Khalkaroth is a mythical, very powerful demon creature serving the God of Chaos, Cor, the Shadow Himself. Khalkaroth is known to have been summoned at several ferocious battles in the past, using his uncompared abilities to extinguish whole armies.


View picture in full size Picture description. The High Demon of the Shadow Khalkaroth. Image drawn by Faugar.

Appearance. Khalkaroth, in his natural form, appears to be a dark-skinned, muscular man from a distance. Up close, this analogy falls apart very quickly. From the black coiled horns to his clawed fists to the red, glowing eyes, it is very apparent that this beast is not of natural origin. Khalkaroth has also been known to transform into a black vilerat, a warg, a black hart, and a black-clothed, black-skinned muscular giant. Darkness appears to be the beast's forte. Return to the top

Special Abilities. The abilities of Khalkaroth, which he had shown during several occasions in the past centuries, have been catalogued by the wizards of Ximax over the years, but most of their data comes from the recovered notes of the dark mage Gamzan the Blasphemer, the only being ever known to have been able to summon and control the beast without being killed instantly. Khalkaroth has been known to transform into any of five seperate forms as he may need; the vilerat to hide, the warg for fear, the black hart for speed, the giant to blend in, and his normal form for physical and magical strength.

Khalkaroth also has a terrifying blend of Ecu magic and dark clerical powers, allowing him to wreak unholy miracles wherever he may go. The most dramatic use of these powers that is recorded is the Xaramonian Shadowstorm of where Khalkaroth used all the formidable powers of the Black Tower of Ximax to augment his own, creating a terrifying storm of darkness that covered nearly the entire peninsula of Xaramon.
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History/Origin. Khalkaroth is one of the original High Demons of Cor, an incarnation of an aspect of the Darkwinds. Khalkaroth was the aspect of Shadow, and as such held great power over the night, Ecu, and the powers that would some day far in the future be classified by the Dark Elves of F'v'cl'r as Moh'dl'cr'll, or Black Aura Magic. From his very creation, along with his siblings, Khalkaroth was one of the greatest warriors of Cor, released whenever possible to wreak havoc on the inhabitants of Caelereth. However, the best-known period in the monster's history is his summoning, subjugation, and service under Gamzan the Blasphemous...
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