The Sharadon is the ancient forest in the province of Brendolan, spanning most of the land just above the Narfost Plain. This massive forest is home to the Maeverhim, the gangly elves that live high in the treetops. The town of Seraia is wrapped within the Sharadon.

The Sharadon Forest

View picture in full size Picture description. The ancient Sharadon Forest, home of the simple, kind and often seen joking Maeverhim elves. Image drawn by Eshóh.

Description. The Sharadon is a large forest, trees and brush as far as the eye can see. The coastal Redwood trees there are ancient and massive, and for the most part, the forest is untouched. The Maeverhim that live here live well above the ground, and so the soil is clean and full of nutrients. The only people that actually enter the ground-level of the Sharadon will have a difficult time passing through; there are few paths through the tough and thick underbrush. The only entrance to the Maeverhim homes is through the forest city of Seraia.

The forest is full of life; deer and all kinds of wild animals roam free in the land beneath the homes, and the forests' birds and insects enjoy cohabitating with the peaceful Maeverhim. The houses of the Maeverhim are built around the trees instead of inside them, and they use bridges, ladders, ropes, crawl-lines and tree-hopping to move from one tree to another. The homes are slightly monochromatic, with green white and blue colors. Return to the top

Location. The Sharadon is located north of the Narfost Plain, in the province of Brendolan. It spans the width of the continent at this point, which makes it difficult to avoid. But considering the Maeverhim are so friendly, most travellers prefer to visit them rather than ignore them. Antiragon is on the outskirts of the Sharadon, but is not connected to the cities of the Sharadon. Return to the top

People. The Maeverhim may very well be the kindest tribe of elves known. They enjoy visitors and are very open to new experiences. Some think of them as child-like; as they enjoy games, jokes, stories and are easily amused. They are great traders and cultivators; but can only be encountered in Seraia or in their Maverhim homes. Return to the top

Coats of Arms. The Maeverhim use a tapestry of symbols rather than a Coat of Arms: The tapestry is a blue triangle, with one point down. The border is of silver and green entwined, with an elegant white bird with feet extended painted in the center. The eye of the bird is that of the rune of Avá. In one foot is a branch of a willow, and the other holds a lightning bolt of Grothar. The Maeverhim enjoy teasing the travellers that visit by asking them what else the bird holds. When they answer incorrectly (as they usually do) they laugh cheerfully and explain that the bird holds the wind in its wings.

View entry on Santharia View complete map of Santharia The Sharadon Forest The NE of the Province of Brendolan
Map description. The location of the Sharadon Forest in southern Santharia, north of the Narfost Plains and south of the Gulf Maraya. Map drawn by Artimidor.

Climate. The Sharadon is slightly chilly, as it lies in an isthmus-like location, surrounded by oceans. At the far end of the forests, the scent of the sea is very strong. The coastal fog seeps through the large redwoods, nourishing the abundance of ground foilage. It rains in the Sharadon in the colder months, in quick showers that end as abruptly as they start. When the sun shines, one will still desire to wear a cloak; the winds can be gusty. In fact, the Maeverhim embrace the winds that sweep through the Sharadon, and praise Grothar as a main deity. Return to the top

Flora. The Coastal Redwood is a massive inhabitant of the Sharadon, and survives well in the crisp, damp environment. Nightshimmer vines brighten the forest at night, and vinterberries make tasty snacks for travellers. Arv does grow here as well, but not in abundance, and too deep in the forest to be harvested. Pines of all kinds love the thick forest. The Maeverhim cultivate all sorts of edible foods in their tree-bound homes, despite the lofty location and unnatural climate. The Maeverhim are master cultivators. Return to the top

Fauna. All animals seem to love this nearly-untouched forest, thick coverage and the abundance of food and lack of hunters. Insects and birds cohabitate with the Maeverhim, and come and go as they please. Quílly'efér love the environment, and through trading, the foreign dalor has become an inhabitant of the forest. Rubits also live here, but are difficult to find. Mercato flies also live in and around stagnant pool-collections at the forest floor, but the Maeverhim have garnered a kind of immunity to these flies, (they do get ill, but do not die of it) as well as living far too high for the insects to be a factor. Return to the top

Resources. The trees of the Sharadon are abundant with bird and insect life. Silk from the various kinds of moths, is spun by the local elves into a fine yet strong fabric. Many plants are cultivated in the treetops, plants that do not normally grow at that area, but with careful nurturing by the Maeverhim, thrive very well. This creates another unique resource: tourism. Return to the top

Myth/Lore. A tribe of Brownies is reported to have passed through the Sharadon floor in 3860 b.S. and quickly moved on. The Maeverhim had entertained themselves from their high homes when the Brownies arrived, dropping sticks and leaves onto the small people in boredom. The Brownies did not like that, and quickly moved on. Return to the top

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(YEARS 13.000 B.S. - 11.900 B.S.)
ca. 12650 b.S. Elven Settlers in the Sharadon: The Maeverhim
The Maeverhim ascend higher into the trees, roosting much like the birds they have become familiar with. Their selection makes it difficult for trade and relations, but the Maeverhim manage very well.

(YEARS 11.900 B.S. - 10.000 B.S.)
ca. 10880 b.S. The Maeverhim "Time of Wind"
In the following 2000 years after their arrival in the Sharadon, the Maeverhim begin to harness the wind to their benefit, inventing self-moving climb ropes, zip-lines, water collectors, and other gadgets that make the lives of the Maeverhim easier.

(YEARS 9.500 B.S. - 8.500 B.S.)
9500 b.S. The Maeverhim Elves keep away from the open Confrontations
The Maeverhim avoid the War of the Chosen. All ladders from the earth to their tree homes in the Sharadon are removed, to better avoid confrontation. They continue to keep their ladders up, slowly developing a tight-knit, contained culture unlike any other on the continent of Southern Sarvonia.

(YEARS 8.500 B.S. - 3.400 B.S.)
3760 b.S. The Brownies enter the Sharadon
Brownies sent on an exploration expedition by Keekoo the Deliverer venture into the Sharadon Forest, home of the Maeverhim elves. The elves however do not greet the creatures. They wish for the Brownies to leave, and spend much of their free time dropping light items from their high homes onto the ground in the hopes of deterring the Brownies from staying.

(YEARS 822 B.S. - 50 B.S.)
806 b.S. The Maeverhim stay out of SW I and cut Ties to Seraia
The Maeverhim retract their bridges to Seraia, sealing themselves off once more just as they have done so thousands of years ago during the War of the Chosen. As the First Sarvonian War was escalates they promise to the town of Seraia that they will again return, once the danger is passed.

759 b.S. The Siege of Thaehavos
Thaehavos is besieged by a small contingent of elves emerging from the forests located in the north. Messengers coming from Thaehavos reach Strata begging for aid in their situation. Strata recognizes the threat of the elven forces and sends out an army in the direction of Thaehavos. The town is saved and the elves are forced to retreat to the Sharadon Forests by the combined armies of Thaehavos and Strata.

ca. 620 b.S. More Travelling through the Narfost Plain
After the Founding of Dasai, the "City of Soldiers", the Narfost Plain is visited more often, some hunters try their luck, but not many return. The traderoute along the Sharadon Forest is then opened, in the beginning used mainly by the Ráhaz-Dáth Mercenaries to reach Thaehavos.

110 b.S. Dark Elven Attack at the Sharadon
The Maeverhim are attacked by the dark elves led by the Móch'rónn. Their friendliness with Seraia makes them an easy target; one way in, one way out. They are barely able to defend themselves, and one third of the tribe is slaughtered.


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