Lu'Weilima, meaning "Weilima's City" or "Weilima's Fortress" is the greatest of all Kuglim towns and is said to have been named after one of the three daughters of the Vir'tog Helvet. It can be found in the Celeste Lowlands of Northern Sarvonia in the land controlled by the Helvet'ine Kuglim ("Brave Helvet's Tribe"), perched upon the middle hill of a range of three hills known as Beinaz'mur or Three Sisters. The population is ever in flux, so it can be said that conservatively there are about 7.000 regular inhabitants. Though efforts have been made to clean up the city lately, it is still considered somewhat squalid by Santharian standards. Though, this might add to it's appeal which it has definitely and is rarely found anywhere south of the Tandala.

The Kuglim City Lu'Weilima

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Description. Since the promotion of Dro'go Minar'ian as Dirg'mystrume of the entire Kuglim peoples, this city has grown a decent amount. Dro'go is known to have said, "Here is the center of the Kuglim, and here will I make my throne." Thus, with the prominence of the city changing from simply the seat of Helvet'ine power, to the capital (if it can be called that) of all of the Kuglim, did it grow. This was a wise choice by Dro'go as the Helvet'ine are the most prominent of the Kuglimz'torik ("House Tribes"), they are in fact considered the core of the Kuglim empire. So, the city was already somewhat set up to be able to hold the various officials that riddle the government that comes along with the Dirg'mystrume. This growth has mostly occurred outside of the original walls of the city, making it spread out from the hilltop all along its slope and there are even some buildings on the area around the hill.

For the most part the streets are narrow and quite crooked, especially in the part of town contained within the original walls. The Kuglim joke that the inner part of the city is thin and crooked like an old man because it is old too. An exception to this is the single, straight road that runs from the keep perched at the top of the hill, all of the way down to the final gates. This allows a quick mounted strike from the keep to any invading force. Nearly all of the buildings in Lu'Weilima only have a single story. Only two buildings in the whole of the town are larger then a single story. Those buildings are the temple to Sur'tyan the All Father, and the keep itself. So, while things may be a bit crowded together one can always see the sky above, which is an important thing to a Kuglim.

Most of the buildings bear a strong resemblance to each other. They are commonly made with a stone foundation of rock brought in from the nearby Celeste Mountains. Wood from the sturdy ret'tif (also called bag tree or tulmine tree), is used for the rest of the structure by joining planks of sawn wood together with wooden pegs. Above that is a slanted roof made from dried, woven alth'ho with tanned hides laid between the layers of alth'ho, all laid atop wooden beams to better keep out the water and making it so only the outer layers of alth'ho need to be replaced when they begin to molder. While there are inevitably some buildings that differ, they only belong to either wealthier inhabitants or are used for government and religious functions.

The walls and constant sight of armed men walking about gives the impression that the city is unsafe, however this is not true in the least. Few cities can claim to have less crime then Lu'Weilima. Strong walls were built as a defense against the other Kuglim when there were constant struggles and squabbles between all of the tribes. The armed men are not guards, rather all Kuglim men, and quite a few of the women as well, go about armed. It is just their way, and though they may look fearsome they always have a ready smile for anyone whether friend or stranger. Besides, any criminal activity found in the city is quickly, and some would say harshly, dealt with.

City Sections. The various city sections can be described as follows:

Location. Lu’Weilima is between the two other cities that belong to the Helvet’ine Kuglim, located in the hill range known as Beinaz’mur. To the north is Lu’Cargnathia, and to the south is Lu’Deidre. Rivers are a key to protecting the city and have been a natural defense of the Helvet’ine for hundreds of years. Close to the east is the Heir’otorm, and in the west is Heir’jyrl (lit. "Hook River") and there is the great Luquador River to the south. North of Lu’Wilima lies the vast Celeste Mountains who rise from the ground wreathed in their soot filled clouds. Return to the top

People. Being the traditional seat of power for the Helvet’ine, you will find them the most numerous of inhabitants, especially in the old town area. Many of the other Kuglim spend their time in the new city and can be distinguished by their tendency to have red and brown hair, whereas the Helvet’ine are prone to blonde. The Kuglim people are universally large, not fat, just large. The men and women both wear their hair long, but men leave theirs unbound, and for the most they have iron rings known as fei’put scattered throughout their hair. Once the men, warriors usually, have quite a few fei’put in their hair they begin to grow a beard and start adorning their beards with the prestigious rings. It is not uncommon to see an older man, his face adorned with scars, with his gray hair and beard almost unseen underneath all of the iron he has in them.

Another way to tell the difference between the various Kuglimz present in the city is through the colours that they wear in their clothing. Each tribe has a different colour or pattern that they prefer to use. For example the Helvet’ine use gold and black in a check pattern, while the Fal’cone use red and gold in a horizontally striped pattern. The men can usually be found in a keyhole or round neck tunic that is belted at the waist and reaches to mid thigh. Under that, they wear brightly dyed breeches of leather; usually this is topped off with a cape of fur and plenty of gold adornment. Women wear ankle length dresses of simple lines with either a “v” or square cut neck. The simple lines are more than made up for with intricate embroidery found along the edges along with well-dyed material. Fur and gold are not limited to men, as many a woman has a fur cloak or shawl and necklaces, earrings, and bracelets of gold.

It can be said that the Kuglimz are some of the friendliest people there are. Quite a few strangers who have entered the New City and asked for directions have been greeted with a large smile, a crushing grip to their forearm and asked a million questions. It is easy to spot someone after their first day as they are often found surrounded by Kuglimz, and holding a horn of mead while having a dazed expression upon their face. There is however, quite a different side to them as well which was discovered by several miscreants who thought it would be profitable to set up a thieving guild in the city. Nearly every person knows how to wield a weapon and keep one near them, from the axes of warriors to the dagger the women hide about themselves. So, when these thieves attempted to rob a shop owner they were quickly killed, for this is the law concerning thievery. Kuglimz will share when asked, and there is no one that can be said to be needing, but they will not take anyone stealing from them.

Any occupation that can be found in another town can be found here as well. The New City area especially has quite a lot of commerce and industry located within it. There are Trk’Matiu Kuglim harking their wares of fish, Fird’Gormz Kuglim smiths at work in fiery forges, and other Kuglim craftsmen make wondrous golden adornments. Several of the Mei’vor Kuglim have even set up a stable and breed their agile horses. Outside of the city there are some farmers and herdsmen as well as a small quarry from which the stone of the area is excavated. One of the larger occupations involves turning the alth’tiert in a high quality yellow dye. Return to the top

Coat of Arms/Sign.  Dro’go laboured hard over the coat of arms for this city. It had to be something that would not cause one of the tribes to feel any more important or any lesser than another, something not easily done with their touchy honour. Several designs were tried and soon disregarded such as a shield having all twelve tribes’ colors. That was too much, just as the banner showing each tribes’ sacred symbol.

Finally, Dro’go went with a much simpler idea. All banners that waved from the city, all shields that the city’s warriors carried would be gold. That is it, simply gold. Clever as always the Dirg’mystrume explained that it was Sur’tyan and the Vir’togz that brought them all together and made them into one, thus only the sacred color gold should be used to represent the wonder. Return to the top

Climate. Due to its location, Lu’Weilima has very distinct climates. While being different from each other, they combine to create an ideal locale for the needs of its people. In spring there are immense storms with lightning that rip apart the cloud filled sky. It is from the cold clouds that come the east and crash into the height and heat of the Celeste Mountains. Rain comes down in a torrent and the nearby rivers grow fat with their greedy swallowing of the rain. This gives new life to the region, crops are planted and some inevitably washed away. However the althz’onn do well in their puddles and small lakes of water, and the alth’ho turns a vibrant green. Animals are awakened from their winter slumbers and come out to eat the newly budded plants. The people of the city hope that the cobblestone additions to the streets are done so they do not have to muck their way around another year.

Summer creates a mild temperature, which is perfect for campaigns; in fact summer is often referred to as Rarik’mystrume, which is translated as "Battle Season". There is an old saying amongst the Kuglimz that goes, “The rain has stopped soaking the ground so that the blood may start.” The ever constant fighting that this fine weather allowed has more or less stopped in the past few years, since Dro’go united the Kuglimz. By now the rain has stopped and the ever-present winds have died down some. The days can get humid on occasion due to the nearby rivers and the presence of the large lake not too far away. This is a time of ripening fruits and a general feeling of well-being.

Fall has always been considered the best time of year, and the time in which many thanks are given. Rarik’mystrume has finished and families give thanks for their loved ones' unscathed return from battle. Farmers harvest their crops and there is plenty for all. The temperature is cool, but not yet crisp. A time indeed that many a young lover rollicks in the freshly cut alth’ho. Many of the animals of the area gorge themselves on the ever-present berries and seeds, preparing for the dreary winter ahead.

Winter is known as the “Bane of Men” in Northern Sarvonia, and while winter in this region is not nearly as severe as further north, it is still something to be careful of. Howling winds weave their way through the Celeste Mountains carrying the acrid stench of sulfur with them. Snow blankets the ground, at first pure and pristine, then mulched up and dirty as people and animals tear it up. Very little is done during this time, many merchants shut up their shops and people tend to stay in their homes. For the first several weeks everyone enjoys the extra time that they have together. Men whittle and carve, women sew, and children learn their lessons. However it is not too long before the women shoo out both men and women and wish for spring again. Return to the top

Government. The government of the city of Lu'Weilima is similar to that of the Kuglim empire. The Dirg’mystrume is the overall leader of the Kuglim, but does not have much time to run every city in his kingdom. So, what happens is that inevitably the people of the city end up picking several different people from varying occupations to head the city. The Dirg’mystrume will occasionally visit the city and meet this group of people, giving his judgement on those the people have picked. With the Dro’go being in residence at this city he does have a little more interaction with the head group of the city. The Dirg’mystrume tries to meet with the city council on a monthly or bi-monthly basis to make sure that everything is going well and that the populace is happy. Return to the top

Resources. There are not a lot of resources to be found in the small area outside of the city, and there is none in the city itself. Many of the resources used to create different items come from either the Celeste Mountains or the nearby plains regions. The only two natural items that can be said to be found in the nearby area are the tulmine trees, which are great for building and carving, and also a small quarry from which gray stone of a decent quality is cut. There is a well known breeder of the impressive kev’lor horses, these horses have been a foundation of the Helvet’ine power for some time. Return to the top

Production/Trade. Since Lu’Weilima is the hub of the Kuglim lands it is also the center of their trade.

Festivals. The most important festivals celebrated in Lu'Weilima are as follows:

History. The time before this has not been recorded, but it can be assumed that it has been besieged several different times, though it has not been conquered prior to the time it was under Ash’mari control. Return to the top

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(YEARS 1.540 A.S. - TODAY)
1.638 The Siege of Lu'Weilima
The brutal Ash'mari and the cruel Diorye’oleal troops lay siege to the city of Lu'Weilima after conquering several other nearby tribes. There is no one left who can come to their aid.

1.640 The Fall of Lu'Weilima
The city finally falls after more Diorye'oleal fighters re-enforce the attacking troops. In the aftermath of the conquest, portions of the city are burned. Many of the inhabitants attempt to flee, only to be cut down in their attempts. Several make it through the Tandala Highlands to settle in a village of Nordril in the province of Vardýnn in Santharia.

1.657 Dro'go unites the Kuglimz
After spending years of attempting to fight back, the Kuglim rebels unite under a member of the Helvet'ine kuglim known as Dro’go. He and his holy vision inspire the Kuglim to drive out the invaders from not only the city of Lu'Weilima, but many others as well.

1.658 Rebuilding of the City of Lu'Weilima
Dro'go is made Dirg'mystrume of the Helvet'ine and begins by rebuilding portions of Lu’Weilima along with its sister cities.

1.659 Lu'Weilima becomes new capital of the Kuglim kingdom
With Dro'go being made the Dirg'mystrume of all Kuglimz, he decides to make Lu’Weilima the capital of the new Kuglim kingdom, and thus begins building the New City section of the city to make room for the officials needed as well as future residents, merchants, and the like.


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