The town of Naurooth is a small city perched precariously on the westernmost point of the Kuglimz lands on the shorelands by the Celeste Mountains. Naurooth is inhabited by the Arthyrón elves and some of the Kuglimz’toric (non-nomadic) tribes. This area is a main trading point for many of the Kuglimz exports (such as hides and metals) since it is readily accessible by sea. The town population varies from around 8.000 to 8.500 depending on season, since during the summer many people arrive in the city with trade goods.

Description. Naurooth is not a really big town, but it is a fairly well-known one in Northern Sarvonia, as it is one of the main trading areas for the Kuglimz people, many of whom transport their goods here for export to the Southern lands. Most of the buildings here are simple, one or two story dwellings, reflecting the tastes of the Arthyrón elves and the Kuglimz people. They are mostly created from stone, mudbrick, or wood. There are several very large buildings, which are primarily warehouses for the storage of trade goods, usually run by elves, but often with human overseers. Around and just outside of Naurooth there are several small vegetable farms, which provide much of the food for this place.

Naurooth is also known for the menagerie belonging to the eccentric Reve'lor, a reclusive Kuglim living just outside of the city grounds. He has collected a large number of different animals over the years, including various types of snakes, four mari wolves, a pair of Argrothin bears, several wynshir, an uncil cat, a pair of cloaked elk, two woolly boars and even a Cartashian bear. To help support the animals, he runs animal shows and charges a very modest fee. He also breeds a number of small animals such as leverets, ferrets, various types of lizards and so on. Reve'lor sells the smaller animals as pets or uses them to feed his bigger ones. He hopes to acquire some nul'tum to breed and re-introduce them to the area but so far has not been able to acquire any live ones.

Naurooth has a high level of religious tolerance, not unusual for a port town where the inhabitants are exposed to many different backgrounds and beliefs. There is a main central temple to Avá, of course, erected by the elves, but also two temples dedicated to the Kuglimz All-Mother and All-Father (Lier’tyan and Sur’tyan) and two special shrines near the docking areas for the traders, dedicated, naturally, to Baveras and Grothar. Return to the top

Location. Naurooth is located on the westernmost point of the Kuglimz lands, bordered by the Celeste Mountains to the east, the Sea of Tears to the North, and the Sea of Darkness to the west. South of them is the eastern coast of the Sea of Darkness and the only really viable land travel route for most people. The Arthyrón use both this route and also travel down along the coastline by sea to the mouth of the Luquador River. Thus they can travel up to Worldquest and beyond to collect their trade goods. Return to the top

People. Although the Arthyrón elves are the main inhabitants, there are quite a few humans here, most of them from the Kuglimz’toric. The Arthyrón are very unusual in that they actually enjoy the company of humans and other races, accepting them with considerably more tolerance than most elves and treating them as almost equals. This leads to a good deal of interaction. There is a saying about the humans of Naurooth, that someone or something is “as beautiful as a Nauroothian”, which refers to the relatively high population of elven/human cross breeds found here. Naurooth humans tend to be very tall, slender, and red or blond-haired, often somewhat fey looking with a slight hint of a point to the ears, indicating a trace of elven ancestry. They are often strikingly beautiful people, both male and female. Return to the top

Coat of Arms/Sign. The coat of arms for Naurooth is similar to the Arthyrón coat of arms, displaying a silver ship on a stylized blue ocean with a black background, but with one main difference - a golden eagle is depicted on the sails, representing the Helvet’ine Kuglimz people (who make up the vast majority of the Nauroothian humans). Return to the top

Climate. Being a coastal town, Naurooth enjoys a slightly more moderate range of climate than areas which are located further inland. The greenery around here is particularly lush since it receives a great deal of rain, due to the mist coming off the Sea of Tears to the North and being surrounded by water on two sides.  Return to the top

Resources/Trade. Since Naurooth is a major trade port, many different items come through this area. However, the main resources which actually come from Naurooth and its surrounding settlements are gold, iron and silver ore from the Fird'Gormz miners in the nearby Celeste Mountains, leather products made by Kuglimz peoples, furs and hides and some food items. Return to the top

History. Naurooth was first settled by the Arthyrón elves in 1645 b.S., after they had fled their homes in Parthenon and the Folkmore woods to escape Avath'cao, called Gouran, (Styrásh for "devourer"), a warped but powerful Xeuá mage who attacked and tried to destroy them. By this time they were beginning to develop trade relationships with the various human, elven and even orcish tribes in the area and were seeking a simple route to the southern areas of Sarvonia, to develop trade relationships there. An enterprising elven woman, called Artánmies, saw the possibilities of the area as a port city, and she is credited with being the founder of Naurooth, though little else is known about her.

In the following 50-100 years, the Kuglimz tribes, descendants of the human survivors of the Mynian Empire, began spreading into the area. Some of those that followed Helvet's banner eventually came to the area of Naurooth and were warmly welcomed by the little settlement of Arthyrón elves.

Around 1420 b.S. or so, the Helvet'ine Kuglimz contracted their trade agreements with the Fird'Gormz, a Kuglimz'torik people that had settled into the Celeste Mountains and mined various ores and jewels from them. The agreement gave exclusive trade rights to the Helvet'ine in exchange for food and protection. Return to the top

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