One of the eight provinces of the United Realms of Santharia. The capital of Nermeran is Nyermersys ("City of Two Battles"), which in ancient days was called Thevelin.

Location. To the north Nermeran is adjacent to the lands of the barbaric Ashmari, the northern natural border is formed by the massive and dragoninfested Tandala Highlands (elvish: "furious dragon mountains"). To the east lies the Adanian Sea, but the Isles of Ram, which are in the near vicinity of Nermeran in fact don't belong to the province (they possess special status in the kingdom). The western border represents the southern part of the Warnaka Mountains (elvish: "hill mountains"), where the border between Nermeran and Vardưnn is situated. To the south the Thaelon Forest, Ephirn's Lake and the Heath at Salazar separate the province from the Enthronian province.

History/Politics. The territory which nowadays represents the Santharian province of Nermeran once had been the Erpheronian borderland to the north. It was populated rather lately after the Dragonstorm. This explains the close bounds between Nerman and Vardưnn, the old coreland of Erpheronia.

One notable fact, that strongly influences this province is the Order of the Fallen, which controls most of the important castles and outposts in the borderlands. The Order traditionally has as well some of the most important noblemen of this region among its ranks. The Lords of Nyermersys as well as of Astran are the dominating political forces. Being a nearly independent domain with own rules and jurisdiction they have major influence on local politics and because of the fact that the Grandmaster is also the King's advisor at the court of New-Santhala their word counts much in these regions.

Settlements. The most important towns in this region are Nyermersys and Astran, both ancient strongholds to prevent the barbarians from the north to cross the borders of the kingdom.

As a whole the population density in the province of Nermeran is decreasing dramatically to the east due to harsh life conditions and unsecure lands so the only other important settlements are at Ephirn's Lake northeast of the Heaths of Jernais.

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