The Zirkumire Mountains is the name given to the mountains that cover the peninsula of Cha'dómm. It is said that the name for these mountains was derived from an old dead language with the meaning "to go around". No one is able to say which language or if there even was one and it is even hinted it may come from the Language of Dragons. It consists of four ranges, the Magic Sickle Range, the Wanderer Mountains, the Westrons and the Anghorth Alsae Mountains. All of which surrounds a high flat valley.

Ximax and surroundings

View picture in full size Picture description. Ximax, the town of Mages, and its surroundings. Map drawn by Artimidor.

Location. As stated, the Zirkumire Mountains cover the peninsula of Cha'dómm with the Magic Sickle Range along the south and east side, the Wanderer Mountains along the north side, the Westrons along the west side and the Anghorth Alsae Mountains extending northward along the Cyon Sola Bay. All of which is located in the province Xaramon.

Description. The Magic Sickle Range consists of massive mountains that cover huge areas and seem to be piled on top of each other. They are very tall and the peaks never lose their snow and ice covering. It is said these mountains are so tall they touch the stars. The lower elevations are covered in forests of pine and spruce trees. There are many valleys of alpine grasses, flowers and plants. There are also many streams and creeks that often have waterfalls along them.

The Wanderer Mountains are much like the Anghorth Alsae Mountains. They are tall rugged mountains with the northern slopes rocky with low scrub brush and windswept spruce plants growing upon them. The southern slopes are not as rugged but still not easily traversed and densely covered with pine trees. These mountains are not as tall as the Magic Sickle Range and much of the ice and snow will melt during the summer months.

The Westrons are a relatively low mountain range compared with the others and the peaks are more rounded. Even so these are probably the most inaccessible of the group with many deep gorges, cliffs and steep twisting hillsides. Hard wood forests with many bushes and brambles entwined with their trunks also cover these mountains. All this makes it hard to navigate through them.

The Magic Sickle Range and the Wanderer Mountains are separated by a narrow passage that gives access to the high plain where the city of Ximax is located. This passage is closed off during times of the flood when the Dark Sea separates the landmasses by covering the banks (the so-called "Land of the Withdrawing Waves").

History. Very little is known about these mountains and most people avoid them. There are rumors of dark beasts of magic roaming freely and areas of wild corrupted magic throughout them. These rumors seem to have increased since the invasion of the elves from the Vontron Forests. It may just be the magi from Ximax trying to instill fear so no one will invade and destroy their city again. In any case many people disappear every year in these mountains with most of these gold hunters. Those that do return seldom go back siting harsh perilous existences where they are constantly looking over their shoulders. Many say the roar of the Milari, known as the "Ghost Hunter", is enough to keep them out of these mountains. In any case, there are many areas that have never been explored and no one knows what is really there.

Time Table



777-773 b.S. The Siege and Fall of Ximax
Dark elves lay siege to the peninsula of Cha'dómm and destroy the city of Ximax killing the magi.
542 b.S. The Naval Battle for Parda
Elves, coming from their hidden hideout at the Vontron Forest, secure the crossing at the Land of the Withdrawing Waves. They attack Ximax to keep the magi occupied so their ships can cross unopposed.

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