Myth of Creation. Before there was Time there was Darkness, and the Darkness had substance but no form. Then waves began to form in the Darkness, and the waves conflicted with one another forming ideas, and emotions, and life, so the universe was born.

But the Universe was young and desired to understand itself, so it seperated forming the seas, the ground, and the sky. Also time was formed so that things would happen and not be undone, and thus the gods were formed. Three from the sea, three from the ground, and three from the sky, so that there would be balance between all forces within the Universe. Things then began to grow where the ground the sea and the sky met, and all living things were born from them, some became more atuned to the sea than others, some to the ground, and some to the sky, but all were alive and they became part of the world as well.


Gods of the Sky R'lia Romantic Love, Beauty, Happiness, Sexuality and Lightening
Gorgramoth Glassworking, Wisdom, Storms and the Sun
W'ri'caņe Healing, the Moon, Wind, and Friendship
Gods of the Ground M'rotha Parental Love, Childbirth, Motherhood, Fertility, Agriculture and Death
H'lf'ik Metalworking, Volcanoes, The Hunt, Weapon Smithing and Combat
Yturren Small Creatures, Playfullness, Plants, Trees, and Gardens
Gods of the Sea Vulrath Fish, Food and Drink, Wealth and Contentment
Hr'lia Compassion, the Night, Wells, Rivers and Streams
Murlar The Deep Ocean, The unknown, Riddles, Puzzels, Fear, and Despair

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