One of the nine Gods worshipped at the independent Kingdom of R'unor. M'rotha is the Goddess of Motherhood, Parental Love, Agriculture and Fertility. She is the protecter of new mothers and nursing children. She is also the Reaver of Souls, and bringer of the icy embrase of death to await rebirth. A cold yet loving mother she is.

Mythology. There are many myths and legends surrounding this deity, most of which are concerning her role as both bringer of death and protecter of unborn and nursing children. One of the less depressing stories (and one obviously meant for children of a young, highly impressionable age) is as follows. It is a very strange, but also a very typical tale for the people of this region of the world, expressing the weirdness of the R'unorians quite well:

"When the world was yet young and creatures did not yet die or fall ill, there existed sheep. And that sheep had a name but no-one can ever pronounce it. Also at this early time nothing was born, and nothing mated as such was not the way things were at that most early of times.

The sheep was going along its way and an odd thought crept into its head and it was 'I would certainly like to have children... But how is this done, I wonder?' So the sheep asked many creatures about it. And no-one knew the answer, so the sheep sat down and thought for a long while, and finally it decided to ask the Gods, though the Gods were also still young, but at least they were much older and wiser than the poor little sheep.

So the sheep sought the Gods and Goddesses, asking each her question (except of course R'lia, because she was asleep on a nice big puffy cloud). She pestered all of them till the Goddess M'rotha sighed and gave in: "Fine little sheep! You wish to be having children, then go mate and have children... Now leave me alone!"

And so the sheep did. And during the course of time there became more sheep, and more sheep. And other animals became jealous and mated and produced children too. The world became very crowded indeed and M'rotha became most agitated since she had nowhere to sleep or eat or bathe without something already being there filling it up.

In the end M'rotha took out her great scythe and climbed the highest mountain and looked down on the earth below.

"Oh bugger... That's it! - I give one sheep the idea of mating and having children and now ye all start doing it... Fine then. From this day on all life shall die and rest within the Void until it's time of return, and furthermore all shall feed from this death, no plant or animal or fish or mushroom shall consume that which was not alive... For in it's own time you shall all become relient on the cycle i hereby set forth."

Then she climbed down and took a nap as all of that was a rather taxing bit of reworking she had done. - And thus it is: We shall all die, you, me, the fat guy at the tavern that smells like burnt pit worm, all of us.

Deal with it."

-- Author unknown: "R'unorian Tales" (p. 21)

Temple Design/Worship. The temples of M'rotha are often little more than open clearings in the forest, with an altar for prayers and birthing, and a field to scatter the cremated remains of those who have passed into the Void and are awaiting their return.

The temples are maintained by a group of selected maidens from the village or city in wich the temple is built in. They are not allowed to make love or have children till they reach their final degree of training at which time they will be impregnated and give birth to their children at an extravagant, yet secretive festival. At this occasion the templemaidens are given the title of "Wise Women" and are accepted to re-enter society as healer midwives and prolific mothers.

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