Along with the Imperial Court and Guards Council, the Guild of Librarians is one third of the triumvirate that advises the R'unorian Empress. The Guild of Librarians also performs a function similar to both the EnkyklopadiŽ Nybelmarnica or the Compendium of the Santharia in that it gathers and records information in a scholarly fashion for future use.

Appearance. The Guild's lay people wear no special garb, nor do the gatherers. Apprentices are given dark red robes marked with a pair of grey stripes down the back and front, which serve as a uniform. Full librarians have similar dark red robes though these lack stripes. The Librarians Omnibus are awarded a silver medallion with the Guild Seal emblazoned on it, while the Speaker wears a silver mantle over his or her robe.

Guild gatherers can be of almost any race, tribe or profession, though as a rule gatherers in foreign lands tend to be sailors or merchants of one sort or another. The ranks of apprentices and librarians are largely populated by Rímart and N'eshmor, and this filters up to the ranks of the Librarians Omnibus. Return to the top

Function. The Guild's supposedly impartial ultimate goal is to "acquire all knowledge of things physical, intellectual, and spiritual and to preserve this knowledge for the benefit of future generations". In order to accomplish this, the Guild gathers and records information from wars, to fashion to philosophy to new methods of cooking, and stores it in the Great Library of Glara.

In practice, the Guild is one-third of the R'unorian Triumvirate that advises the Empress. The various branches and organs of the Guild of Librarians act in R'unor's interest in matters of trade with foreign nations, conducting the census of the kingdom, the education of its peoples and, if rumour is to be believed, espionage.
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Organization. The organization of the Guild of Librarians is much like that of the Santharian Compendium in some respects. At the base of the Guild is the "laity", a workforce of people who produce food, paper, ink and other things as required by the Guild.

Above these are various apprentices, who work to copy and collate the notes produced by the Guild's gatherers or various colleges. The apprentices are responsible for the legwork in keeping the Great Library organized, among other duties in order to familiarize themselves with the workings of the Guild. More senior apprentices may be assigned to synthesize notes into an acceptable summary to be included in one of many indices. Apprentices are formally approached by the various colleges of the Guild for induction into their ranks. The criteria vary between the colleges but usually involve the apprentice personally collecting and synthesizing information about something new. This process can take quite a while and not all apprentice have survived the ordeal or returned to the Great Library afterwards.

Coat of Arms. The seal of the Guild of Librarians is a stylized vashkoon head, one eye replaced with a sunburst, encircled by three curving lines that each end in a spiral. The coat of arms, or elements of it, features prominently in the architecture of the Library Towers. Each symbol is intended to represent one of the R'unorian gods. The vashkoon head represents Helífik, who is said to have made the clever vashkoon, while the sunburst represents Gorgamoth, the wise giver of glass. The curving lines are intended to represent the tendrils of Murlar who attempts to hide secrets.

On the reverse or about the edge, where applicable, are often written the words "All the knowledge in the world is already known" the motto of the Guild. Return to the top

Location. The Guild of Librarians is housed in the Great Library on the island of Glara, a short distance southwest from the city of R'unor. Return to the top

History. The Guild of Librarians traces its history back to a minor R'mart family called Glara, and its household, which fled the isle of R'unor during the Glorious Reclamation, in which the combined forces of the R'mart and Blaar'kr subjugated the orcs of R'unor.

Their crude ship reached a small islet south of the main island, but foundered soon afterwards, beaten to scraps by the surf, leaving both the family and household stranded.

Despite the comparative adversity, the family survives and constructs what would become the basis of settlement on the island, and the beginning of the Library itself. It is common among R'mart to keep a tome of collected knowledge, a car'ido, which preserves the wisdom of generations past. The Glaran Car'ido marked the earliest known comprehensive record of flora or fauna of R'unor, and certainly the oldest surviving example of any such attempt. Following the Unification of R'unor, the contingent that arrived on Glara was surprised to find a thriving, if minute, settlement, which was quickly incorporated into the burgeoning kingdom.

The Guild of Librarians was formally formed following the unification of the Kingdom of R'unor itself in 2997 b.S. Construction of the Great Library had begun in 3172 b.S., but the structure was soon found to be too small to house the rapidly growing collection, and additions were needed. Construction began anew in 3003 b.S., with the formal completion of the Great Library in 962 b.S.

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(YEARS 3.400 B.S. - 1.655 B.S.)
3251 b.S. The Glara of R'unor flee the beginnings of the Glorious Reclamation
A small R'mart family flees R'unor in a crude boat, which lands on what would become known as the island of Glara, and founders there, stranding them.

ca. 3250 b.S.
to 3.245
The Settlement of Glara begins
The Glara, lacking the means to build a boat, begin to settle on the island, constructing the beginnings of a small community.

3230 b.S. R'unorian explorers arrive on Glara
A R'unorian expeditionary force arrives of Glara and is surprised to find the settlement there.

3229 b.S. Glara joins R'unor
A formal invitation to join the burgeoning Kingdom of R'unor is extended, and accepted by Glara.

3178 b.S. First Gatherers dispatched to the Isle of R'unor.
The first gatherers are sent to R'unor as part of the military forces consolidating control of the Isle of R'unor.

3172 b.S. Construction begins on the First Library
Construction of the first building intended to house the records of the fledgling guild begins.

3100 b.S. Construction of the First Library Completed
The First Library is completed and soon proves incapable of housing all the information intended for it.

3003 b.S. Construction of the Great Library Begins

2997 b.S. The Guild of Librarians is Formed
The Guild of Librarians is formally recognized by the Empress.

2962 b.S. The Great Library is Completed

2036 b.S. The College of Alchemists is Formed

1957 b.S. The College of Mechanists is Formed

(YEARS 1.655 B.S. - 822 B.S.)
1402 b.S. The College of Magi is Formed

1005 b.S. The College of Travellers is Formed

938 b.S. The Omnibus is Formed
The Omnibus is formed to govern and direct the assorted Colleges.

(YEARS 50 B.S. - 172 A.S.)
to 60
The Bloodied Empress Reigns
Vanawe Turtleblessed, the Bloodied Empress reigns over R'unor. Her campaign of cruelty against orcs eventually sparks an uprising which leads to her death. Many orcs flee to the more outlying islands, or take refuge with one of the guilds.

61 The Orcish Uprising
Mogh the Half-Orcen leads a bloody uprising against the Empress, beginning with an audacious capture of the city of R'unor itself, and ending with her flayed corpse being paraded through the streets.
to 89
The Reign of Mogh
Mogh implements a number of cultural reforms, including granting greater freedoms to the guilds of R'unor. Several guilds take this opportunity to expand beyond R'unor for their own safety.

to 89
The Flameseer Rebellion
Kirvana the Flameseer begins a rebellion against the Emperor Mogh, culminating in the Flameseer herself storming the gates of the Imperial Palace and throwing Mogh to an angry mob.

90 The Flameseer Ascends
Kirvana is formally crowned Empress of R'unor. Her first act as Empress limits the power of future rulers through the creation of a triumvirate council to advise the Empress.
The Creation of the Triumvirate
The Librarians Omnibus, Imperial Court and Guard's Council form the Triumvirate by imperial order to advise, aid, and if necessary, limit the Empress.



[1] The compendiumist digresses that the entry must contain a cursory explanation of R'unorian politics in order to be as clear as possible to the reader. This explanation has been largely simplified to avoid becoming a treatise on R'unorian government which would surely exceed the normal and natural length of an entry of this scope. [Back]

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