Vildegg Bend is the name given to a curve in the Mashdai River where a series of cascading falls are located. The early Avennorians discovered this bend as they were exploring the Mashdai on one of their perpetual quests for wealth. They set up a city at the foot of these falls and named it Marcogg after their leader Liemolf Marcogg.

The Vildegg Bend

View picture in full size Picture description. The Vildegg Bend, north of Marcogg. Map drawn by Artimidor.

Location. Vildegg Bend can be found half way up the Mashdai River where the city of Marcogg is now located. There are a series of seven cascading falls that drop down a sloping basalt ridge a total of 150 peds over a length of 700 peds. There is no formal name for these falls but the locals just say "the Steps" or "the Bend" when refering to the falls. The first drop is the largest and is given the unimaginative name, "First Fall", and drops about 50 peds. The next five all drop between 9-12 peds and cover about 400 peds. The last fall is about 80 peds downstream from the others and drops over a last large boulder. It falls about 17 peds and is given the name "Foot Fall", probably after some long forgotten jest. Vildegg Bend and its falls are located in the province Manthria.

Time Table of Vildegg Bend



ca. 10350 b.S. Mashdai Exploration
Explorers under the leadership of Liemolf Marcogg reach Vildegg Bend on the Mashdai River. They set up a settlement at the base of the falls which will later on develop to the town of Marcogg.
ca. 9500-9023 War of the Chosen
During the long years of war the town of Marcogg is slowly destroyed and finally abandoned and the area becomes unsettled.
1655 b.S. Reconstruction
The Avennorians under the leadership of Barek Swanhild return to the area and rebuild the town.
800 b.S. - present Years of Achievement
After partial burning of town and sixty years of war the area settles down. The town slowly becomes a major trading center on the river. As the town grows it expands to cover the left bank both above and below the falls. Two bridges are built across the Mashdai, one above and one below the falls. The area is now the center of both river and land trade.

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