(Elvish: "Night", "Darkness") Cor represents the elven God of Chaos, of Darkness, Night and Nothing, the Shadow Himself. He is considered male, destructive and unforgiving by nature as He constitutes the counterpart to the High Goddess Av, the One, the Eternal, the Compassionate, She Who Dreameth Forth All Things, Av the Beautiful. Cor is the embodiment of hatred, rage and wrath, Master of the so-called "Cor'enn", the High Spirits who had been neglected by Av as she instructed the High Spirits to organize chaos. These Spirits are also called "the Dark Gods".

Cor the Shadow

View picture in full size Picture description. The God of Chaos, Darkness, Night and Nothing - Cor, the Shadow Himself. Image drawn by Isilhir.

Cor is not only a name to express the unspeakable horror which cannot be explained by the good and just essence of Av Herself. According to elven mythology contained in the myth of world creation, the Crpa'dosa, Cor indeed must be interpreted as Av's mirrored image, Her representation in reality while Av Herself remains in Her heavenly spiritual realm never to descend on Ar'a'chn. Every thing, every creature, every idea is influenced and affected by the Great Darkness and cannot escape these bounds in the existing world. It may be a sad thing for human interpreters of elven mythology that the world itself and matter as a whole is seen as bad and evil by nature in this concept. However, elves, whose intentions concentrate on living the virtues of Av only see the positive aspects of this unreconcileable dichotomy: It is their lives' essence to overcome the malices of Cor and to return their soul to the purity of Av's beauty, to bathe in it in heavenly bliss, to be re-born finally and to overcome once again the enticements of the Shadow, finding a new path once more.

Cor is the counterpart of Av's spirit, and although He is a spirit too, a spirit of darkness, He is more than that to the eyes of the living creatures. The spirit of Cor errupts periodically from the depths of doom to strike Ar'a'chn with unbelieveable force in order to turn the Dream of the High Goddess once and for all to evil, thus to extinguish Himself and the Goddess and Her Dream. Many prophecies speak of the times when Cor will descend on the earth, in the so-called Melr'terqun, the Night of the Turning Shadow. The Third Sarvonian War indeed was a war of all races against the evil itself which sprang from the immortal representation of Cor, the dark Warlord of the north, also called Cor'Melr ("Shadow of Cor"), who finally was imprisoned in His eternal grave in the midst of the Adanian Sea.

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