The Sarvonian Continent is by far the largest of all the six continents existing in the world of Caelereth (Styrásh: Aér'aí'chán or "Aér'aí'chán") and it is also the central one. As it is said that the cradle of the world was located in this region, many refer to Sarvonia simply as "the Continent" or as the "Continent of Lifegiving". Elves also often refer to it as the "Avathaín" ("Continent of the One" or the "One Continent"). Sarvonia is divided into the barbarian lands to the north and the civilized lands to the south, which mainly comprise the United Kingdom of Santharia.

Ephirn's Lake The Bolder Forest A Northern Sarvonian Idyl

Picture description. Scenes from the Continent of Sarvonia. Pictures drawn by Tanos and Bard Judith.

Description. Sarvonia stretches over vast regions of the world of Caelereth. Though the continent is mainly a complete landmass with the mainland to the NE (Kuglimz territory) and a long, more or less straight gigantic peninsula to the SW, there are several scattered isles to the SE, namely the Islands of Doranthakar (harbouring the Kingdom of Dorania), Deni'lou, the group of isles named Quios and the rather small Isles of Ram near the Tandala Highlands. To the north the most prominent group of isles are the Wicker Isles, which lie far to the NE.

Because of the fact that Sarvonia is a rather huge continent, it features deserts like the Rahaz-Dath to the very south or the Hol'Dispor at Deni'lou as well as vast icelands to the north. Between these extremes there are various kinds of climatic zones. Best conditions for agriculture as well as rich mineral resources predominate in Deni'lou and of course at the southern part of the continent, which nowadays forms the United Kingdom of Santharia.

Sarvonia as a whole is very forested, but not as much as Nybelmar. The amount of mountain ranges on the other hand is unsurpassed, and the three highest mountains of Caelereth can be found in Sarvonia: The Prominence Gist at the Vindal Mountains to the NE (estimated 10.525 peds), the Imlith near Eight Wind's Bay (approx. 9.700) and finally Dragon's Maw of the Tandala mountains (9.200). There also exist several inland seas at this continent, among them the Ancythrian Sea in southern Sarvonia, where not only rare fish species can be found but also extraordinary conditions for verious special sea plants are provided.
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Location. Sarvonia is not only the largest continent, it is also the central one in Caelereth, or at least this is what is currently believed by Santharian geologists and astronomers.
The locations of other continents in comparison to Sarvonia can be described as follows: Akdor - Northwest, the Desert Continent of Aeruillin - South, the Icelands of Cyhalloi - Northeast, Nybelmar - West and finally Yamalquain, the Continent of Isles, far to the E. Return to the top

Map. Below you can see the main map of the Sarvonian continent:

Caaehl'heroth The Peninsula of Iol The Icelands Coast
The Lands of the Kuglimz The Lands of the Kanapan
The Kingdom of Santharia The Isles of Quios
The Kingdom of Dorania The Isle of Deni'lou
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People. Unlike at other continents Sarvonia harbours a huge diversity of tribes from all major and several minor races known in our world.

Northern Sarvonia is dominated by the Kuglimz, an accumulation of more or less primitive human tribes, to whom the southern kingdoms often refer to as the "barbarians", though this generalization of course isn't exactly correct. Aside from these barbarians several orcish tribes roam the northern lands, mainly in the region of Caael'heroth to the NE. Various dwarven and elven tribes (among them a few which have to be titled "dark") are as well scattered throughout the north, though the most influencual tribes all can be found to the south.

Along with 12 elven tribes and 4 dwarven clans, the so-called civilized human cultures predominate the highly populated Southern Sarvonia. The complete part of the southern Sarvonian continent now forms the United Kingdom of Santharia, which comprises several ancient kingdoms like Stratania, Avennoria, Serpheloria, Eyelia and finally Tharania, which itself comprised Erpheronia, Centorauria, Kyrania and Caltharia, when it became part of Santharia.

Among the minor races which can be found at the Sarvonian continent there are halflings (around the Silvermarshes), mullogs (Silvermarshes) and especially Brownies, who have elected the so-called Vale of Brownies in central Santharia to their domain.
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Myth/Lore. According to Cárpa'dosían myth it seems most likely that the heart of the one i
sland of Mène'chrónn (styrásh: "Isle of Paradise") was the region of Sarvonia before it was severed from the other continents during the Waeshías'krói (the "War of the Twelve", also known as the War of the Chosen to human historians). In this respect the Thaelon Forest has to be mentioned: It is one of the most auratic places in Caelereth, located in the northern part of Southern Sarvonia, said to serve as the home for the Astyrhim, the light elves. Should the many sources be believed this forest is supposed to represent the cradle of the world of Caelereth as well where once Eú'reóll, the Tree of Life, was located. The Cárpa'dosía tell that Avá hid the Tree from the eyes of the living as the Tree was half destroyed by Coór, the Shadow Himself. Since then the Thaelon is an elven sanctuary and it is said that in its confines all time is forgotten and that it is even possible for some elves to enter the other, lost planes of existence through dimensional gates hidden within this forest.

Sarvonia is also the continent where the ancient elven kingdom of Fá'áv'cál'âr (nowadays the ruins can still be found at the Waters Marshes) had it's rise and fall, the latter leading to the War of the Chosen and the estranging of the races. There exist many legends surrounding the legendary existence of Fá'áv'cál'âr, among them the mysteries of the notorious Bone Queen and the genesis of the Dark Elves and the Shadow Elves.

The most famous myth of Sarvonia of course is the Avaesthoría, a legend of the early Age of Change, when Saban Blackcloak, heir to the resurrected incarnation of the Dark God Coór, is defeated by his own brother Eyrin in the depths of the dungeon of Hegedorn. The story of Eyrin is still an important part of Santharian education.
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