Lier’tyan translates from the barbarian tongue into "All-Mother". Together with Her consort Sur'tyan She is the supreme Goddess of the Kuglimz (tribes) of Northern Sarvonia. Back in the time of the Mynian Empire (2040 b.S.-1649 b.S.) the Kuglimz were actually of this kingdom. During the Burning Night (1649 b.S.) orcs destroyed their empire and the people fled their separate ways. They later became known as the Kuglimz. Lyrenora was their queen during this time of upset, and she is known to have fought and died to protect her people. Over time, this queen became immortalized as the Kuglimz Goddess Lier’tyan.

Lier'tyan, the All-Mother

View picture in full size Picture description: Lier'tyan, the All-Mother, the immortalized Kuglimz queen Lyrenora. Image drawn by Quellion.

Mythology. In days long past, Lier’tyan saw the small humans below Her, and wondered at their form. She saw that cruel wars and evil magics had ravaged them. At Her bidding Her consort, Sur'tyan, created the sun, and She placed it in the sky so they might find joy in the light now granted to them. She then took human form and ruled them with care and love as their queen. The Kuglimz built great works and flourished beneath Her attention. Soon the other races grew jealous, especially the orcs. They called upon their dark God to aid them in destroying the humans and He blotted out the mighty sun so that they could descend upon the Kuglimz without their knowledge. Lier’tyan saw the blotting of the sun and beseeched Sur'tyan to counter the acts of the orcish God, but they couldn't anymore as they had taken both human form. So, in Her wisdom Lier'tyan told Her many subjects to prepare themselves, for this darkness was a foul and unnatural occurrence. They hastened to listen to Her, as She had never steered them wrongly.

Soon fires were seen across the horizon, and were so bright that they blotted out the stars themselves. As they approached it could be seen that it was a vast army of orcs bearing torches, and they burnt all they could. Soon the orcs reached the bastion of the Kuglimz and laid siege to the glorious city. While Sur'tyan and the army battled with the troops, Lier'tyan would stand upon the battlements and lend Her aid as She could. She shone like a beacon of hope to Her people, and encouraged them to fight more courageously than ever before. But more orcs kept joining the besieging army, swelling their ranks ever more. Wave after wave crashed against the horribly outnumbered army of the humans, until finally it shattered. Lier'tyan then prepared Her people for the inevitable destruction of the city.

After months of holding out against the army of orcs, they finally breached the gates. It is said that Lier'tyan was cursing and ridiculing the attacking army when an arrow shot by the orcish general caught Her in the shoulder. When this happened Lier'tyan shed the first and drops of blood in Her life. Seeing their beloved queen wounded the army became enraged and beat back the horde from the ruined gates. Over the course of the three days before the city fell, ten solitary beads of blood trailed down Lier'tyan arm and dropped to the ground. A great leader sprang from each one of these drops and She named them the Virtog (Great Ones). As each came to life, it took a section of the populace out a hidden exit and led them a different way than their brethren, so that some may survive. When the last group left, and the orcs finally broke into the city itself there were very few left. Lier'tyan and Her consort remained in the city, then put the city to the torch, so that the orcs could not take it. Together the two Gods slew many orcs before finally being killed.

They did not die however, rather they went back into the heavens and assumed their place as Gods. They then sent their wrath upon the attacking orcs, but not in time for many of their people. Still, some were saved and the orcs were finally driven away from those they pursued. Lier'tyan now stays in the heavens watching over Her people until this very day.

Symbolic Color/Item. The color of Lier’tyan is miev (white). Among the Kuglimz white stands for purity, but not necessarily innocence. Reflecting their somewhat current barbarian culture, it reflects more of an absoluteness in a good area. This derives from the absolute way in which She loved Her people - so much that She gave up Her Divinity to be near them and share her wisdom as their queen. Then, knowing not only sorrow, but death as well.

The Rik'tyan (All-flower) is the Goddesses symbol. The flower is one of the many things She gave out of love when Her people had resettled after their forced migrations, due to Her sorrow. She saw the way Her people had to hunt and live off the land, as they scratched out a crude existence. The Goddesses tears fell upon the land and it is said that the Rik’tyan sprang up during this rain. This was a great gift, as it could be used for improving food, drink, medicine, and is even used for trade. A simple gift, but surely the best. Once again the Kuglimz told of Her wisdom and Her love for them.

Songs and Prayers. Among the many songs dedicated to Lier'tyan, the All-Mother, the most known are the Song of Man and the Song of Woman, which you can read in the Santharian Library.

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