Tak'dinal is located on the peninsula of Kr'ull in the eastern area of Northern Sarvonia. It may be the darkest point in all of Northern Sarvonia. Some argue that it is actually the Deep Winds Portal in Osthemangar that has this distinction. However, that is a nexus point that allows Coór to come closest to the world, and since Coór in and of himself is not truly evil, it must be Tak'Dinal which has the dubious honour of this position. It was the ancient fortress of the Chosen Eckra the Cruel. During the Battle of the Winds he was destroyed and the united armies of Northern Sarvonia spent years cleaning up after his dark magics, which included leveling Tak'Dinal. It once again came into prominence as the source that twisted Aváth'caó into Gouran. It sits there like a blight upon the land, seemingly awaiting for another errant hero to twist to its needs.

The Keep of Tak'dinal

View picture in full size Picture description. The forsaken Chosen Keep of Tak'dinal, once home of Eckra the Cruel. Image drawn by Seeker.

Description. It is said that in the heights of its dark glory the fortress was like a black festering wound that rose up out fo the earth to match the very mountains to the south of it. The following passage is the only record that has survived from those ancient days. It comes from an Injerín history concerning the Years of Cleansing.

"We came out of the West after the horrific Battle of the Winds, seeking all that remained of Eckra's dark pupils, so we might put a final end to his evil. In fury and righteeousness we rode into the desolate wastes that is named the Forbidden Zone. I saw black towering walls of stone and knew that we were close. To my amazement we traveled for some time before reaching the towering structure. I craned my neck until it nearly came off my neck and still I could not see all of the towers from where I sat upon my horse.

We pulled up before an enormous iron gate incised with all manner of archaic symbols and designs. There was a silent dread that crept into the combined host as we wondered one and all how we would accomplish the task of destruction set before us. Battlements with jagged teeth and towers with staring windows seemed to mock me. I know not if this despair was but a trick of the enemy or that of our own minds. Luckily one of the few foes left upon the walls cried in pain as an arrow appeared in its throat. With that cry, the spell was broken."

While not the most descriptive passage, the perspective of size along with the ruins that are found today does make it seem a formidable fortress indeed. Another testament to its strength and the fell power it contains is the simple fact that despite the best efforts of elven mages, dwarven stone melders, and human sorcerers, all that could be brought down were most of the walls. None of the unknown number of lower depths were cleansed as many were lost in the attempt. It was hoped that the outer destruction of Tak'dinal would be enough.

The land today is still a blighted waste, despite the attempts of the Artyrhon when they were known as the Folkmore. Many walls stand still and several of the towers remain, though ruined. No battlements or butress is the height that it once was, but they are impressive still. Stone blocks of black granite half a man in height lay stacked upon each other. Walking to the edge of a shattered wall, one can see how it is constructed. The block that is the front of the wall is two fores thick. Behind the front block lies a compressed mixture of rubble and volcanic ash one ped thick that is encapsulated by another block of stone in the rear.

When walking through the towering ruins one comes upon stairwells, ramps, and gaping holes that all lead down to some indeterminable depth. Indistinguishable sounds can at times be heard on the stale breeze. This simply gives rise to more fear as one gets closer. Return to the top

View complete map of the Pensinula of Kr'uul The Peninsula of K'ruul The Peninsula of Kr'uul
Picture description. The location of the ancient ruins of Tak'dinal, near the Ebony Lake of the Peninsula of Kr'uul in Northwestern Sarvonia. Map by Artimidor.

Location. The ruins sit near the shores of the Ebony Lake, at the foothills of the Mountains of Despair. The lands around Tak'dinal are known as the Forbidden Zone, for long ago it is said that Eckra cast a spell which forbade any vegetation to grow or any animal to inhabit the area. These areas are all located upon the peninsula of Kr'uul. It is further seperated from the rest of Northern Sarvonia due to the mighty river known as the Waters of Divison. Return to the top

Myth/Lore. Many Kuglimz, some Meladrhim, even a few Kurakim have ventured down into the depths of Tak'dinal. It is surmised that they have met their end either by magical traps, fearsome creatures, or at the hands of orcs or dinali rumoured to survive in the lower regions. Some fear that those souls that would be heroes are instead transformed much as Aváth'caó and join the darkness of the deeps waiting for another as powerful as Gouran to come lead them. Return to the top

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