Mylthis, commonly referred to as the "Spine of Sihitara", is a moderately large town found a brisk two hour walk east of Sihitara, deep in the exotic Jungles of Shar in south-western Nybelmar. Though known predominately for providing the bulk of Sihitara’s labouring force (around three fifths of Sihitaran construction workers can be traced to Mylthis) the town has many delights within itself, such as its great market located in the northwest and the great monument to the greater malise bird, the town’s patron animal.

Description. The town of Mylthis fills an area of roughly circular deforested rainforest land, but from above it appears as a blot of splashed white ink over the endless expanse of dense, green foliage. It is thought that the Lillivear who supervised the felling of the trees intended the town to be perfectly circular, but as more people came to Mylthis the housing districts had to be expanded to accommodate them. Although this went against the strict plans that the Lillivear had set out, it was allowed as the expansion generated a lot of income for the town (as they charged ridiculous fees for upsetting their perfect shape).

Due to the mass commuting of Mylthisians to Sihitara, there are areas cleared of the dense foliage between the two settlements. The jungles though grow very quickly so every morning one will normally see an army of machette weilding men slicing the green expanse to keep the roads clear. Return to the top

Key Locations. The town can be described by looking at the various sectors and kesy buildings:

Location. Mylthis is located to the east of the Krean capital Sihitara on the peninsula of Shar, and the easiest route to the town is the cleared paths for the commuting workers. The Shar peninsula is found on the far south-western part of the continent of Nybelmar. Return to the top

People. Though the population of Mylthis was originally entirely of Krean lineage, that has since changed. Since Mylthis is so close to Sihitara and the Great Market attracts a lot of attention of travellers, "encounters" with foreigners were not uncommon, leading to the addition of other tribe blood to the population. Little of the population can claim to be "pure" Krean (which is a rather overused title anyway), as many have Zhunite, Qualaris, Evaquis, Sharosar or even Anpagan blood in their veins. There are rumours of Mylthisians who are actually part Orcritish, though this has been diluted so much that it is relatively unnoticeable (they just appear to have darker skin). The only Mylthisians who claim to be ‘pure’ (and are believed) are "The White Mist", as they are purely Aesteran (which itself is not true Krean, as ‘Krean’ denotes somebody of mixed blood (Lillivear and Aestera).

The people of Mylthis are constantly content with their positions in life. They are well aware that they are not the most powerful (a depressing thought for the bureaucrats) or the most wealthy (another depressing thought) or the most respected in society (and another), but these are not things that they (normally) desire. Many are content just to live a comfortable life with a loving family, and it is very uncommon to see a man over thirty (or a woman over twenty five) without a spouse or child.

Almost all of the working adults in Mylthis can have their careers divided into two categories: trader or labourer. The traders normally have two paths that they follow; a travelling trader (in which case they are not in fact in Mylthis most of the time, and just own a home here) or they become trader at the market. Normally those who trade at the market craft their own wares, though there are a few who purchase them from the craftsmen (mostly bad tradesmen themselves). The labourer though, usually only has one path, the one to Sihitara. Sihitara depends heavily on the workforce supplied by Mylthis, mainly for building and maintenance of the city. A part of many job agreements for labourers in Sihitara includes a home in Mylthis.

Those who reside in Mylthis actually find it quite humorous that the Sihitaran, who like to look down upon them, could not function without them, and it is thought that this is why they feel so satisfied by their place in civilization. Return to the top

Coat of Arms/Sign. The coat of arms that Mylthis displays is that of a silver malise bird holding building upon its back, against a background of green. It is supposed to represent the fact that the delicate, inconspicuous Mylthis supports things much greater than itself. Return to the top

Climate. Mylthis is covered by one of the major climate patterns that affect Náráh (a district of Sihitara). This climate zone is very tropical and is subject to light rain almost every day, during the summer it is quite humid and warm and in the winter it is pleasantly cool and breezy. Return to the top

Flora. Mylthis is situated in the Jungles of Shar, and although the land was cleared completely, patches of wild flora still survived. There are small areas not much bigger than orchards that have various trees (such as the keelo or kitjuran) but the largest areas of flora are the public gardens. The public gardens have uncountable species of flowers and trees but the area is so well kept, it appears as if they have tamed the jungle.

Most of the accommodation blocks also have small herb gardens on their balconies and there are also allotments where people (mainly the retired) harvest the exotic fruit and vegetables that they have planted themselves. Imposing trees are also planted in the streets around the administrative centre. Return to the top

Fauna. Though Mylthis is considerably artificial in comparison to the jungle surrounding it, the town is filled with various birds that add colour to the somewhat repetitive (but still attractive) white buildings. Birds are not the only things that venture into the town though. Near the edges of the town, where the rainforest is footsteps away, the floor is teeming with wildlife. Snakes and other wonderful reptiles find their way into the town, and the occasional jupa ape can be found inspecting the familiars on top of the homes, to see if it is a lost member of the pack, though a plate of free fruit normally meets them on the end of a balcony. Return to the top

Resources. Mylthis is surrounded by a source of plentiful wood, the Forests of the Shar, which they also use predominately for their food (mainly fruit, but there are some prized meats). The most notable resource of Mylthis is their huge workforce, which has been utilised (and is still) by the Sihitaran Metropolis. Return to the top

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