Southernmost province of the United Kingdom of Santharia. Equals the ancient Stratanian Kingdom without the city of Bardavos, now led by Thalambath instead of Strata like it had long been the case in former times. Controls almost all the trade in the region. Harbours as well the Shendar, a tribe of desert people. Hot.

Borders. Truban's borders are all natural. In the northeast the province stops near the end of the Rahaz Dath Desert and Occen's Lake where the province Brendolan starts with its capital Bardavos. The northwest and western coast are surrounded by the Aetryam Sea, which leads to the trade partner and competitor in business Aca-Santerra located at the very east of the continent of Nybelmar. In the south and east the land is surrounded by the hot waters of the Burning Sea.

History. The base for this province was established when the town of Strata was founded on Cape Strata, in 1649 b.S., one year after Drafas Tristin had left Voldar to find new lands in the Sarvonian south. At this time the original population of the Shendar was just splitting up in settlers and nomads. These settlers had made the province wealthy above expectation in this hot region. Through several exploration missions and trade contacts a start was made for centuries of thriving trade. The population of the region consists therefore still mainly of traders and merchants and has barely no farmers or other labourers. The food for most of the population usually comes from over the Burning Sea from the port of Shan'Thai. Still some artisans work in the region, manufacturing for example the famous pottery from the Oasis of Nirmenith. And the fishermen may not be forgotten as well, who are almost the only local food providers in the whole province.

One of the exceptional facts about Truban is that two tribes live together in a fragile balance of power within the province: At the one hand the Shendar, from old the original population of desert nomads, and on the other hand the Stratanians, a mixture of Voldarian refugees and ancient Shendar settlers. While the Stratanians have spread all over the southernmost Sarvonian continent the Shendar remained true to their traditions and still live in the desert. Nevertheless the latter are experts on desert warfare and are the only who know the way through the endless planes of sand of the Rahaz Dath. Therefore the Shendar are essential to the inlands trade routes of the Stratanians. Not caring too much about the higher governments of province and king, the Shendar seemingly represent an own region within the province. Though numerous conflicts have occurred throughout the history of the southern region the peace between the two people has always returned.

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