Nolanís farm or, as in gnomish, "Daraísaqíturik" (which means "Daran Drinks Brewery") is very famous for its svaq producing purpose. Located in the northwest of the Santharian port town Ciosa it has large control over trading in that section of Manthria, not only with Svaq but with other useful products as well and has become a common meeting place for all kinds of people. Administrated by Nolan the XVI. the farm grants him a large income in trade and commendation.

Description. Nolanís Farm is most famous of its produce of svaq, the famous drink that makes one sober, and lesser known as the great place to rest with excellent food and drinks. Already from afar one can see the Farm on top of a small hill just south of Castle Ironwell. The main fence surrounding the whole estate is made of wood and is around three peds high, which is, for gnomish measure, very big. From the main gate a path follows a straight line to the main house, the Nolanís Inn, with exactly seven smaller houses standing by it. These houses are the homes of seven Daran gnomesí families working in the brewery. They are small circular shape with a cone shaped wooden roof. The gate to the path are guarded by two small guard towers, each of them reaching nearly ten peds in height.

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The main building is of course Nolanís Inn itself, which is also the place for storage of svaq. From the outside it doesn't look like a gnomish house at all. While typical Gnorian gnome houses are usually small and squat and Golgnomes build their homes up in trees, the Daran try to impress with very human structures, as they mainly live with humans in their settlements. This is the case at Nolan's Inn as well, which is quite a large, square shaped building, the lower floor made out of the granite stone from the nearby Hawkeye Quarry and the upper one made all of wood. The wooden roof is a triangular shape and it is covered with straw. The Inn itself is on two floors, each with three bedrooms with the lower floor having also a great dinning room and a kitchen. Underground is a musty cellar in which gnomes keep their already made svaq in barrels and in flasks. On the top floor we see a balcony with chairs and tables for relaxation and fresh air. The first floor is richer than the second one, having much more rooms in it. A dining room has eight tables all over it. The small stage in the middle is used by rare brave performances and there is also a bar with some shelves behind it with bottles of many kinds of drinks. Another room in the first floor is an entrance hallway with a staircase that leads to the upper floor and two doors, one on each side of the room. By the inn stands the house of the innkeeper and his family. The inn is also used as a trade post.

The large brewery stands a bit west from the main path. It is on one floor with a couple of windows on each side. The red walls are made of black oak wood. The red triangular roof is made of red iron. Big two sided door lead inside the building where we can find all equipment for making the famous svaq (barrels, hammers, storage for ingredients). On the brewery's left side we can also find a basiloc field which is around a quarter hold in land measure. A natural black oak fence is protecting the field. On the other side of the field we can find a seven peds tall stable for ho

lding draught ponies (bought from hobbits). The wooden square stable has a half-cylindrical wooden roof. There is also another typical wooden human house, which belongs to the human stable boy and his family.

In the stable are a couple of carts with big wheels and that are deep enough to hold a barrel. Also there are three cart-stands, which are used by the gnomes in their many trade routes. Besides the stable boyís house there are also three more houses of workers.

On the east side of the path stands Nolanís manor with five other worker shacks. The manor is on three floors all of them made of nice decorated stones with flowers and animals carved on them. The manor is also square shaped with expressed wooden corners. The roof of the building is made of red fine shaped tiles. First floor is a big entrance hall and few rooms for supplies. The second floor is the one where servants live. The third floor is where Nolan the XVI. lives in one big bedroom. Although his ancestor lived in this room before him and their families lived one floor lower, Nolan the XVI. doesnít have a family yet so he put some servants in the rooms downstairs.

There are also small wooden houses and holding pens at the estate for domestic animals mostly cows, sheep and goats. Return to the top

Location. Nolanís Farm lies on a  small hill facing the Caeytharin Mountains, just south of Castle Ironwell and west of Mount Kinmor in the eastern Santharian province of Manthria. Return to the top

People. As mentioned before Daran gnomes inhabit Nolanís Farm. Because of the careful leading of farm books, we can know today how many gnomes were on the farm so far and why at almost any time. There are actually two copies of this book, one on the entrance and one in Nolanís room. According to this book there are 63 gnomes currently living on the farm with seven humans. In the year 1582 a.S. there were even 95 gnomes and 30 humans living here, but their homes are now abandoned and empty because under bad management of Nolan the XII. the farm started to deteriorate. But after his death everything was right again, even though many gnomes and humans left to find other places to live and prosper so the number of inhabitants didnít changed until this day.

There are also some Mitharim dwarves working for Nolan by the way. They are mainly representing the Mithral Mountains and do the trade route between the farm and the seaside. Return to the top

Coat of Arms/Sign. Workers wear a small symbol on their chest, which represents the farm. This symbol is also used for identifying intruders, if there is one on the farm grounds. It is a big Tharian letter "N" with a house drawn under it with "Daran Drinks Brewery" written on the house in big white circle. Also for measures of security Nolan uses his personal handwriting on each of those symbols. Of course with each new Nolan come new dark blue uniforms. Return to the top

Function. As the farm itself was built for one cause people on the farm live of svaq making and selling and providing tired travellers with a shelter for the night. The farm became famous after the miners from the nearby Ironwell Mines discovered its potential of being a great place for rest over night with excellent gnomish food and, of course, svaq. We can even find some gnomes selling fresh basiloc at the town market of Ciosa as well to get an extra income but only the basiloc that is left after making an average amount of svaq per crop. Return to the top

Myth/Lore. There are two often told tales about Nolanís Farm you might hear in every village and town nearby when asking about this famous brewery:

The first story is about how the Daran gnomes could have so many male descendants: The people tell that the gnomes produce a special kind of drink for private uses only. It is said that the female who drinks this concoction every day can have much more chance to delivering a male child. Although the recipe is unknown for anyone except the Nolan line, some people say that they use basiloc in producing it. Others say that this story originates from one of the Nolans in person in order to increase basiloc sales.

Another legend as told by a guard on the main gates and written down by a bard of long ago is about how Nolan V. appeared for the very first time on the farm:

ďHe just arrogantly walked through the main gate without noticing a guard standing right over by it and continued down the path to the brewery. He was hooded and we didnít saw his face. On his way to the brewery he spat on an oak tree standing before one of the houses. Me and two other guards ran to see what he was up too. When we asked him what he though he were doing, he just nodded his head and said:

ĎStrange little farm my cousin made out of this hill. I think that it will be enough for me!í Then he put the hood down and we saw his face. It was Lonald. He came by often now and then. He was a cousin of our dear administrator who had died almost three hundred years ago (even my granddad canít remember him). The father of his grandfather was Nolan's best friend so we saw an opportunity to make this farm famous again...Ē

Strange thing is that Nolan V. - as he was later called - died of falling from one of the highest branches of precisely the same oak tree he had spat on. Return to the top

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