Terlano Anshar



You see a rather tall man that is quite thin. As you approach, he briefly glances your way and you see the characteristic washed out blue eyes from many in this village. He has a long gaunt face with pronounced cheekbones, high forehead with pale brown hair combed straight back and pale skin. On the left cheekbone and curving around the mouth and ending on the chin is an old scar.

The man has on a homespun shirt hanging half way to his knees. Over this is a brown canvas vest with irregular hand stitched seams. A pair of light canvas pants come to his knees and sandals cover his feet. He has a dark braided necklace that appears to be made of hair.

As you move closer, the scared faced man snorts and avoids looking directly at you.

Thuja "Greetings."

Scared Faced Man "Step aside neighbour, you're standing in my way!"

Thuja "Oh, excuse me."

Scared Faced Man He just snorts and continues working.

Thuja "We seem to have gotten off on the wrong foot... Shall we try again? May I ask with whom I am speaking with?"

Scared Faced Man "You may."

Thuja You sigh, realizing that it takes quite some effort to convince this man to talk to you. "I'm called Thuja, what is your name?"

Scared Faced Man "People around here just call me Terlano."

Thuja "Nice to meet you, Terlano! I might have a few questions I would like to ask... Is that ok?"

Terlano Anshar "Maybe I have answers, maybe not," comes the terse reply.

Thuja "Do you know of any problems that need to be taken care of, or adventures in the area?"

Terlano Anshar He just sort of snorts, "Another would be hero."

Thuja "Well, do you know of an adventure?"

Terlano Anshar "Do I look like some lord handing out foolish adventures to people looking for short life spans?"

Thuja "If you don't know of any adventures here, that's ok. Just asking, I thought you may have heard about one."

Terlano Anshar "Don't ask me, go ask the elders for what you are seeking."

Thuja "Could you tell me perhaps a little about this place in general?"

Terlano Anshar "Do I look like some bard with hours to spend weaving tales?"

Thuja You grit your teeth, "Look, I don't want a complete history, just some information about this area."

Terlano Anshar "Then ask specific questions. Ask about the winter well. Or the falls over there. But don't let me guess what you want."

Thuja "How about telling me something about the winter well? Do you know something about it?"

Terlano Anshar He just laughs. "Who told you that winter well is something of importance, you dumbhead! The winter well is just the well in the center of the village we use during the winter months. Nothing magical or sinister about it."

Thuja "Could you tell me the name of those falls over there," you say pointing.

Terlano Anshar At this point Terlano's face seems to brighten a bit. "They are called Raven Wing Falls. They bring a fisherman home safe and as long as they flow, Nepris will exist," he states emphatically.

Thuja "You really believe that those falls will protect this village?"

Terlano Anshar "Don't you listen? I said Nepris will exist. My family has been here for ten generations. We protect ourselves, always have," he states flatly staring at you with a hard face.

Thuja "No disrespect, but aren't you a fisherman? And though you said that you know how to protect your village? But what do you know about fighting?"

Terlano Anshar "What, you think fools who run around wielding swords are the only ones who can fight?" he demands.

Thuja ""

Terlano Anshar "I should hope not! We had a fisherman, by the name of Annils Norgerinth, who led the Neprisi to stand against an invading force of orcs," he says with pride standing taller.

Thuja "Could you tell me about this Norgerinth person?" Then you hold up your hand, "...quickly would be fine," you say with a smile.

Terlano Anshar He eyes you for a second. "Annils Norgerinth lived many generations ago when there was much unrest in the lands. He had heard about the hordes of orcs that were sweeping the lands laying everything in ruins. He decided we needed to learn to fight so our homes would not be burned to the ground. And we learned to fight so when the orcs came we fought against them. We stopped these orcs in Crazy Woman Pass and Annils Norgerinth died there. Because of this hero the orc invasion was broken and stopped."

Thuja "Your Norgerinth story sounds impressive. You mentioned Crazy Woman Pass, can you tell me a bit about it?"

Terlano Anshar He shakes his head a little impatiently. "It is the only pass through the mighty Mithral Mountains. It connects us and Chrondra."

Thuja "Is there a special reason why the Crazy Woman Pass is called this way?"

Terlano Anshar "Because of the Gray Lady, a spirit that protects the pass. At least some say that."

Thuja "Gray Lady, huh, anything more you can tell me about her?"

Terlano Anshar "No, seek that answer elsewhere."

Thuja "I still have some questions! I would like to know about..."

Terlano Anshar "Enough, unlike some people, I have work to attend to."

Thuja "Bye!"

Terlano Anshar "Finally, it's almost dark."

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