TrumChaor (Thergerim TrumChaor, translated "Rocky Hill"), sure isn’t the biggest fort in size on Nybelmar, but it’s one of the most important. From the rocky slopes of TrumChaor the High Dwarves of Tyr Faerath, the Kiingerim, control the trade routes from east to west. The black fort has, like its town, never been taken by force. From the fort a secret supply and escape tunnel runs to Tyr Faerath.

Location. The fort is located almost four strals south of the dwarven town of Tyr Faerath at the southernmost edge of the Zharkanions, in the centre of Nybelmar. Return to the top

Function. The fort was built two thousand years after the wall at Tyr Faerath to protect the trade routes. The dwarves soon understood that the fort would serve many purposes.

The primary purpose was to show the passing merchants and traders that the Kiingerim tribe had control over the trade routes again and that they should pay tribute to the city. Without the fort, many travelers would pass unnoticed on the newer southern road.

The secondary was to serve as a first stand against an attack from the west, south or east. In the early days of the fort one could almost see the walls of Tyr Faerath. At that time there was only room for a small company and life on the TrumChaor-post was hard and boring. After some additions to the fort, such as a bar and housing for the dwarf-wives the terms were a bit friendlier. Return to the top

Description. Four different areas can be described at the fort:

History. A long time after the building of the town-wall in Tyr Faerath the dwarves of Tyr Faerath felt they had control over the trade routes. They could monitor the road from the towers of their city. But in 3207 b.S. they started to hear rumours that a new road was being used by the caravans of merchants tired of paying tribute to the city. The road led south of a black mountain called TrumChaor - Rocky Hill - and was too far away to be monitored by the dwarves. Violent discussions took place in the council whether to destroy the road, lower the fees or build an outpost in the south.

By that time, the Jesslin family was ruling military power and they had Myrlin Jesslin as the president of the council. Being a military dwarf, and brother to the Hthom (the chief of the army) he decided that a fort should be built on TrumChaor. The building contract went to Piolin Lindin, who hired his son Giolin as the architect. Return to the top

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