Ghelgath is one of the Demon Lords of Coór, the elite warriors of Chaos and the twisted mockeries of the High Gods' creations. Ghelgath, representing the Aspect of Ice, wields cold, fear, and death with equal skill.

Appearance. Ghelgath, like all the High Demons, has several forms. In his most human form, he is a two ped-high emaciated man with muscles like iron threads woven together and hands like shriveled claws. He is pure white in all of his forms, with blue eyes. His other forms include an Ice Golem for more direct control of his aspect, a white bear for physical power, an Ashmarian wolf for speed, and an ice dragon for the production of sheer terror. In his main form, he is a translucent-skinned giant with protruding spikes of crystalline bone. Every part of him is angular, down to his swordlike fingers. Return to the top

Special Abilities. Ghelgath has, when summoned, displayed a vast amount of talents. Among them are strength far beyond his size, breath that freezes everything it touches, a heat-devouring cloud he generates, and the ability to turn any water near him to ice with a simple glance.

Also, oddly enough, Ghelgath holds a great deal of power over the dead. He can manipulate the bone and flesh of the deceased and bring them into his own little mocking half-life, and thus serve him.

As all of his brethren, Ghelgath  has control over Ecuá magic, but his mastery of it is not as strong as the rest. Mind, Gelgath is still powerful enough in it to give an Archmage of Ecuá in his prime a run for his money, but he is slightly less of a threat in this area as the rest of the
Demon Lords.

When disembodied, Ghelgath's powers suffer less than his demonic cousins. From the Netherworlds, he is still capable of unleashing catastrophic storms of ice and death that confound the greatest efforts of wizards to predict or stop, besides doing his typical, quiet work in the cold places of the world to make chaos incarnate once again.
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History/Origin. Ghelgath was formed by the Darkwinds as an offering to their master,
Coór. However, he was made as a dual mockery; not only of the Element of Water and Baveras, but also of the Aviar Queprur and her struggle against the Sea Queen. So Ghelgath was additionally imbued with powers of death, thus retaining a twisted balance. In various myth it is told that Baveras and Queprur are eternally watchful of Ghelgath and vying for control over him, while he obeys only his dark Master.

Like the rest of the
Demon Lords, Ghelgath has been summoned by mighty summoners since his existence was even postulated, but unlike his brethren, Ghelgath is typically unwilling to even feign subservience to another. Once summoned, he immediately goes on a rampage of death and destruction that can last for weeks. No wizard known has had even the pretense of controlling him, and it is exceedingly likely that none ever will.

Additionally, Ghelgath has appeared in Cyhalloian mythology as well. To the Griemn-Oc, he is Khel-Nath, the Bringer of Cold and Death. To the Kasumarii, he is Getsuaran, Master Winter, a cast-out minion of Tscoiaru. And the Cyhallrhim call him Cal'chon'guour; Devourer of Land-Spirits, a dark rebel against the spirits of Cyhalloi. However, no matter where he appears, there is only one bit of advice on what to do when encountering him - run! 
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