The High Elven Circle is a meeting of the tribal leaders from each of the wood elven tribes, created, it is said, by the Four in the years immediately before SW I. Traditionally The Circle meets once every fifty years (a cycle) in the Thaelon to discuss matters of interest, but generally only meets to make decisions in times of great mutual need. All tribes are invited, and messengers are sent out the year before the meeting and will bring back news of the attendance of each tribe. Tribes may decline to attend if they deem it necessary. There is no penalty for not attending and attendance is purely voluntary and the tribes do not have to cooperate in actions they did not agree to. The down side is that the absent tribes have no voice in the decisions of the elven race. Dark and shadow elven tribes tend not to be invited, however, the notable exceptions are meetings during the first and second Sarvonian Wars.

While the elves had no leader among them, it became clear in the early history of the circle that it was nessesary for one member of the Circle to hold the meeting to order, and act as the Circle's chairman (as humans would call it), and often responsible for the successful implementation of the Circle's final decisions. This "chairman" is a leader of one tribe chosen by the other leaders of the Circle and all tribes must be in total agreement. If no agreement can be reached it is traditional to call upon the High Avá'ránn (the first of the Styreians and immortal Elven Queen) to show the circle her wisdom on the matter.

The leader of the Circle may hail from any tribe and is always female, but it is not recommended that the same tribe holds the chairmanship for more than 6 cycles at a time. She only holds the post for two cycles (a century), when the decision will be taken again. The leader of the Circle is referred to as the Avá'ránn, representing the spirit of Avá and the High Avá'ránn in the reality of Caelereth. She is respected by all wood elven tribes for her great responsibility for the elven people.

The Avá'ránn is not officially due any "tribute" from the other tribes, however, as the leader of the elven Circle is chosen by the tribes it is expected that unequivocal co-operation is shown on actions that tribe has agreed on. By nature elves are communtiy spirited. Any requests made by the Avá'ránn will therefore by elven nature be for the good of the race, generally.

The meetings of the Circle are very vulnerable of course to attack. Meetings are usually heavily guarded by warriors. Elven magicians from various locations have the meetings under the strongest possible shielding. It has been known for them to cast a powerful temporal shift spell to bring the Council environs to one of the higher planes within the Void. The place in which the meeting is being held is translocated temporarily to some of the higher levels of Avá's Dream, leaving a swirl of white mist in its place.

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