Lorfurno, an immense Black Bull, is the God of the Kanapan peoples of Northern Sarvonia. He is their only deity, having taken over this spot after their former Gods, known as the "Forgotten" left them. The devotion of the Kanapans to their God is nearly unmatched throughout Caelereth, his word is law, and his priests are all powerful.

Mythology. In the dawn of time, when there was naught yet created the Gods of all that is came to this place and proceeded to create all that there this. Being Gods of Balance, for every good thing that was created, there was an equally foul thing created. Thus were the Kanapan and the Living Shadows created. Then suddenly the Gods left. Whether this was their custom, or they got tired of their creations, is not known. But, with their leaving, also went the magic from the world.

One of the forgotten Gods came down in the form of a leviathan to hurry the destruction of the world. After months of death and wailing pleas, the last of the old Gods came down to help his creation. He came in the form of a great black bull and fought the leviathan, eventually winning the battle. While the leviathan was not killed, it left and hid for eons so it might heal. The victory brought back the sun, and the magic of life with it. It also kept the Living Shadows away behind a wall of rock.

Importance. Lorfurno is the single most important thing in the Kanapan peoples' lives. A small effigy is in every house, often in every room if possible. Hours out of the day, both at sunrise and dusk are spent upon bent knees or on flat stomachs, while people praise Lorfurno and beg another day from him. A black bull, his totem, is instrumental in all things, even war. During battle each army is accompanied by a priest leading a black bull. If the black bull remains calm it is a sign of Lorfurno's disinterest, and whoever wins, wins. However, if the bull becomes enraged and charges at one side or another, it is enough to break the whole opposing army, for the fear of Lorfurno's displeasure is greater than that of anything else.

Color/Symbol. Lorfurno does not have a single color as his, rather every color is his. This is due to several reasons. The main reason being that it was he who brought light back to the world and thus every color was made sacred to him with the shedding of light once more. Black is also sacred as it symbolizes his fight with darkness and the overcoming of it, thus it is sacred since it has been showed even that fearful color is powerless against the might of Lorfurno.

The symbol of Lorfurno is the great black bull of Kanapan. It is seen as the offspring of Lorfurno himself, and is the only animal of any size left after the year of darkness. Thus is Lorfurno's greatness shown yet again.

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