloth - while it is not a big enough business to provide an economic basis, it does contribute to trade. Return to the top

Trade. Kytta’erng is most commonly approached from the east, as salt, fish, and other goods are transported from the coast and traded for timber, doch nuts, gold, emeralds, various fruits, and clay-fired bricks. Many of these resources come from trading with the Ylfferhim elves in the Quallian Forest. To these elves, the Eyelians trade amantry and various crops, mainly grains and pulses. The town is often left from the west, so the trail of trade can continue to Vezash, or the south, towards the trading post where the Eyelians can trade with the Ylfferhim elves.

Besides the Ylfferhim and humans, the Eyelians of Kytta'erng also enjoy trade with small amounts of Brownies who have been seen in the area - not living here, mind, but merely venturing out of the Vale. To the Eyelians they often give bladeleaf gel and beautifully hand-carved decorations in exchange for various bits of animal and vegetable products. Food is, of course, chief among these, but furs and ferrets are also sometimes traded. The ferret business has given Eyelian children a line of work of their own - many young Eyelians can be found darting through the streets of Kytta’erng searching for the animals.

Recently, dwarves of the Tenthrum clan have also sought to trade with the people of Kytta’erng. Many locals fear that more trade will only lead to growth - generally a positive, but in a town existing primarily as a bastion for Eyelian culture, the concept has put some of the local xenophobes on edge. However, the lure of dwarven gold may be too much for these Eyelians to resist. Return to the top

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(YEARS 50 B.S. - 172 A.S.)
0 Eyelia becomes part of the United Kingdom of Santharia

15 The Santhrization of the Eyelians
King Santhros begins the "Santhrization" of the Eyelian people. As a unifier, he seeks to bring the Eyelian kingdom into the Santharian fold. Unfortunately for the Eyelians, this creates a dichotomy - enjoy the riches of Santharia, or betray their beliefs? The choice soon turns to compromising their original beliefs, though dissenters still exist.

30 Eyelian Dissent with Santharia
And dissent they do. Boycotting all Santharian goods and services, a small group of Yourth clan Eyelians travels to the Quallian, perhaps lured subconsciously by elves, or perhaps by the mysterious force of alsetism.

35 The Foundations of Kytta’erng
The thirty or so Eyelians who first come to the land where Kytta’erng would be are joined by a hundred or so pilgrims. These pilgrims and dissenters make up the first generation of Kytta’erngians. A note: The name, chosen by the first Kytta’erng chief, Srvor Goldeye Ja’elpouf, is derived from the Eyelian words "Kytt", or nest, and "Erng", or man. Thus, "Nest of Man", or, less literally, home.

ca. 100 Vezash trades with Kytta’erng
The former capital of Eyelia, Vezash, decides to begin sending trade caravans through Kytta’erng. For many years, the Kytta’erng Eyelians trade only with the Eyelian people, though this changes after the next several centuries.

(YEARS 172 A.S. - 547 A.S.)
ca. 200
to 700
The Conflicts of Kytta'erng - Brownies vs. Eyelians
After a Brownie comes across an Eyelian with an Injčrá eagle familiar, a minor conflict breaks out. Convinced that a Brownie, too, can tame the notoriously fierce eagle, he captures it, bringing it back to the Vale. The eagle escapes, and in the process, kills several Brownies. Now assured that the entire debacle was an Eyelian ruse, the Brownies attack Kytta’erng. The miffling continues for years, though hostilities soon drop off, and become scattered, individual, rare, events.

This unfortunate brush with humans, the first for many in about 3000 years, confirms all the still-lurking fears the Brownies have about humans. Exploring outside the safe Vale all but stops, and the idea of trading with other settlements is squashed. The Brownies turn back to their spirits to try and discover why this eagle spirit allies itself with the humans, but they are not successful. The populations of both Brownies and their animals grow steadily.

ca. 250 Ogre Raids on Kytta’erng
An ogre raiding party attacks the village. A beastmaster, Ka'alden, calls forth a convocation of Thar's Bears to fend off the attack. Though several farms are decimated, the walls are never breached, and Ka'alden becomes a local hero.

ca. 500 The Beastmaster Ka'aldens Memorial
The face of the heroic Eyelian beastmaster is integrated into the list of faces that appears on Santharian currency. To this day, some sans from the Rimmerins Ring area feature his face.

(YEARS 825 A.S. - 1.062 A.S.)
850 The Eyelian Village of Kytta'erng trades with the Vale
The Brownies rediscover Kytta’erng, where they are offered several ferrets as gifts. The Brownies give their hosts some beads, and trade begins. The Brownie/Eyelian conflict officially ends.

(YEARS 1.540 A.S. - TODAY)
1.615 Birth of Myrna'at Nonewiser Tomo’olokouf
The current Chief of Kytta’erng, Myrna'at Nonewiser Tomo’olokouf, is born.

1.638 Kytta’erng Trade with the Ylfferhim Elves
The Ylfferhim begin to send envoys from the Quallian. One of these envoys reaches Kytta’erng, where he receives a warm welcome. Upon his return to the forest, he gives a glowing recommendation of the Eyelians. Ever since, the two tribes have held a fast friendship. Symbolizing this friendship is the trading post built near the Quallian. This post is the closest non-elf made structure to the Quallian, and the only place where visitors are received officially.

1.650 Kytta’erng Trade with the Tenthrums
The Tenthrum dwarves begin to send envoys to the Eyelian villages around the Rimmerins Ring.



[1] The author would like to take the time to note that doch nuts from the Kytta’erng area have served as constant comfort throughout the writing of this entry. [Back]


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