Sur’tyan translates from the barbarian tongue into "All-Father". Together with His wife Lier'tyan He is the supreme God of the Kuglimz (tribes) of Northern Sarvonia. Back in the time of the Mynian Empire (2040 b.S.-1649 b.S.) the Kuglimz were actually of this kingdom. During the Burning Night (1649 b.S.) orcs destroyed their empire and the people fled their separate ways. They later became known as the Kuglimz. Suoran was their king during this time of upset, and he is known to have fought and died to protect his people. Over time, this king became immortalized as the Kuglimz God named Sur'tyan.

Sur'Tyan, the All-Father

View picture in full size Picture description: Sur'tyan, the God of the Kuglimz, the barbarian tribes of Northern Sarvonia. Drawn by Faugar.

Mythology. In a time long forgotten by all, Sur'tyan ruled the heavens with his wife Lier'tyan at his side. She took pity upon humans and their state, and Sur'tyan at Her pleas helped those below Him. He took up his great hammer, Titharm, and wrought the greatest of marvels. He created a ball of fire and placed it high in the heavens so the humans might have a way to guide themselves out of the darkness and into civilization once more. Sur'tyan loved his wife dearly and could not help but fulfill Her every wish She had. So, when She went down and made Herself into human form He went along with Her. However, He went with some regret. In time Sur'tyan soon found a deep love for the Kuglimz as well, if not as all encompassing as His wife’s was, He was still kind and just to those He ruled as king. He gave to his people the knowledge of the working of metals and stones, so their city grew tall and glorious. Soon though, the orcs grew jealous of the Kuglimz and sacrificed their dark God, R'hom-Roung, so they might have what the Kuglimz did. It is said that R'hom-Roung bade the orcs to prove themselves and take all what their neighbours possessed, and to help them in this endeavour He used His power to cover the great miracle Sur'Tyan had place into to sky and thus wrap the world in darkness.

At first the light that was left, was that of the stars; then bright burning pockets of light could be seen in the distance at the horizon. They grew as the fires approached. News of an army of orcs flew before the great horde with their burning fires. The city of the Kuglimz was prepared for war, and ready to protect itself at all costs. Soon the army flowed against the ramparts of the city and broke into thousands of smaller armies, encircling the whole of the great edifice. And Sur'tyan led the armies of Kuglimz out in devastating sallies, causing the ground to be soaked with the blood of His enemies. Yet for every orc that was killed it seemed three leapt up to take its place. Time, and time again the armies pushed through the orcs, at times becoming surrounded and cut off from the city, only being saved by the skills and the ferocity of their king. His valor and courage inspired the army to fight as never before.

But in the end it was not enough though. The Kuglimz had held out against the overwhelming multitudes for months, but the enemy was simply too many. A frenzied thrust by the orcs breached the gates. In the process Sur'tyan's wife, Lier'tyan, was shot by the orcish general, seeing the fall of His wife He lead an enraged populace against the orcs and pushed them back out of the shattered gates. Over the course of the three days before the city fell, ten great leaders sprang up from the blood that Lier'tyan shed. They were named the Vir’togz (Great Ones). They each took a part of the population and fled their separate ways, so that some of them might survive. Before the Gods went though, Sur'tyan gave each of the leaders an item of power that He himself had made, and bade them to use it well for their people who depended upon it. With that, the Kuglimz went their way, leaving only the king and the queen behind. When it was apparent that the orcs would win their way into the city, Sur'tyan put the city to the torch, so that the orcs might never own or sully his works. Together the two Gods slew many of the enemies before they themselves were felled.

Sur'tyan and Lier'tyan did not die however, rather they went back into the heavens and assumed their place as Gods. They then sent their wrath upon the attacking orcs, but not in time for many of their people. Still, some were saved and the orcs were finally driven away from those they pursued. Sur'tyan now stays in the heavens watching over His people until this very day.

Symbolic Color/Item. The color of Sur'tyan is Teirt (yellow). To the Kuglimz teirt is a representation of life. Leiten (green) itself is the color of life however, yellow is seen as being the creation or progenitor of life. So do the Kuglimz see Sur’tyan being the creator of their life. For He gave the Vir'togz the necessary implements to keep those that followed them alive.

The Ineira is the symbol of Sur'tyan. It is mainly thus for two important reasons. First and foremost it was the greatest creation of Sur’tyan for His people, and has brought them life and prosperity ever since. Second of all it is far above them, unlike the Rik’tyan (symbol of Leir’tyan), as a good father should be; interested and observant of His children, yet strong and removed.

Songs and Prayers. Among the many songs dedicated to Sur'tyan, the All-Father, the most known is the Call of Surian, which you can read in the Santharian Library.

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