The Paelelon (Styrásh Paelelon, "Misty Forest") is the dark, dense forest home of the Eophyrhim elves. Located in the Enthronian province of Santharia, east of the Seanian Swamps, the Paelelon is particulary quiet and brooding. Few people enter the forest, and some try to take the widest path around it due to its dark elven inhabitants.

The Silken Moss

View picture in full size Image description. A carpet of silken moss covering the ground of the Paelelon. Drawn by Isilhir.

Description. The Paeleon is an ancient forest. The Eophyrhim settled here after an argument between Avásh'aelía, the Bone Queen, and the Móch'rónn Saban, which caused the pair to go seperate ways in the year 11.750 b.S.

The forest floor receives very little direct light. Though at parts the wood is very rocky, mosses and fungi are abundant on the forest floor. Fortunately the soil is very rich, and small shrubs grow abundantly at the roots of the many ancient trees. The trees of the Paelelon are aweing as well, their girth is far more than a man can reach his arms around. Most notable is that they are quite bare of elven homes; the Eophyrhim prefer to live close to the earth.

The forest is full of life, albeit a dark life. The animals of this forest are not much different from the animals of other forests, save their eyes are more adjusted for the lack of light. The wildlife is timid here, it scatters quickly at foreign noises, and is hard to spot. But if one is still in the forest long enough, the forest awakens with life unseen to the traveller's eye.

The homes of the Eophyrhim that reside here are quite unique. They stay rather close to the ground; the highest ranking members of the colonies live among the roots of the grandest trees. Return to the top

Location. The Paelelon is located quite close to the border of the province of Sanguia in the United Kingdom of Santharia, though still located in Enthronia. It is just east of the Seanian Swamps, south of Elsreth, and north of the small village of Hog. The Ancythrian Sea is a good ride away, but not so far as to be unattainable. Return to the top

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Picture description. The location of the Paelelon Forest in the heart of Santharia, home of the Eophyrhim dark elves. The woods lie just south of the Ancythrian Sea, near Elsreth.

People. The Paelelon is home to the Eophyrhim elves, the only dark elves still are living within the Kingdom of Santharia. They settled here in ancient times, after the fall of the ancient elven kingdom of Fá'áv'cál'âr around 13000 b.S. No-one else resides here, save a few gnomes that are crafty enough to stay out of the way of these dark elves. Their religion rotates around Coór, Arvins and Queprur; their relation toward death and their fearful hunting prowess is proof of this. The Eophyrhim are very defensive of the Paelelon; armed guards live around the edge of the forest and defend it from unwelcome visitors. Return to the top

Coat of Arms/Sign. The Eophyrhim shield is an old design. It is the basic shield shape, covered with a field of black. A simple thick silver border surrounds it, silver studs at each corner. There is a thin circle of silver surrounding a tree with wide outstretched branches. The leafed part of the tree contains a pair of eyes. Return to the top

The Hounds of Paelelon

View picture in full size Image description: A member of the Eophyrhim sect Hounds of Paelelon. Pic drawn by Faugar.

Climate. The area is known for being slightly damp; as the Seanian Swamps are not too far away. In the early morning a fog shrouds the floor of the forest. Altogether the Paelelon is a chilly place due to the dampness and lack of sun. There is little breeze however; it is as if the forest emanates the cold.

In the summer, though, the area can get a little muggy; the dampness of the area creates a sticky heat. It does not rain often in the Paelelon, if it does it is a gentle mist-like shower of drops. In winter, the fog that usually rises becomes frozen on the ground, and it creates a glistening wonderland. Leaves snap at one's step, and the trees are coated in a thin layer of frozen dew. It does not snow in the Paelelon. Return to the top

Flora. Urban and adlemir trees are common, with amazing girth and height. Vinterberry bushes with the rare corpseberry variant live among these trees' roots, mosses and fungi are also abundant. Nightshimmer vines crawl up the trunks of many of the older trees, and the roots of the oldest trees choke out some of the younger ones. Rarely does one come across a felled tree. Vast areas of the forest are also rocky, covered with mosses like silken, lending the misty wood a very special atmosphere of forboding and the danger... Return to the top

Fauna. Deer in massive abundance can be found within the confines of the Paelelon, the Etherus worm's home is only here, some wild goats and sheep, and perhaps a wild pack of hunting hounds. Birds are quiet to the passerby, and spotting one is a rarity. Serpents and insects, as well as rodents of varying sizes are spotted more often, though they seem to be darker in demeanor and hue. Return to the top

Resources. As there is the corpseberry and the Etherus worm within this forest, the elves of the Paelelon do well by selling their by-products. The soil is fertile and the ground soft, but due to lack of sunlight, it is hard to grow anything here that isn't native. Return to the top

Myth/Lore. Avásh'aelía and the Móch'rónn Saban went seperate ways after an argument in 11750 b.S. and the elves stayed with the Móch'rónn while Avásh'aelía returned to Fá'áv'cál'âr. They headed south to the Paelelon, and settled. Little has changed since then. Perhaps the forest has grown a little more chaotic since the advent of the Hunter Clerics; but not so much as to be any trouble. Return to the top

Age of Silence

ca. 11700 b.S. Saban and the Eophyrhim settle in the Paelelon. The forest begins taking on a dark aura.
9758 b.S. First Arvins Festival
9675 b.S. Founding of the Hunter Clerics
6288 b.S. First Queprur's Day

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