In the far northwestern reaches of the peninsula of Caaehl’heroth in Northern Sarvonia, a region known as Osthemangar is engulfed in a thick, vaporous mist. This tainted land has been poisoned by the touch of the Netherworld, so many a sage claims, in that those who travel Osthemangar are changed forever. Twisted and corrupted creatures stalk the grey fog in search of prey amidst ancient broken towers and fields of bone. Hidden deep within the mists stands a structure like none other in all of Caelereth. This spire of pure malevolence is known as the dreaded Deep Winds Portal of Osthemangar. According to incomplete historical accounts, this tower (actually said to be a group of spires) was built ages ago by the rebel dark elves of Fá'áv'cál'âr who were bent on bringing forth Coór’s chaotic influence into the world. According to elven legend, when the rebellious dark elves called upon the power of the shadow god, the tower opened its fetid maw and a gateway was created into the blighted lands of the Netherworld. A hungry mist seeped forth from this portal that has slowly spread corruption over the land, like a disease, devouring everything in its path. Today, the mists are spread over a distance of many leagues covering a size comparable to one of Santharia’s provinces or larger. Some scholars have come to the terrible realization that the fog is continuing to spread until, eventually, all of Caelereth will be blanketed with the tainted mists.

The Cursed Tooth

View picture in full size Image description. View on the notrious Cursed Tooth as seen through the Mists of Osthemangar. Picture drawn by Seeker.

Description. The region known as the Mists of Osthemangar can be described best by listing the following key locations/elements:

Location. There is no easy, or convenient, route to the Osthemangar region. Travel overland through the Heaths of Eph'denn and the valley of Cartash or the surrounding mountains carries much risk for an expedition. Many nomadic clans of Osther-Oc orcs roam central Caaehl'heroth and do not take kindly to visitors. The Cartash region, in particular, is a land of dangerous wild beasts such as the Cartashian bear, giant spiders and savage Rat Brownies.

Running through the region, from north to south, is the Avessa river. The river begins in the southern reaches of the Hills of Innings, a group of small snow covered hills believed to have many hot springs of water sprouting from below the surface. The river runs south, through the Mists region, and between the Cartash valley. The Cartashian Woods lie along the center of the river's path as it winds down to finally exit in the bay. It is thought that long ago, the settlement of Davessa (named after the river) had a thriving fishing culture of orcs at one time. The Avessa river is the longest river in Caael'heroth, with the Kharim river being the second longest.

Another route is sailing from the Erpheronian settlements on the peninsula of Aden, across the Ice Sea. However, this route poses many dangers as the Ice Sea is mostly composed of massive icebergs and dreaded storms powerful enough to cast a ship under. It is also rumored in some tales that strange beasts inhabit the icebergs. One ancient tale from an Erpheronian pirate ship, which was swept too far north during a storm, says that these creatures are made of solid ice and are the size of ogres. They are said to look like walking icicles with massive arms and legs. Return to the top

People. You find some strange people in the Mists of Osthemangar, among them the following:

The Spine Wyrm
View picture in full size Image description. The spine wyrm has been seen hunting in and around the ruins and caves surrounding the ruined watch towers. Picture by Bard Judith.

Coat of Arms/Sign. The mist itself has no formal coat of arms. However, the Deep Winds Portal itself is thought to once have had a symbol to represent it during the Third Sarvonian War. Evidence of the actual appearance of the symbol has not been found, and is presumed to be visible in or around the tower itself. No known records exist of any who have successfully traversed the mist to reach the tower proper to see it as of yet. Return to the top

Climate. The climate in Northern Caaehl'heroth is typically permafrost, damp and cold. The tower itself is located near the farthest northern area of Sarvonia and thus is prone to year round snow, deadly blizzards and high winds. However, within the misty region itself, the climate is something else entirely. It has been said that within the mist, the air is temperate in many areas. There is no wind or breeze, save for the mythical orcen "jup'lako" winds, which blow every so often to part the mist in places. Otherwise, within the mist, the temperature is akin to farther south of the peninsula where is it cool and dry. Some orcen lore tells of area pockets within the mist that is so cold that it instantly freezes the flesh upon any living thing. Evidence of this has been seen on corpses who lay in certain mist regions covered in ice but the area around the body was not nearly as cold. Return to the top

Flora. All that once grew within the Mists region from ancient times is now long dead or twisted into nary a semblance of what once was. Hardly anything green or lush grows within the dead mists. One may occasionally find a random pale looking bush or blackened forest of trees, but nothing one would ever call beautiful. It is thought that many other varieties of flora may exist deeper within the region, but most explorers have only documented a scant few among the fringes and borders. The four well documented varieties of flora are two types of fungus, the "savage mushroom" and the daoles. The third is a magical bush called a "forget-me-nut". The fourth is an odd variant of the juk'lan bush called a "brimstoneweed".

Fauna. The fauna of Osthemangar is diverse, eerie and creepy, even if we don't mention the supposedly mythical creatures of this place - here's a short overview of awaits travellers there:

Resources. The Mists of Osthemangar offer no known usable resources anymore. Its land is devoid of any possible means to sustain any but its twisted remains. Return to the top

Myth/Lore. Many of the creatures said to exist within the Mists are twisted and supernatural in origin. The origins of the Mists and the connection that the great tower has to the Netherworld is documented in many ancient tales of lore. Such beasts as the mystran, the netherbeast, the wraith and the truly mystifying entity known as "that-which-devours" all find a home in this region. Fortunately, these fiends are known only to exist in the Mists, safely away from most inhabited areas, but some, like the wraith and mystran, are thought to haunt places all over Caelereth. - Among these fiends are the following:

Origin. The Mists are said to have originated during the ancient times of the elven empire of Fá'áv'cál'âr. It is said that some of the dark elves who rebelled moved north and founded settlements along Caael'heroth. The Plains of Ehelvin were chosen for a new and mighty structure to reach up to the night sky as a gift for Coór. The myth goes that the mightiest of elven mages was chosen to open the door to the Netherworld and bring forth the tower into Caelereth. A massive ritual was performed with the gathering of the most powerful of dark magics the world had ever seen. A chasm was formed in the earth and a grey mist seeped out. The ritual took many days, it is said, and out of the chasm arose the tower like a black beacon of despair and darkness. Flowing freely from the chasm and the tower was the mist, spreading slowly over the land, corrupting it over time into a barren wasteland.

Another tale says that the tower was built by the ancient Dark Dwarves and dark elves as a gift to Coór. They took stones from a large quarry west of the Cartashian Woods (a place that still exists to this day) and built the tower over many decades. Once done, Coór himself came from the night sky and blessed the structure and gave it power to open into the realm of the Netherworld. It is said that the mist is actually the essence of Coór himself, as a remnant of his visit to the mortal world. Return to the top

Taintings. Scholars of enchantments at Ximax academy term the effects of the Mists as “taintings”, areas that slowly change the make-up of the cár’áll of an individual, generally altering the natural balance to cause negative changes in both mind and body. The kind of effects the Mists produce create more lasting effects because, in addition to bringing about the effects (such as madness or deformations, caused through the manipulation of ounía and xeuá links), the Mists also alter the meta-states of the links. This makes the effects more or less permanent.

The longer an individual stays in the Mists, the more drastically their cár’áll is likely to be changed, and the longer it will take an individual’s willpower to overcome the changes and restore a natural state. After a significant period in the Mists, the changes may be effectively irreversible: they are so drastic that the willpower loses control over the cár’áll, making it unable to restore normalcy.

Taintings, like all “enchantments”, must be brought about through willpower. Most of the scholars at Ximax attribute darker willpowers are energies as the source of these changes, though this matter remains hotly debated. Return to the top

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(YEARS 11.900 B.S. - 10.000 B.S.)
ca. 11900 b.S. The Elven Empire of Fá'áv'cál'âr Falls
According to elven myth, the elven empire of Fá'áv'cál'âr falls when the gods destroy it utterly. During this time, it is said that rebellious dark elves migrate north into Caael'heroth where they can worship Coór.

ca. 11500 b.S. The Deep Winds Portal is Built
Accounts are few and much of the origins of the tower is steeped in myth, but it is generally believed by some scholars that the tower of Osthemangar was built sometime after Fá'áv'cál'âr was destroyed and the elves moved north. The exact nature of the construction is not known, but some believe that dark dwarves had a hand in it. Most likely, the portal was built as a means for the dark god Coór to enter the world of Caelereth, bringing forth his dark armies with him.

The Mists is believed to have come about at this time also. Once the portal was opened, the Netherworld atmosphere seeped into the world corrupting it.

(YEARS 822 B.S. - 50 B.S.)
298 b.S. The Amassing of orcen and dark elven Armies for the Third Sarvonian War
The orcen and dark elven armies mass for war to invade Southern Sarvonia. It is thought that the Mist produces hordes of creatures that join the armies. Also, it is believed that the Cursed Orcs, the Ghun'Morta'Oc, are born at this time. When several of the armies are held back to guard the tower, the Mist corrupts them and turns them into twisted, undead forms.

(YEARS 172 A.S. - 547 A.S.)
ca. 450 The Birth of the Mist Hunters
Orcen and Kaaer'dár'shín hunters come together to form a band of hunters known as "The Fang". They specialize in the hunt of dangerous beasts and flora within the Mists. They in turn sell the hides of spine wyrms, ancient bones, and even the small white hides of the Ghostling Brownies. They even harvest poison from the savage mushroom for use for their arrows and darts.

(YEARS 825 A.S. - 1.062 A.S.)
ca. 1.000 Southern Explorers Find the Mists of Osthemangar
The well known Epheronian explorer Marvan Swiftrook becomes one of the first Southern Sarvonian explorers to reach the Mists of Osthemangar in the Sarvonian Northwest and documents the initial reports of the area. His journals are discovered some 200 years later in the possession of a lone Cursed Orc within a tower ruin, surprisingly intact. Since Swiftrook never returns from his expedition, it is thought he is either eaten by a Cursed Orc or becomes one. Since then, more southern explorers have journeyed north to document and discover the region. Unfortunately, most have never returned as orcen tribes and the Mists themselves take the lives of many.

(YEARS 1.144 A.S. - 1.440 A.S.)
ca. 1.300 Saryas Kelweather Explores the Region
In what has become the first detailed expedition of the Mists region, the famed ranger and explorer Saryas Kelweather discovers the Mists and much of its inhabitants. He joins a group of Kaaer'dár'síin (of whom he is a trusted friend) and hears many tales of the region from the Mist Hunters and accompanies them on their hunts. He alone is one of very few explorers who have documented the Mists and lived to tell about it.


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