Nybelmar is the third largest continent in the world of world of Caelereth, located in the southwestern area of the world chart. It is about four weeks to the west of the Cape of Strata measured in ship travel time. Most Santharians don't know much about this continent beside what is told in myths and legends. The nations of Nybelmar are said to control most of the Western Seas and fiercely defend the trade on their routes over the ocean.

Location. The continent of Nybelmar is the westernmost landmass of the world of Caelereth. It lies about four weeks travel to the west of the Cape of Strata.
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Picture description: Map of the Continent of Nybelmar. Click on parts of the map to view detailed maps in full screen size (screen resolution of 1024x768 recommended). Map drawn by Koldar Mondrakken.

Description. Nybelmar is the westernmost continent in Caelereth, often refered to as the "Lands of the Mystical West". Azan Melakh Dorim of Thalambath describes the discovery of the continent by Sarvonian sailors as follows:

"Stratania [the southernmost Sarvonian realm] ruled the Sarvonian seas for centuries before noticing an even stronger and superior power at the edge of the world. After several expeditions failed some brave sailors reached the Ferrath Islands, meaning "the foggy realms" in Santerran noble tongue or "Nybelmar" in Tharian. The wild and stormy ocean surrounding these islands is the most cruel water you may sail on but the ports are one of the most valuable harbors Stratanian ships ever entered. Ships which make it through the stormy sea may bring goods from unkown lands, uncompareable spice, precious stones, gold, silver, formed to beautiful sculptures or sharp blades.

The first Stratanians thought that the islands they discovered were only one big peninsula of another continent but now I can confirm, they were wrong. The archipelago from which these islands are the most northeastern part leads several thousand miles to the west and south. And beyond that another thousand miles I got word of an even bigger continent full of wonders and secrets..."

-- Azan Melakh Dorim, archivist of the library of Thalambath at the dawn of the third Stratanian expedition.

As reported by the brave Archivar of Thalambath who joined the third expedition of Strata a vast ocean, the Aetryam Sea, divides the two landmasses, Sarvonia and Nybelmar. Nybelmar is the smaller continent, hardly as huge as Sarvonia, but nevertheless a rich and diversive continent.

The huge Wernam Archipelago whose southern end lies directly south of the powerful cities of Zhun leads in a long arch to the northeast. At the closest point it still is 750 miles away from the Nybelmarian mainland and served as stepstones for the Nybelmarian sea nations in their effort to explore most of the known world.

A huge mountain range splits this continent nearly into two halves: the enormous Zsharkanian Peaks, also called the "Halls of the Giants".

alfway between the two continents of Nybelmar and Sarvonia lie the Ferrath Islands, nothing more than rocky islands in the midst of the Sea but their position has made it a most important supply and trading harbour between Sarvonia, Nybelmar and Aeruillin. The islands are autonomous but hardly independent from the major seafaring nations that want to keep this harbour open for their ships.

Another important archipelago are the R’unor Islands which lie on the western end of an archipelago wearing the same name. The R'unorian Islands lie between Nybelmar and Akdor but their inhabitants have managed to not only preserve their independence but also to establish a sea power that is able to protect their territorial and economic interests in their direct neighborhood as well as in the ports of Nybelmar.
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Climate. Nybelmar is a very diversive continent with several climate zones and different ecosystems close together. From north to south you could roughly split the continent into four climatic zones fractured by the influences of mountains, wind and water. So roughly spoken the north has a moderate climate, the central and especially the eastern continent is mainly arid, then follows the tropical zone marked by the thick rainforests that cover these areas and a subtropical climate that dominates the densely populated southern regions of Nybelmar.
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Races. The humans are the most numerous compared to any other race on Nybelmar. Strange enough that they nevertheless only populate the southern and northern coasts and only few of them live in the central region of the continent.

The elves are the most dominant race in central Nybelmar followed shortly by the orcs who created a stable realm in the west and are abundant in many regions of the continent as well. Another important group is unique to Nybelmar: the chyraskiss. A terrifying halfbreed of orcs and elves that date back to the War of the Chosen and now populate the ashlands, the Zshararath Mountains (in the Tharian tongue often referred to as the Zsharkanian Peaks) and territories west to it.

Many dwarven clans died in the War of the Chosen, most notably the Deep Dwarves that lived in the Ashlands before these regions earned this name. Their numbers are considerably low. The only notable settlements of dwarves lie in the hills around Fullwanooth and at the southern end of the Zshararath Mountains where the last of their ancient cities have survived the wars and endured the time. About dwarven clans in the east is little if at all known. Many other dwarves live in small communities in the kingdom of the humans to the south and have earned a reputation as the best smithes, artisans and jewelers of Nybelmar.
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Realms. There exist many kingdoms at the continent of Nybelmar. The most important ones are listed below:

Kingdoms of Nybelmar

View picture in full size Picture description: Political Map of the continent of Nybelmar, showing all great kingdoms. Map drawn by Koldar Mondrakken.

Tribes. Here's a short overview over all tribes of Nybelmar, sorted by races:

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