The name means translated from old Ylffer Elvish: “Bright Fragment”. The Quallian is a small forest in Santharia, home to the Ylfferhim elven tribe.

The Quallian Forest

View picture in full size Picture description: The untouched forest of the Quallian, here you can see a bridge crossing the River Aieryn. Image drawn by Nalfaren.

Location. The Quallian is situated west of New-Santhala, bordering the Aetryam Sea, the Vale of Brownies and the Thaehelvil River. The Quallian Forest is in fact simply the western end of what was once a much larger forest. During the Battle of Annihilation (806 b.S.) large tracts of the Zeiphyrian forest were destroyed, the  largest of which was the stretch between the present border of the Zeiphyr and the Thaehelvil River. This area of the forest came under repeated attack and was cleared by human forces to allow easy access, both on foot and by boat, to the fort of Elving, and to provide materials for fortifications built by both sides. Deforestation led to wide spread flooding of the Aieryn, widening the river, depositing fertile alluvium; which made encouraged further clearing of the area - thus creating the huge delta that meets the Aetryam Sea.

The part of the forest that became separated to form the Quallian (centering  around the Aieryn River) lay on the other side of the river and on higher land, so was relatively unaffected by the destruction of the First Sarvonian War and later flooding. The Ylfferhim's reluctance after the war to be involved in the  political goings on of Santharia has meant that the Quallian has survived for centuries virtually untouched. Return to the top

Flora. Due to the Ylfferhim’s extreme care to co-exist with the forest, the Quallian is one of the most untouched tract of woodland in Santharia and one of the most ecologically diverse, containing the largest number of insect species in the kingdom. Within the forest you will find many different kinds of vegetation, the most famous of which are the Mahood-Euwen trees which are not native, but have been brought back from the Thaelon. Although, far from their native environment, the trees thrive in the Quallian. Fruit Trees, Banyan trees and Cloewen Trees (unique to the Quallian) are also common, but most impressive are the Adlemir, one of which, just outside Thi’eryn, is the tallest tree in the known world. Toward the coast there are many unusual species of mosses and grass which have all been documented by the Ylfferhim.
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Natural Resources.The Ylfferhim have done well to keep the forest in such good condition. It is a rich source of many precious minerals and building material. Marble, limestone, and near the coast sandstone are present in large quantities. The forest is rich in gold, emeralds, quartz and malacite. The clay soils around the Aieryn can be baked in moulds to form bricks.
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Picture description. The location of the Quallian Forest, home of the Ylfferhim elves in central Santharia, west of New Santhala, south of the dwarven mines of Kor Donion.

Settlements. The Ylfferhim have 10 Settlements in the forest. All but two have no buildings at ground level save military fortifications. Settlements are joined by overhead walkways or barely perceivable tracks. Without an Ylffer guide you are likely to get lost. Settlements are usually large, very extended family groups, excepting the capital. The settlements in order of size are: Aer'Ylferian, Yln'fain'tir, Drwsyl, Geaf-a-ch'ian, Iyasha, Vallaris, Triyalian, Tri'eryn, Arlinio, Meywnnos (see Ylfferhim).

Myth/Lore. The three Great Floods, which occured in the ancient Eyelian kingdom, in the region west of the Zeiphyrian Forests, near today's Chylikis when the Thaehelvil River flooded the lands are recounted in the Már'géf, a ballad that records the fate of the two tribes after the First and Second Great Floods until
the death of the Ylfferhim Leias Neve'Nmal.

by Bard Judith

(A ballad describing the breaking-off of the Quallian.

Translated from the Styrásh by Bard Judith,
from the oral recounting of the Ylfferhim elf Avennía Asaiá,
known to humans as “Wren”.)

Ah, Thaehelvíl, why did you take
Our Quallian from the forest whole?
The birds of the Zeiphyrian bitterly weep;
Where shall we sing our songs?

The Aieryn rose, the wanderer
Above her beat its banks to clay.
The golden leaves were tossed and torn,
The beasts all hid their heads.

In Avénni'modía’s passion there
The wind and water worked their will.
The bladed rain that severed us
Gave Ylfferhim their home.

(musical bridge, followed by 'refrain')

O blessed land, Cál'artanhé,
Your streams and mosses sing to us.
O Quallian, wood of golden leaves,
So dear to elven hearts.

There Mahood Euwen spread their crowns
And Cloewen blossom pinkly fair,
The Adlemir in glory grow,
Their branches Avá’s hymns.

And there the sýs'neán feeds and runs,
The great-eyed white deer dance for joy,
Round Vallaris and Drwsyl’s trunks.
The river leaps with fish.

Bright fragment of a lovely wood
Is Quallian, elven maiden slim.
In baián rich and emeralds green
She’s decked herself for love.

(musical bridge, followed by 'refrain')

O blessed land, Cál'artanhé,
Your streams and mosses sing to us.
O Quallian, wood of golden leaves,
So dear to elven hearts.
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